Tommy Lee Goes To College – Recap – Episode 6

Cold opening has Tommy in the library as Voiceover Guy notes that he faces the biggest test of his life – Final Exams. We get comments from Prof. Gay, Chancellor Perlman, Hot Chick Tutor Natalie, and Tommy’s mom. Tommy gets the last word in: “I’m gonna nail this”.


The day before finals, and we’re in Horticulture class, as we see Tommy still having troubles identifying plants. The Final is on Wednesday.

English class, and Tommy has a 3-5 page paper due… Wednesday.

Chemistry class, as we find out about hydrogen bonding, oh and that the Final is on Thursday. Not mentioned is that he’s sitting beside Hot Frosh Chick Brigitte, or that he’s got a different outfit on.

Tommy has only heard about cramming for finals, and goes to Dr. Gay for some guidance. Dr. Gay tells Tommy to remain calm during the finals, and to talk to the professors if there’s any aspect of the courses that he doesn’t understand. So Tommy talks to the English Prof, and she gives him plenty of ideas to write his essay.

Laundry time, and Tommy asks Matt for advice on his English. He also feels like he’s not getting Chemistry (really? That’s a revelation). Matt tries to encourage Tommy, without much success.

The Library, and we get a montage of Tommy studying. Which brings us back to Chemistry, and one final study session with Hot Chick Natalie. They’re talking about wavelengths and the speed of light – basic quantum phyics that relate to the atom. Anyways, Tommy is determined to stick it out, and we see he and Natalie cram throughout the night.

Tommy notes how everyone is counting on him as we head to the

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Finals have arrived, and today, Tommy’s taking his Horticulture exam, which the Professor administers personally. There are 10 samples that Tommy needs to identify.

Now, we’re at the House of Lee, where we see Tommy trying to write his final paper. Now, if this is taking place AFTER the Horticulture exam, that’s some serious word crunching going on. We get a time lapse day-night-day shot, and Tommy finishing his essay, so I’m thinking this took place before the Horticulture exam.

Chemisty final, and Tommy’s not sure what he’s gonna do. Well, I’m guessing he’s gonna take it. We get various images running around Tommy’s mind, as he notes that “This is rough”. Bear in mind that he just GOT the exam, and we haven’t even seen him write his student number on the paper.

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Exams are over, and Tommy pays a final visit to his Professors to thank them for letting him join their classes. And now, Tommy heads to Chancellor Perlman to get his report card. We get some small talk, and the Chancellor gets to the nitty gritty:

English (Final Paper): C+
English (Overall): C+
Horticulture: B
Chemistry (Lab): 100%
Chemistry (Final): 10%
Chemistry (Overall): F

So he failed Chemistry and doesn’t get credit for it. Nothing to be ashamed about though – after all, lots of people (involuntarily) take “5-year programs”, myself included.

Grateful for the experience, Tommy throws a big concert for the students involving Matt on guitar and the marching band. And we see Tommy (badly) belting out the lyrics to “Fight For Your Right”.

Finally, we get the “Where Are They Now?” montage of the show principals, set to (of course) “Good Times”.

Matt now works for the Nebraska Senate.

Professor Gay is still at UNL, as is the English Prof.

Natalie the Hot Chick got into Med School.

Tommy’s mom is proud of her son.

Tommy vows to continue his studies.

And we’re out.

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