InsidePULSE’s Live WWE Unforgiven Coverage


Welcome to IP’s WWE Unforgiven Coverage. Keep refreashing this page, as I will have match-by-match updates, with the latest update in ITALICS.

Sunday Night Heat Match
Rob Conway vs. Tajir
Conway takes the early advantage, Tajiri backs off, and spits his green mist up in the air. Some back and forth action, but Conway works over Tajiri. Tajiri gets a bit of offense in, gets some stiff kicks, then locks on the Tarantula. Tajiri goes off the top rope for a double sledge, but Conway boots him in the gut, then nails the Ego Trip for the pinfall.
Winner — Conway

Let’s flip over to PPV, and JR, King & Coach welcome us to Unforgiven!

Carlito (c) vs. Ric Flair – Intercontinental Championship
A few tie-ups to start. CCC off the ropes, shoulderblock on Flair, then a mocking strut. CCC shoves Flair down, Flair hops right back up and hits the hardest chop I’ve ever heard. Flair goes for a Figure 4, but Carlito gets out of the ring quickly. Outside the ring, CCC works over Flair’s shoulder. They get back in the ring, Flair goes to the top, AND HITS A CHOP OFF THE TOP ROPE!! The crowd gives Flair a standing ovation, but then he goes to the top again, and jumps into drop kick. CCC gets a apple, and goes to spit in Flair’s face, but Flair lays him out, and locks on the Figure 4 for the submission.
Winner and NEW Champion – Ric Flair

Flair gives a speech, and says that the only thing wrong with tonight is the at HHH isn’t there. He then picks some girls out of the crowd, and walks up the ramp.

Edge and Lita talking backstage. Lita says that Matt used to call her every night when they were on the road, then Matt would call his ‘best friend’ to ask how the match was. Edge then says that he would then roll over and answer his phone. HAHA.

Victoria & Torrie Wilson (w/ Candice Michelle) vs. Trish Stratus & Ashley Massaro
Trish and Victoria start. Good back and forth action, and Ashley is tagged in, and Victoria goes over her. Torrie is tagged in, and she bullies up Ashley. Ash gets the HOT tag to Trish, and Trish nails Victoria with a Chic Kick.
Winners – Trish & Ashley

Flair gets in a limo with the girls, but pops some pills first.

Lillian introduces ZZ Top.

Big Show vs. Gene Snitsky
Snitsky hits the ring hard, but Show is all over him. They fall to the outside, and Snitsky wraps Show’s shoulder around the ring post. Back in the ring, Show goes for choke slam, but Snitsky slaps it away. Snitsky works over Show’s arm some more, but they both knock heads and both are down. Somehow Show nips-up, then shoulderblocks Snitsky, then hits a left handed (because his right shoulder hurts) choke slam.
Winner – Big Show

Recap of HBK/Masters feud.

Kerwin White vs. Shelton Benjamin
Back and forth to start. Kerwin works over Shelton leg, and Shelton is basically one legged. Kerwin grabs his golf club, and goes at Shelton with it, but Shelton lifts Kerwin straight up, then hits the TBone for the pin.
Winner – Shelton

Recap of Hardy/Edge.

Matt Hardy vs. Edge (w/ Lita)
Edge tries to get out of cage quickly. Matt takes the early advantage, slamming Edge on the cage. Edge lays out Matt, and tries to go over the top, but Matt gets up and brings him back down, but Edge slams Matt’s head into the back of his head, and Matt starts to look queasy. Edge is now just destroying Matt, as Edge picks up Matt for a powerbomb, but tosses him back first into the cage. Edge does it again, but this time into the turnbuckle. Edge starts to go out the door, but Matt pulls him back in. Lita gives Edge the money in the bank briefcase, and Edge swings at Matt, but Matt ducks. Matt rips Edge’s forehead open, and boots it. Matt goes to the top rope with the briefcase, but Edge shoves the ref into the ropes, and Matt falls down between the ropes and the cage, then Edge spears him. Lita comes in, and Matt hits her with the ToF, then gets a spear from Edge for a 2 count. Edge tries to go out over the top, but Matt goes up, catches Edge, and hits the Side Effect off the top rope. Matt goes to the top and turns around and hits a leg drop from the top of the cage!!!
Winner – Hardy

Edge crawls up ramp with some help.

The Hurricane & Rosey (c) vs. Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade – World Tag Team Titles
Murdoch is sweet on Lillian, and Hurricane saves her, then slides through the ring to get to Murdoch, but Murdoch grabs him and DDTs him from the apron down to the floor. Hurricane is dead, and the hicks work on Rosey. The Trainer comes out and helps Hurricane and brings him up the ramp. Hurricane runs back to the ring, gets the tag, but Murdoch hits a big clothesline while Cade hits a chopblock for the finisher.
Winners and NEW Champions – Cade & Murdoch

Back to the girls in Flair’s limo, and the girls are getting over worked.

Maria with Masters. She asks why they call him the Masterbate.

Chris Masters vs. Shawn Michaels
As HBK gets in the ring and does his pose, Masters locks on the Masterlock. He drops him down to the mat, so the match would start. Masters works over HBK, but HBK drops him out to the ground, and HBK does a suicide dive on Masters. Masters fights back, and powerbombs HBK’s into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Masters works over HBK’s back. Masters puts HBK up in the Torture Rack. HBK slides through, and rolls up Masters for 2. HBK goes for the Superkick, but Masters ducks it and locks on the Masterlock. HBK tries to get out for a while, and then ties himself up in the ropes so Masters has to break it. HBK comes off the top with a sledge, Masters dodges it, goes to lock the Masterlock back on, HBK moves, and hits a Superkick for the pin.
Winner – HBK

Recap of Cena/Angle.

John Cena (c) vs. Kurt Angle – WWE Championship
Cena gets the advantage on Cena a few times early in the match, but Angle gets out of the ring and regroups. Angle gets in and starts brawling with Cena. Angle hits a SICK knee lift, and then locks on a body scissors. Cena fights out, but Angle goes for the Ankle Lock, Cena fights out again, and hits a big spinebuster. Cena goes for the FU, but Angle slides though and hits the Angle Slam for 2. Angle then locks on the Ankle Lock, but Cena shoves him off, Angle charges and hits the weird power bomb. Cena then hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle for 2. Both men up, Angle goes for a clothesline, Cena ducks, Angle nails the ref. Angle locks on the Ankle Lock, and there is no ref. Bischoff comes out and taunts but Cena flips the Ankle Lock through and Angle knocks into Bischoff. Cena clocks Angle with the title belt, and the ref sees it, and DQs Cena.
Winner via DQ – Angle

Bischoff starts to say that the title will change hands, but Cena gives him a FU. Angle attacks Cena, and they fall to the floor. Angle looks to Angle Slam Cena through the announce table, but Cena reverses it, and hits the FU on Angle through the announce table!

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