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Hi everyone I’m Jim Trabold. Welcome back for another edition of the Handbook.

Hey Daron how’s it going?

Things are going well, though I’m about tired of losing power every week. I swear if someone so much as spits near my apartment I lose power. How about you?

Things are well here, but the Handbook has been a little week lately. We could really use more emails.

Blake ask

who’s had the most relationships…..

Could do a top ten for each, the men and the women…. more than one / two night stand kinda things.

Sure thing Blake.

1. Wolverine (The old man has included the likes of Mariko Yashida, Silver Fox, Elektra, Jean Grey, Tyger Tiger, Typhoid Mary, Viper, Yukio among his 42 Girls/one night stands.)

2. Iron Man (This playboy counts: Janice Cord, Black Widow, Madame Masque, Kathy Dare, Pepper Potts, Meredith McCall, Marianne Rogers, Bethany Cabe, Heather Glenn, Su Yin, Veronica Benning among his 28 or so girlfriends.)

3. Daredevil (You sort of got this last week or so. He had like 13 girlfriends.)

4. Spider-Man (Pete’s had his luck change since high school. Among his list is MJ, Gwen, Black Cat, Betty Brant, Debra Whitman.)

5. Hulk (Among the big green guys: Angela Lipscombe, Bereet, Betty Ross, Cary Lawrence, Jarella, Kate Waynesboro, Marlo Chandler, Nadia Blonsky, Susan Jacobson.)

6. Captain America (Agent X, Peggy Carter, Sharon Carter, Bernie Rosenthal, Diamondback, Connie Ferarri, and Scarlet Witch are among his.)

7. Silver Surfer (Shalla Bel, Mantis, Nova, Alicia Masters, Tnneya, and Avatar among his.)

8. Iceman (Zelda, Polaris, Cloud, Infectia, Opal are among his.)

9. Human Torch (Johnny) (his girls count: Lyja, Nova, Namorita, Crystal are among his.)

10. Thor (Sif, Enchantress, Valkyrie, Jane Foster are among his.)

Among the honorable mention are Professor X, Cyclops, Cable, Beast, Gambit, and Iceman


1. Mystique (Destiny, Sabretooth, Wolverine, Christian Wagner, Azazel, Forge are among hers.)

2. Black Widow (DD, Wolverine, Iron Man, Red Guardian, Hawkeye, (plus she had feelings for Cap) are among hers.)

3. Emma Frost (Cyclops, Shaw (I’ll bet on it), Banshee (She wanted to), I’m betting on more.)

4. Enchantress (Thor, Loki, Thunderstrike, Executioner.)

5 Storm (Forge, Black Panther, Wolverine, Slipstream and Cable are among hers.)

6 Rogue (Colossus, Gambit, Cody, Magneto, Josheph are among hers.)

7 Kitty (Cypher, Colossus, Pete Wisdom.)

8 Typhoid Mary (Wolverine, Punisher, Daredevil, and a few others.)

9.Crystal (Quicksilver, Human Torch, Black Knight are among hers.)

10. Invisible Woman (Reed, Doom, Namor are among hers.)

Honorable: She-Hulk, Jean Grey, Scarlet Witch.

Okay so ya could do the ‘relationship version’ of who’s always ‘falling in love’ and then also do the who’s a health risk version!

Ok that first parts above.

The health risk factor is always there. If you love a hero the villains will likely find out who he is and will come after you.

Daredevil for example is a big health risk Elektra, Karen Page, Heather Glenn, and Glorianna O’Brien all died while with Matt.

Spidey had the problem when he lost Gwen, MJ has been kidnapped a few times too.

Hulk lost Betty (came back), and Jarella.

Iron Man has had that trouble with a few also.

Female wise I don’t think I’d want to date a woman named Black Widow.

Top ten oddest characters, that didn’t make it? (probably done already.)

Some characters I don’t think they expect to last, but here are ten with their own titles but short ones and haven’t been much since.

1. Solar man (Stan and David Oliphant did the plot) Lasted 2 issues.

2. Decathlon (mentioned Marvel Age 15, (depicted) Marvel Age 16) Never in any books.

3. Black Cap (only really appeared in his series but I think they wanted to use him more).

4. El Aguila (When he first appeared in Power Man and Iron Fist 58 I think they where hoping he would get a series at some point).

