The O.C. – Recap – Episode 3-2

I thought I would start off this week by doing a little foreshadowing.

In each of the first two seasons of The O.C., there have been secondary characters to the main ones. I am talking about Luke, Oliver, Alex, Lindsay, Anna, Trey, Zach, Theresa, Rebecca, D.J., Carter, Lance, and the list goes on and on. Some of them were good characters. I think of Luke, Alex, Theresa, Anna, and Trey the most. Some of them were not so good. Oliver, Rebecca, and D.J. come to mind. Some were just there doing their part. But they were all there for a shake things up for the main characters like Ryan, Marissa, Seth, Summer, Sandy, Kirsten, and Julie.

Season three..well you still have to shake things up and that means new characters. We saw only 1 last week. That was Kirsten’s friend at rehab, Charlotte. Where will they go with this? Will she be more of a stalker psychopath like Oliver? Or will she be more like Alex and get um..”involved” with Kirsten. I hope it’s not that, because I think we had enough of that with Alex and Marissa. But something is not right about her. I think she may end being a stalker or something like that. Kirsten has already continued to not tell the truth to Sandy. I will be interested in seeing where this story goes.

There will be more new characters..that’s for sure. But I also think that past characters may be coming back this season. I would like to see Theresa and Anna come back. Theresa..I know will be back sometime. She had her baby, and I’m pretty sure it’s Ryan’s. But she is not telling him. Eventually, he will find out and that story will have to be brought back up. That won’t be good for Ryan and Marissa. But I think other things will split them up. I doubt they will go the whole season with Marissa/Ryan and Summer/Seth all together. There has to be drama and I think Marissa and Ryan are more likely to be torn apart than Summer and Seth. Fate brought Summer and Seth together and I think they will be together for their final high school year. But Ryan and Marissa..that’s another story. They no doubt care about each other, but sometimes that is not enough. And Anna..well she was a good character. I would like to see her return, but not to break up Summer and Seth. They don’t need that. Maybe she can play another role, but I would like to see her back somehow. And Trey..yes he just left. But I am sure we have not heard the last of him. He was too good of character NOT to bring back. I just hope he will come back as more of a brother this time. Although with Trey’s past, I don’t know if that will ever happen.

Something else that I want to comment on for a minute. This is senior year for the “foursome”. That means college is next. There needs to be some talk about that, because I expect there needs to be some decisions after high school. Most seniors are deciding on where they will go to college or IF they will go to college. I think something needs to be said about this. As college is a time for change. That’s another reason why Seth and Summer should be together this year. There is a good chance that college will split them up, so it will only make sense to hang on tight to what they have right now.

And one more thing…

The O.C. – Season Three (Episode 2) – “The Shape of Things to Come”

We open up with the Cohen kitchen. Ryan, Seth, and Sandy discuss breakfast options. It’s the first day of school..senior year as I mentioned. Actually it’s registration for senior year. Whatever works. The place looks like the morning after a frat party. That means it’s messy. Looks like Kirsten did all the cleaning, eventhough we never have seen her do any of it.

Ring at the door and it’s Julie. Sandy is suprised to see her here. She tries to say she is sorry. She was just trying to save her family. That really means she was trying to save her own ass from the bad rap. But she is here for something else. She tells him that parents are protesting at the school. They want Ryan and Marissa kicked out school. They have a petition to expel Ryan and Marissa out of school. I guess they don’t want someone who shot someone else at their school with their kids.

“California…here we come…right back where we started from…California…here we come! Oh!!”

Seth, Summer, Ryan, and Marissa meet up to eat breakfast. So that’s why they didn’t want to eat with Sandy. They already had dates for breakfast. Good choice.

Summer: “Everything we do this year is for the last’s like a farewell tour.”

I wouldn’t go that far, but I’m glad it’s being brought up. Marissa wonders if they can make it through this year without any drama. HA! Yeah right! “It’s our last time to make everything all-time” says Summer. “Best year ever” says Summer and Marissa. Seth and Ryan look on and wonder if that will be true.

