[WWE] UPDATED: Ross Report, Matt Hardy Speaks, Edge Responds!


Matt Hardy has posted his full side of the Edge/Lita story on WWE.com titled I Will Not Die, and Edge has posted this response.

Jim Ross has also posted his latest Ross Report

Some highlights of the Ross Report were:

– Some of the current issues on RAW hyping Unforgiven, like Angle-Cena and Flair-Carlito.

– His conversation with Trish Stratus about her anticipated return to RAW.

– He would like to see more “legends” utilized on RAW and SmackDown.

– He’d like to see Matt prove wrestling pundits wrong in his match, and wonders if Cade and Murdoch are up for the challenge of being in a title match on PPV so early.

He also talked about Shawn Michael’s new book, the status of his Oklahoma Sooners, other college football, Bruno, Tough Enough and Sid Vicious.

Here were some interesting quotes from the Report:

– “‘Kerwin White’ attempting to be himself is rediculous.”

– “Should wrestlers be mandated to have to make a donation to the Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina’s relief effort every time they use a clothesline more than, oh say, three times in one match?”

– “Earl and his twin brother Dave are, unfortunately, neither still with the company. Someone told me recently that they heard Earl was doing some carpentry work in Virginia. I wish them both good health and success.”

Credit: WWE.com