5. Razorback (Buford Hollis first appearance made him a guest star only used a few times after).

6. Torpedo (I think even though he started as villain that once he became a hero they thought he would become something bigger)

7. Some of those Marvel U.K. characters. They didn’t last too long. (not all of them of course just a few like Die Cut, Death Metal and a few others.)

8. Everyman (Bad one shot by Bernie Mireault)

9. Fight man (another one shot.)

10. Nightcat (by Stan Lee, Barry Dutter, Jim Salicrup.)

Mike emails

Hey Jim and Daron


What’s your opinion on the Post House of books that are coming out and where do you think that House of M is heading. Love the way your updating us every week.

Actually just so we can go through these easier here’s the titles we know so far:


It was the worst day in X-Men history. Now it’s the day after. The House of M is over, but the effects will be felt for the rest of their lives. How do the X-Men pick up the pieces in a world that has completely changed? This special one-shot is the world’s first real glimpse into the entire Marvel Universe, post-House of M. It also gives a special preview of the titles that come out of that event, such as New Excalibur, X-Factor, Generation M, and a few we can’t name here! We said the world was changed. You’ve been warned!


This one sounds like it will really be a great idea. It will help take away most of the mutants of the Marvel Universe I’ve heard. We’re going to have less and less mutants after the big HOM is done. I’m looking forward to this one the most


GENERATION M #1 (of 4)
Pencils by RAMON BACHS

House of M has changed the world forever. Now, from the ashes of this cataclysmic event comes a new generation…GENERATION M. Find out exactly HOW things have changed as a group of mutants brought together by this common tragedy must fight together for a better tomorrow.


I’m guessing this is Generation X remake in a way. Chamber is on the cover to. Would make sense. I just hope if it is they don’t make it an ongoing series. WE HAVE ENOUGH X-TITLES Already! You hear me Joe!


Pencils & Cover by MICHAEL RYAN

Excalibur is back, just the way you like them! From the ashes of House Of M a new Excalibur team is formed to combat the aftereffects of this cataclysmic event! Witness the birth of Captain Britain’s new team forming, as a sinister force already tries to tear them apart! Starring Dazzler, Juggernaut, Nocturne and Pete Wisdom!! Guest-starring the Uncanny X-Men!


See what I mean. A new X-Title coming right out of HOM. There’s another one later. But this one has a lot of promise. Just hope Chris has it in him to do Excalibur again


Pencils & Cover by CHRIS BACHALO

“GREY’S END!” Part 1 (of 3)
In the wake of House Of M, Marvel Girl’s emotions are heating up! Faced with a future she thought was destroyed, Marvel Girl will find out just what she is really made of!


Anyone see where HOM might be heading in this solit? I mean plain as eyes can see the Days of Future past take here. Would explain the current Weapon X series but I don’t think they are fully connected YET.


Written by PETER DAVID
Pencils & Cover by RYAN SOOK

In the fallout from House Of M and following last year’s surprise hit film-noir series—Madrox, a new mutant team is forged! X-Factor is an investigative mutant agency including Madrox—the Multiple Man, Guido—the Strong Guy, Wolfsbane—the shape-shifter, Siryn—the chorus girl, Rictor—the living earthquake, and Generation X’s Monet—the pompous witch. Drawn together in the heart of District X, this rag-tag band of heroes has a lot of answers to find, and fast!

BONUS: A key player from House Of M will play a major roll in X-Factor! (No, it’s not Wolverine—sigh)


This really comes after the Madrox series and right where it left off. Peter is a great writer and I think he’s the only one who could revive X-Factor so I’m happy to see this.


X-MEN #177 & 178
Pencils & Cover by SALVADOR LARROCA

“HOUSE ARREST” Parts 1 & 2 (of 3)
Something’s amiss at the House of Xavier! A sneak attack forces the X-Men to re-evaluate just who their friends are, and to align themselves with former enemies! The Xavier Institute will never be the same.

