[TNA] More Spike Details, NWA/TNA Brands, Monty Brown Contract

Pro Wrestling Torch’s sources have told the newsletter that TNA has a 13 week “trial period” on Spike TV to gradually increase ratings and deliver an audience to quality programming. Also, Spike is selling ad inventory at less rates than usual in order to attract higher-quality marketers. While TNA is in talks with the Dudleyz, Shannon Moore, Charlie Haas and Kevin Nash to appear/return for the October 1 Spike debut, they are planning on mostly focusing on current TNA talent who has paid dues and worked hard to get the promotion where it is today.

TNA and the National Wrestling Alliance have a multi-year deal that allows TNA to use the “NWA” brand name in association with the Heavyweight, X and Tag Titles through 2012. TNA pays royalties to the NWA for this use whenever the champs wear or defend the belts at non-TNA/NWA events. This may lead to TNA not having their X Champ defend the title at such events to avoid royalty payments.

Monty Brown is in contract renewal negotiations with TNA, represented by agent Barry Bloom, who also represents Chris Jericho, Mick Foley and Kevin Nash among others. Mick Foley recently signed a new contract with WWE, as previously reported.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch newsletter (click here for subscription information)