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Two. A significant number, no? Well, in the wrestling tense, “2” plays quite an important role in the business. Think about it. The referee slides down and with all his might, counts one, TWO, three. And what is the outcome? Oh, lots of things. A new World Champion perhaps, or maybe just marking the end of a dark match. Nonetheless, without the number “2”, wrestling would not be what it is today.

But what about beyond the mat?

– So maybe you’re a sports fan. A safety is only worth 2 points. No big deal, huh? Wrong? Take week 1 in the new NFL season for instance, where last week the Redskins beat the Beats by 2 points, via safety. Need more?

– Well, go look up some statistics yourself. I clearly don’t have the time.

So what did all that ranting and raving about, of all things, the number 2, have to do with anything? There are only TWO episodes of Velocity left including the one I am about to recap. Think about that as you sleep tonight. It’s okay to keep a box of tissues next to the bed. By the way, go ahead and label that as Velocity nostalgia pt. 4. It just looked better starting out with the rant, and i’m lazy.

Velocity Trivia Question #3
Q. What rating did Velocity pull last week? (HINT: Find it in one of my news bits.)

WWE Velocity 9/17/2005

– Hosts: Steve “what are they doing to do with me in 2 weeks when Velocity is fried” Romero and Josh “I can still do crappy interviews on friday nights” Mathews

– Arkansas

Due to the recent SmackDown/RAW SuperShow, there was no Velocity taping. Way to kick things off with only 2 Velocity shows remaining, huh? There IS a SHOW however, with Josh Mathews and Steve Romero showing us clips from SmackDown. A SmackDown that you should if you haven’t already have checked out in NeelDown format. Just scroll down and look at it in my archives.

– SmackDown clip #1: Eddie Guerrero turning face after becoming the number 1 contender to Batista.


So I say at the special last Velocity episode, Sho Funaki takes on Bob Holly for the Undisputed Velocity Title. Thoughts? E-mail me.

– SmackDown clip #2: The tag team championship match, LOD 2k2 retaining the titles against MNM after DQ.


– SmackDown clip #3: Rey Mysterio defeats John Bradshaw Layfield via Asagi Moonsault, leading to later on JBL consults Jillian Hall w/ mysterious naturla growth about “help.” So I guess now it’s fair to say that the JBL is finally over, and an impressive long period of time. So what about the fate of OJ? Velocity won’t be here for him, so what will they do with him on SD?


– Mr. Kennedey defeats jobber after defeating Paul London and Booker T previously. Talk about stooping to lows. I still love Kennedey though.


– Final SmackDown clip of Undertaker defeating Randy Orton in the main event. Please don’t make the mystery person in the casket Kane. Please don’t make the mystery person in the casket Kane. Please don’t make the mystery person in the casket Kane. And was it just me or did Cowboy Bob Oldton take a pretty nasty bump on his neck falling out of that ring?

Time for Spike’s Films of Fury, and on that note, I am outtie.

Thanks for reading, and make sure you’re back next week, same place same time, for the LAST Velocity show ever. It’s going to be huge, and i’m going to bere here to celebrate it with you. So please be back next week, it’s going to be a very special event.

See you in 7 for the final episode of Velocity.

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