32 PGS. (each)/T+ SUGGESTED FOR TEENS AND UP …$2.50 (each)

I can see where this is heading to. With Mystique likely joining as well as some other Brotherhood members and the like under the X-Men’s roof. They might all just have to go in hiding


Written by DANIEL WAY
Finishes by MARK TEXEIRA

Left shaken at ground zero after the cataclysmic events of House Of M, Logan has no choice but to soldier on, as he has done so many times before — but has the burden now become too great? In his lifetime, Logan has been both a hero and a villain, a player and a pawn… but what is he now? Don’t miss out on the beginning of a year-long epic over a century in the making.


This goes back to Origin. I love that idea. Finally something of a sequel and Logan finding out his past. I really like this idea.

Thanks guys


Well there you have it, I have nothing more to add.

Rob emails

Hey guys how are you?

Hey Rob. Doing well.

I too am doing fairly decent.

Got two questions:

1. I’m from England and love your article. I know that our comics here are two years behind yours to say the least. But it’s the old Marvel UK line that’s got me asking you this. Are the Marvel UK characters still around?

Marvel still owns their own characters. We’re talking the Excalibur members, Death’s Head and the like. Mostly all where created by Marvel. So they own them.

But the character you mention next is not Marvel

2. One of my favorite shows that recently started back up here is Doctor Who, Does Marvel still own the rights to do the character?

I’m not sure Marvel does anymore. I think anymore all the comics with Doctor Who are in the Magazine and that’s not Marvel anymore.

Plus could you give those blokes over in the states a Doctor Who refresher..

Doctor Who (The Doctor) is a member of the time lords from the planet Gallifrey. His true name is all but unpronounceable to anyone who isn’t Gallifreyan, and besides, his relatives soon took to calling him by the derisive nicknames “Snail” and “Wormhole” because of the small indentation-like birth mark he had in the lower portion of his chest.

He gained a new name from his classmates: Theta Sigma, or Thete for short. He would leave Gallifrey and become a renegade from his people. All time lords have 12 regenerations and the Doctor of course has many enemies.

The most popular villains of his are the Master, the Daleks, and the Cybermen

The first Doctor: played on BBC tv by William Hartnell (1963-1966) Among his companions: Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, Susan Foreman, Vicki, Steven Taylor, Katarina, Dodo, Polly, Ben Jackson. They traveled threw time until after a while his body, old when he had left Gallifrey, finally gave in to time, and he experienced his first regeneration.

The second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) (1966-1969): With his new look of: Cosmic hobo, Baggy trousers, Recorder, Stovepipe hat, Twinkling eyes. He still traveled threw time now with: Polly, Ben, Jamie, Victoria, and Zoe among his companions. Put on trial and forced to regenerate again.

The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee 1970-1974) Now trapped on Earth and helping a group called UNIT this doctor had: Liz Shaw, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Jo Grant, and Sarah Jane Smith among his companions. He died as well.

The Fourth Doctor: The most popular and one of my favorites (Tom Baker 1974-1981) Teeth and curls as many called him. He was now able to time travel again and had among his companions: Sarah Jane, Harry Sullivan, Leela, K9, Romana, Nyssa, Tegan and Adric. This was also the point Doctor Who became a Marvel character. He fell to his death and regenerated again.

The Fifth Doctor: (Peter Davison 1982-1984) The youngest at the time. Among his companions: Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, and Peri. It was also at this point Doctor Who had a The Twentieth Anniversary Special. With a reunion of sorts involving all five doctors (Tom was trapped in a void) in an adventure.

The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker 1984-1986) I personally was not a big fan of Colin’s I admit. He really only had two companions: Peri and Melanie. Also it was at this time he was Tried again.

The Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy 1987-1989): This witty actor brought a new life to the series for his run. His companions: Melanie and Ace. It was also at this time the series ended for now

The Eighth Doctor: (Paul McGann 1996): He mostly only really appeared in the Fox Doctor Who movie against the Master. He did have some radio adventures though.

The Ninth Doctor: (Christopher Eccleston 2005): The Doctor came back to British tv stronger then ever with Chris. With new companion Rose Tyler. He had 13 adventures before regenerating again.

The Tenth and current Doctor: David Tennant (2005-?) He recently just took the role. I expect some great adventures from him.

