[MISC] Details on Upcoming DVDs

– The upcoming Jake “The Snake” Roberts DVD will feature the following matches:

Roberts vs. Ricky Steamboat 8/28/86 Toronto Exhibition Stadium

Roberts vs. Honky tonk Man Wrestlemania III

Roberts vs. Rick Rude 10/24/88 Madison Square Garden

Roberts & Steamboat vs. Mean Mike Miller & Jim Nelson September 9, 1981 Raleigh TV

Roberts vs. Ronnie Garvin 3/12/83 Georgia TV

Roberts vs. Lanny Poffo 3/16/86 Madison Square Garden

Roberts vs. Earthquake 4/27/91 TV taping

Roberts vs Sting 10/25/92 Halloween Havoc

Roberts vs. Dirty White Boy 5/7/94 SMW

Roberts vs. Steve Austin 6/23/96 King of the Ring finals

Roberts vs. Jerry Lawler 8/18/96 SummerSlam

Roberts & Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Victory & Justin Credible 11/1/98 ECW

– TNA is releasing a TNA Anthology DVD for Wal-mart with three PPVs: Victory Road, Turning Point and Lockdown.

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com