[DSW] 9/15/05 Deep South Wrestling Report

Thanks to Larry Goodman for sending in the following report…

Deep South Wrestling ran show number three at the Deep South Arena in McDonough, Georgia. Aided by a ridiculously hot standing room only crowd of 225, it was their strongest show to date.

(1) Derrick Neikirk (with Mike Knox) beat Mac Johnson. I missed most of this. Match was said to be OK with Neikirk dominating on offense. Johnson made a brief comeback. Neikirk won it with a spiral backbreaker.

(2) Ryan Reeves & Ryan O’Reilly beat The Regulators (Mike & Todd Shane) in 6:33. Referee “Captain America” Mike Posey is more over than any of the wrestlers. Mike clocked O’Reilly from behind to start the heel heat. The twins gave O’Reilly a double vertical suplex. Reeve doesn’t have much technical skill but he did show a lot of fire cleaning house. Reeves hit a sidewalk slam on Mike and Todd had to make a save. That lead to four way action. Reeves got an inside cradle and Todd turned the pile. But when the ref was getting Todd out of the ring, O’Reilly rolled Reeves back on top for the 1..2..3. Crowd loved the finish. Shanes beat on the faces in the postmatch. O’Reilly (who had been a heel the first two weeks) then argued with Reeves and walked away.

Michelle McCool was introduced as the newest diva in DSW. She dressed hot but she has an athletic look that seems better suited for a straight wrestler role ala Molly Holly. McCool said she was excited to be in DSW but had not welcomed with open arms. McCool said Angel Williams threw her bag out of the locker room. McCool said she never claimed to be a great wrestler but she wasn’t going to be pushed around. McCool said she was going to show Williams that “things, other than yourself, aren’t so easy.” McCool challenged Williams to go one on one next week.

(3) The Miz beat Ray Gordy in 9:18 to go 3-0 in DSW. Miz’s ability to connect with the crowd is several levels above his ability in the ring. They traded deep arm drags. Miz did a flying headscissors and worked the arm. Gordy made Miz pay for a second headscissors attempt with a hotshot. Gordy cut off Miz’s air supply. Gordy hit his twisting fisherman suplex for a near fall. Miz came back with a facebuster and a twisting lariat off the middle rope. Miz got a sunset flip for two, but Gordy sprung to his feet with a running knee to the face for a near fall. Miz got the pin with a neckbreaker variation.

Palmer Cannon, network executive in charge of Smackown oversight, entered the ring. Cannon said he had come to the lovely community of McDonough to scout talent. Kane appeared on the ramp. The crowd went berserk. Kane entered the ring to confront Cannon, who did the quivering lips and lump in his throat deal. Cannon meekly told Kane that it was great to see him and wanted to know why he was in DSW. Cannon suddenly grew grapefruits. Cannon said Kane was a piece of talent and he could do something for his career. Cannon mentioned that Kane was WWE champion for one day. Cannon noted that Kane was from RAW. “But after what Lita did to you, I wouldn’t want to go back their either.” Cannon offered to make Kane a network superstar. Kane choke slammed Cannon for a monster pop. Cannon sold it huge.

(4) The Freakin’ Deacon (Deville) beat Jack Bull (with Daisy Mae) in 6 minutes. Deacon is also 3-0. Deacon used his power offense on Bull including a cool series of headbutts to the back. Bull caught Deacon with his head down and hit a DDT. Deacon slapped himself in the face and charged into the corner to eat an elbow. Bull hit the “Sweet Knee” drop. But Deacon leveled Bull with a lariat. Daisy (a blonde body builder type who may have worked indies as Karma) got up on the apron. Deacon brought the wide-eyed Daisy into the ring by the throat. Bull checked on Daisy and got caught with Deacon’s sledgehammer inverted DDT finisher. Deacon looked good. The timing of the finishing sequence was awkward.

Angel Williams the self proclaimed “Ultimate Diva” entered the ring. Williams said McCool was a diva search loser. Williams mocked McCool’s bubbly attitude. Wiliams said she gave McCool a chance last week and pinned her 1-2-3. It didn’t matter how. In her book, a win was a win. That brought McCool out to the ring. Williams said she was refusing to accept McCool’s challenge for next week. Williams clubbed McCool in the back of the head with the mic. They had your basic ECW catfight. The guys in the crowd were in seventh heaven. Williams was wearing a micro thong that left little to the imagination. Posey and the faces ran out to break it up. One of the wrestlers carried Williams out with her derriere fully exposed.

Williams is a good talker and McCool has the athletic ability so she may work out fine with training, but why they’re here and Krissy Vaine isn’t makes no sense at all.

(5) Mike Knox (with Derrick Neikirk) beat “Big Time” Nick Mitchell in 7:49. This was Mitchell’s best match thus far. He has great spring in his legs. For the bulk of the match, Knox bullied Mitchell and worked over his neck. Mitchell gamely fought back. Mitchell landed on his face when he slipped on a springboard lariat. Mitchell got right up and did a DDT that Knox took like he was a lawn dart. Mitchell hit a beauty of a flying bodypress for a visual fall, as Neikirk distracted Posey. Knox used an STO style backbreaker to set up his guillotine legdrop finisher.

(6) High Impact (Mike Taylor & Tony Santorelli) beat Kid Kash & Johnny “The Swinger” Parisi in 17:12.Great heat for this. Team Elite is over. It was the longest match they’ve done in DSW. The structure was almost identical to last week’s High Impact/Team Elite match. Elite controlled the first five minutes. Paris LOUDLY racked Taylor’s back on the ring steps when Nick Patrick wasn’t looking. Taylor sold his ass off. They did a nice series of hope spots and cutoffs with the usual heel subterfuge, bogus tags, double teaming and the like. Santorelli was going insane with frustration. Parisi peeled back the ringside pads to tease a piledriver on the concrete. Taylor escaped. Kash and Taylor went down for a seven count on a double lariat. The hot tag. Santorelli on fire. All four in the ring. Taylor hit a standing moonsault on Kash for a near fall. Kash and Parisi were ready to put Santorelli away, but Taylor pulled Kash out of the ring. Parisi charged at Santorelli. Santorelli slipped through the ropes, nailed Parisi with an enzuigiri and rolled him up for the three count. The crowd exploded for the finish.

Ring announcer Troy Beasley said the match between McCool and Williams was on for next week.

NOTES: Bill Behrens was absent from the show. His status with Deep South cannot be confirmed at this time. John Johnson (former NWA Wildside announcer and currently with NWA Anarchy) replaced Behrens on the hard camera…Beasley announced that television would be happening at some unspecified date in the not-too-distant future…Fit Finlay was in attendance… Former Wildside Heavyweight Champion Onyx was in the house, as was BioHazard and Michael Steele.