Sandy and Julie go to the principal’s office to talk about Ryan and Marissa getting expelled. Dr. Kim says it is not up to her. The board brings in a new character, “Dean of Discipline” Jack Hess. He’s the bad guy. He is not here to make everyone happy. He will decide what to do with Ryan and Marissa.

Jimmy talks with a guy at a bar. He owes him money. Come on Jimmy..this is a neverending cycle!

Marissa and Summer walk and talk. It’s time to plan this year’s “kickoff carnival”. And Marissa has someone new to deal with. Taylor, another new character, tries to take over as social chair for the school. But Marissa is here to kick her back down. Actually..scratch that..Summer does Marissa’s dirty work for her. And can I see some conflict between Taylor and Summer happening later? Yep. Summer chimes in with “that bitch is going down!”

Seth and Ryan clean out the refrigerator. Seth asks Ryan if he and Marissa are okay. Seth tells Ryan that he needs to talk to Marissa about the whole “shooting my brother” thing. It will come between them if they don’t. Agreed.

Now to the rehab. Kirsten tells Charlotte that she is checking out. Charlotte says that going home is the hardest part about rehab. You can quickly get put right back in. Charlotte is going to a remote cabin before going home this time. Charlotte offers Kirsten a room up there if she has second thoughts about going home. Yeah..I bet you have room for her.

Julie and Jimmy meet up at a restaurant. The only thing keeping Julie sane through this all is that her and Jimmy got back together. Then, Jimmy stiffs her on the bill and has Julie charge it. Way to go!

Sandy gets a phone call and a decision has been made. It doesn’t sound good. Meanwhile Seth grills and it’s an art form for Seth. Sandy gives them the news. Ryan stays at school, while Marissa gets kicked out. Hmm, that makes some kind of sense as she shot Trey. But still a little shocking that Ryan didn’t get kicked out as well, since the world hates him.

Sandy visits Kirsten and gives her a present from Seth. He wrote “Dirt: The Motley Crew Story”. That will be a bestseller! Kirsten says she is leaving rehab, but NOT coming home. She is going with Charlotte. She is worried about relapse. Sandy is shocked. Kirsten says when she comes home..she wants it to be for good.

Marissa stares at a carebear, while Ryan, Seth, and Summer come in to cheer her up. She got the news as well. Captain Oates and Princess Sparkle are here as well. Yay! Now the fun begins! They say they have a plan to get her back in school. Always a plan.

Julie tells Jimmy that they will bribe the school in keeping Marissa there. It’s worth a shot, except that Jimmy has no money and neither does Julie! Different reasons though. Julie’s money is in the will, but Jimmy is just a bad businessman.

Taylor gives a moment of silence for Marissa. Summer joins the party and says she wants to be the social chair. Taylor says she is now the chair, since Marissa is not her anymore. She then goes off on Summer. She did all the work for Marissa, but got none of the credit. Got to love those California girls and their attitudes!

Charlotte and Kirsten drive up to the cabin. Charlotte shows her around. Charlotte wants to meet Sandy.

Ryan talks to Dr. Kim. He wants to know what he can do to change the decision of Marissa getting kicked out of school.

Seth comes to Summer’s room. She says senior year sucks so far. Seth says she can topple “PsychoBarbie” Taylor for social chair. “You have Marissa as a resource and combine that with your God-given have everything you need.” Summer says he is right and they are off to talk to Marissa. Seth just wants to eat.

Jimmy back at the bar and asks the same guy for a loan. He wants $100,000 for Marissa. The bank owns his boat. He has nothing. He has a plan, though. Sure.

Marissa and Ryan come to talk to Dean Hess. The dean says she has a history of bad acts. Like shoplifting, alcohol abuse, and an overdose in Mexico. He’s right. He says the pattern will continue to happen. Marissa has no remorse for shooting Trey. She is proud of it, in fact. Ryan gives her a weird look. They walk off, and it looks like the plan didn’t work. Marissa is still kicked out of school.

