'Big Brother 6' Spoiler : Jury Q&A, with Aftermath

Jury Questions By Member

Janelle: To Ivette – “Three days ago I came to you with an offer that I was going to take you, and you didn’t take it. That cost you $450K.” She also told Maggie that she didn’t deserve to be there because she didn’t play the game (or have a strategy). Maggie replied, “Well, Janelle coming from someone who’s considered a mecca of this game, I’m shocked you didn’t notice my strategic moves.”

April: Called Maggie “Maggie Moo”. She asked Ivette, “Were you throwing competitions or were there just strong players in the house”

Jen: Asked Maggie to clarify who first brought up the idea of evicting Kaysar when she was HOH. Maggie feels she didn’t answer the question “right” or say what Jen wanted to hear – both Ivette and Maggie are very thrown by this question and continue to go back to it throughout the night. Maggie feels that Jen hates her.

Howie: Asked Ivette, “You said you’ve always been honest and played with integrity, but from you asking me **something about a deal with Eric**, to James swearing on the Bible to you, and Beau lying about partners, where did your integrity start in the game?” Also said that James took his question for Ivette (which had to do w/ her family). He then told Maggie that she was the mistake of week 3 (not evicting her).

Rachel: Asked Ivette, “Congratulations on sitting there. Tell me why I should vote for you over Maggie”. To Maggie “Do you have any regrets?” Later, when discussing Kaysar, Rachel said “Don’t worry, I KNOW your not responsible for that.”

James: Grills Maggie, “We’ve all been talking here, and what do you think about setting up your partners to get where you are?” Then to Ivette, he asked her something about choosing friendship over family (implying by choosing Maggie she lost).

Beau: Asked Ivette something funny “that she couldn’t answer wrong”. To Maggie, he asked “What was your strategy in the game after Eric left?” Maggie felt he was very aggressive with his question, but Ivette and her agree he sounds the least bitter of all the jurors.

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11:15pmBBT : The Last of the Friendship Delusions Meet Reality
When we return from fish, we get the reaction from the Girls.

They called Ivette a strong player but not Maggie. Maggie complains that they made her feel like she did not deserve to be there. She comments, “So much for me getting hugs at the end of this.” Ivette replies, “Yeah, you will.”

Maggie: Who shocked you the most?
Ivette: April did a little bit, by asking if I threw comps.

Ivette: I’m getting all the blame for the Kaysar thing.
Maggie: The mistake was not keeping a promise. Not evicting Kaysar.
Ivette: It sounded like you were regretting that whole week. The vote’s going to you.

Maggie: Did someone just screw me in the ass and forget to use lube, I feel like they said what a shitty person I am.

Ivette: We shouldn’t break our heads over this.
Maggie: Do you want to not ever talk about it again? I’m fine with that.

Maggie: I feel like they would all take the Fifth [abstain from voting] if they could.

Maggie: Thanks! Thanks for making us feel like we didn’t do a good job in this game! Either of us!

Maggie is extremely offended that Janelle did not call her a good player. “Not one of them said I was a good player!”
Ivette: Beau seems to me like the least angry person.
Maggie:Why do they hate us so much?

Ivette: They keep throwing my family in my face. Should I never have said anything about my family?

Maggie comments about Ivette, talking about how dirty money is bad money.
Maggie: How do you think it made me feel like …all these people think you shouldn’t have picked me!
Ivette: Who cares who’d I’d have picked other than Beau? Who cares! It was all of us.
Ivette: This is getting me more riled up, I think
Maggie: Holy moly.
Ivette: Want to sit on the couch.
Maggie: Or open the door and walk home? Which I’d prefer at this point!?

Ivette: Thanks BB this is awesome! I’ll make sure I tell everybody to sign up for this f*cking game!
Maggie: I can’t believe the bashing that we just went through.

Maggie: I am going to tell them at the wrap party, you made me feel like shit. Congratulations!