If anyone wants more information check out: BBC

House of M

It’s a huge House of M week. 6 titles. So we’ve got a lot to cover

House of M 6 of 8

The Heroes now with their memories back go to the SHIELD Hellicarrier and Emma takes over the mind of Captain Greycrow to get them to Genosha

We find out Natasha Romanov, Commander Garrison, Sebastian Shaw, Weapon XXXC are all SHIELD agents

In Genosha Magneto and his generals gather.

Doom arrives first to be greeted.

Aboard the Hellicarrier Cage tries to call Jessica who seems to be married to man named Scott.

The group also splits into three teams to fight Magneto and find Xavier

In Genosha we see Blob and Phantazia among his guards

We see the Generals: Black Panther, Storm, Namor, Genis-Vell, as well as the house of Magnus: Mags, Wanda, Pietro and Lorna

We also find out Xavier’s grave is empty. (saw that coming)

Exiles 69

The Exiles try to get Beak home. But arrive in the House of M universe sick.

They find the world ruled by Magneto and changed.

On a search for Angel, Beaks wife they find her a supermodel with her not knowing Beak.

As well they get themselves a problem along the way in Mutant X: Proteus who is attacking mutants and killing them. It takes over Angel’s body in the end.

HOM: FF 3 of 3

Doom and his Fearsome Four defeat Magneto’s House of M in battle leaving them trapped in what seems to be the Negative Zone

Doom comes out and kills a few of his people and Magneto’s.

It/Thing wants Doom’s respect and we find out will do anything to get it

Doom of course thinks he’s won and taken over.

Thing finds Lorna and brings Magneto and Quicksilver as well for a rematch. This time the House of Magnus takes it and kills The House of Doom.

Including Magneto killing Doom’s mother and coming close to killing Doom.

It finds piece after the fight as people of Genosha take him in with their leader Alicia (Masters)

Hulk 86

After taking down the cyborgs Scorpions mother decides he has to be dealt with.

Bruce passes out and the cyborgs come back and after him, Scorpion and friend. Scorpion tries to protect Bruce. Thankfully he wakes up and Hulks out.

Hulk destroys them. He goes after the bad guys and battles a giant robot.

Scorpions mother blames Dr Lazlo instead for what happened. Hulk kicks them all out but her.

Magneto shows up in the end talking to Bruce

Iron Man HOM 3 of 3

Pym’s bombs are planted all over and targeted to kill all mutants.

Johnny and Tony try to talk Pym out of it and he won’t talk. Johnny shoots him but don’t kill him

Stark ask Jarvis for help as well as McCoy and Forge.

So the two heroes go to deal with the bombs.

A bunch of Vision Sentinels show up and attack Johnny shooting him down.

Howard Stark actually shows up and controls the Visions.

Flash Thompson gathers the rest of the Sapian Battle warriors and has them armor up to help Iron Man

They take down the Visions mostly and Howard Stark gives up calling his son a hero

Magneto shows up and kills Howard Stark calling him Iron Man. He then talks to Stark and Iron Man decides to destroy the last bomb and then cleaned up the mess.

Uncanny X-Men 464

Psylocke and Marvel Girl defend Nocturne from the Marauders

The Marauders consist of: Caliban, Black Tom, Callisto, some big lizard, Mammoth, and Banshee

Pete Wisdom shows up to help out the heroes

Captain Britain comes to help as well as his wife Meggan changes to Roma, Saturnyne, and Jamie to warn him

Nocturne takes over Rachel’s body and fights Psylocke to not be taken in

The lighthouse shows up during a talk between Rachel and Betsy and change’s Psylocke’s costume to an X-Men one

Jamie shows up again later ad well as Roma

The Sentinels show up at Braddock Manor as well again under Karima’s leadership

Psylocke and Rachel fight the Marauders again but are defeated

Captain Britain meanwhile fights the Sentinels and in the end will have to deal with Karima.

Wow that’s a busy week. Only 3 emails but hell it’s a nice big article. But we have to keep it up. This week is a Weaker House of M week I think so the more emails the better. I’d love a nice Q/A issue.

Daron care to sign off?

Sure I can do that”¦it seems like I just signed on though”¦

Cool buddy. My turn then.

1. Poll : Who do you think is behind the House of M? (take note my hunch is Professor X)

2. Superherohype poll: Which 2006 superhero movie are you looking forward to the most?

That’s it from my end. Reporting from my corner of the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Have a great week and see you at the comics shop.

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