Seth is playing video games as Summer studies up for social chair. Ryan comes in and he is not happy. Summer tells Seth to talk to him. Ryan was about to kick the dean’s ass. Seth says Marissa is not going to jail, and he should be happy for that.

Jimmy has the money, but Julie says they don’t need it. Marissa went off on the dean, so he won’t be back at school. However, Julie could STILL use the money. She is going to pay the workers. And then go shopping. Well she didn’t say that, but you could see it in her eyes. Jimmy has his mouth wide-open. You see what you get when you dance with the devil?

Summer and Seth appear down at the carnival site. They offer ideas for it. Everyone BUT Taylor likes them. “Mini is the NEW super-size.” Everyone jumps onboard the Summer Express..straight to Fun-Ville!

Sandy arrives at the cabin. Charlotte greets him. Sandy says the best thing for Kirsten is to be with her kids. Charlotte says that the reason she was in rehab was because she wanted to be the perfect daughter. Now she has to be the perfect wife and mother. Tension between Sandy and Charlotte. Everyone saw that one coming.

Ryan comes to Marissa’s house. Ryan tries to help again. Marissa says she doesn’t need Ryan’s help anymore. And they have a big fight as it all comes out now.

Marissa: I don’t need you to help or protect me. I don’t now and I didn’t then.

Ryan: So all of this is my fault? What happened was between me and Trey. You didn’t need to get in the middle of it.

Marissa: So I was supposed to watch you die?! I did what I did and I’m ready to face the consequences.

Ryan: There are consequences for me too. He was my brother.

Marissa: Right and because of me..he’s gone.

Ryan: That’s not what I mean.

Well that didn’t take long. As Ryan leaves and Marissa looks ready to cry.

Summer gets congrats for putting down Taylor. But Summer is sad. They are never going to go back to the way they were. Seth says a ride will help cheer her up.

Ryan is by the pool and Sandy tells him that he needs to go back and just listen, if he wants to help Marissa. It works better than you think. Sandy is a wise-man. Maybe he’s the fourth wise-man!

Jimmy and Julie drink BOTTLES of wine. He says he will never leave again. And he pulls out Julie’s old ring. He gives it back to Julie and like a dumbass..asks her to marry him once again. She says yes, because she’s the devil. They kiss.

Ryan finds Marissa back at the beach. Where else would she be when she needs to think about things? He says he is sorry. Ryan says he was worried that he would screw things up for himself. But he says he screwed things up for Marissa. Marissa says she is not going to let this ruin her life or year. They will still be in the same town, so it’s all good.

Seth’s Jewish stomache doesn’t agree with the ride. Taylor comes and thanks Summer. She brings up Marissa and Summer goes off on her. Marissa and Ryan now arrive at the carnival and they have fun with Summer and Seth, while Taylor looks on with an unhappy face.

Kirsten finds Charlotte crying and she needs to tell her something. She has a bottle of alcohol. She hasn’t drank any yet. She says that she can’t do this alone. She needs Kirsten to stay with her. Oh..she’s EVIL! Kirsten says they are in this together and she won’t leave until Charlotte is ready. Kirsten walks away and Charlotte dries her eyes pretty quick and takes a shot of Jack and smiles. Oh..okay..SHE’S the devil now!

The foursome ride the Ferris Wheel. Seth is about to blow chunks! They get to the bottom and Dean Hess is there with Taylor. Taylor told on them. Dean says Marissa must go. Dean Hess grabs Marissa and uses force to remove her from the carnival. That doesn’t sit well with Ryan and he punches Dean Hess. Great.

Seth: “That’s not good.”

Dean says it’s his lucky day. He thought he would have to work to kick Ryan out, but he did it himself. And the’s the theme song. But with all the words. It’s like a goodbye song! Ryan and Marissa leave the carnival and The O.C.! They are gone! Well not really. But they are both kicked out of school and they do leave the carnival. And we are out ourselves as that ends this episode.