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If There Were Ever Any Doubt That God Hates Cash Money And No Limit…

Sure some of you may doubt my theory that Katrina was God’s way of showing that he didn’t really dig Cash Money or No Limit records, but I’m sticking by my guns. You may be thinking; “Mathan, Cash Money and No Limit are way past their primes.” To that I’ll respond that first by saying if God struck when they were at their primes it would have been a clearcut “sign from God®”, and then God would have to deal with all those people trying to jump on his bandwagon.

Secondly I’m guessing that God has a lot of things to do. He’s got his hands full and in plenty of things. Maybe wiping New Orleans off the map was just on his “to do list” the way some people put off writing the “great American novel.” The difference is that God finally got around to doing it.

I think that at the very least George Bush doesn’t care about Cash Money Records or No Limit Records. And from what I’ve heard he and God are pretty tight.

Slept On Box Set

I’m a huge fan of the box set (side note; I couldn’t decide if I was going to say “boxed set” or “box set”, and after going back and forth between the two, the word “box” looks so completely made up, I’m not even sure it’s an actual word.). Actually let me clarify; I’m a fan of the novelty box set. For instance I own both the Sesame Street box set and the Schoolhouse Rock! box set and love them both deeply.
But today’s focus is on yet another great, if novelty, box set Hanna-Barbera’s Pic-A-Nic Basket of Cartoon Classics.

I’ve had this particular box set for year now, but it’s been getting heavy rotation lately. I mean heavy rotation. Like, if you saw me on the street, there was a 50/50 chance that I’d be bumping the Jonny Quest theme.

Anyway the set is composed of four discs. The first disc is an overview of many of Hanna-Barbera’s various cartoon theme songs. Yogi Bear and Magilla Gorilla are there, but so are some of the more obscure Hanna-Barbera cartoons, like Ruff and Reddy and Lippy The Lion & Hardy Har Har. The underscores (the background music in the actual cartoons) is also included as a nifty bonus. Scooby Doo, Where Are You? is also found on this disc. It’s a decent disc.

Disc Two has more familiar favorites, from The Jetsons to Space Ghost to Hong Kong Phooey. Again many underscores are featured, most notably The Jetsons and Jonny Quest.

The third disc is where this boxed set begins to really shine, as it’s devoted to the music of The Flintstones. This disc has it all. It’s got the original opening and both themes. It’s also got Bedrock Twitch and a different version of the theme song, from an album, that features a verse devoted to the Rubbles. The disc also has various other songs that appeared on the show, from jingles to underscore.

Disc #4 is an added bonus; cartoon sound FX! This has basically every sound FX that you could ever want. It’s got the sound of Gazoo materializing and dematerializing. It’s got the Jetson’s telephone ring and doorbell. It’s got various squeaks, pops, and slides. Back before my computer crashed I had these sound FX as my sounds. When I signed off the net, my exit sound was the Flintstones door slam. Good times, good times.

I don’t remember how much I paid for the box set, but whatever the price was it was so worth it. The reason it’s been in heavy rotation is I’ve begun to really appreciate the various underscores. Even without the visuals they set up and really convey a tone. Those composers are musicians deserve some real credit.

Anyway, should you ever have some extra cash that you want to spend trying something new, I highly recommend Hanna-Barbera’s Pic-A-Nic Basket or Cartoon Classics.

Phil Watts Jr. Was Completely Right

You may know Phil as the award winning much exalted column writer, but I first became acquainted with the guy because (what seemed like) every week he was writing me telling me to give some group called Little Brother a chance. Yadda yadda yadda I eventually picked up their album way too late.

The Listening was a classic LP. Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh and 9th Wonder are great collectively and very decent with their individual projects as well. I was pumped to hear that The Minstrel Show was coming out this year.

Well it finally dropped. Since I’ve not had it more than 24 hours, I’ve not given it a thorough listen. But from what I’ve heard it lives up to the hype. Edit – As I was doing links I listened to Cheatin. Oh my god, that track is comedy.
I did manage to flip through the inlay book; man is it dope. This could be the best inlay book since De La Soul’s The Grind Date, only better.

It’s actually set up like a TV Guide sort of, um, tv guide. It features lyrics, mock show write-ups and even ads. I swear to you, this is the most innovative inlay book in recent memory. If there is any justice in the world, this album will have a large chart presence.

The Minstrel Show

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The Listening

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The aforementioned Phil actually references what I was talking about earlier, in addition to giving a rundown of all the albums that dropped this week. I’m pissed that I didn’t know Diamond had dropped.

Five Discs in My CD Player Right Now

1. Little Brother – The Minstrel Show
2. Sean Price – Monkey Barz
3. Skillz – Confessions of a Ghostwriter
4. Percy Miracles – The Ladies Champ
5. Juelz Santana – Back Like Cooked Crack

Five Non Hip Hop Albums in Rotation

1. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Cold Roses
2. The White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan
3. Bloc Party – Silent Alarm
4. Beck – Guero
5. Doves – Some Cities