Sarah's Spin : CBS Screwed Up! Janelle Won HOH Not Ivette!

Note from Sarah Jane: I didn’t write this article myself. I read it elsewhere, and thought it so important that it needed to be passed on to the IP Big Brother fans. This is HUGE!

By Louisa Fellini, September 18, 2005

What would make Big Brother fans the happiest right about now?

The answer is easy: to somehow see Janelle, Rachel, Howie, Michael or Kaysar win Big Brother 6. Since all of them have been eliminated, there is no hope for the fans…

Or is there? We think there is!

Janelle seems to have REALLY won head of household.

Could this FINALLY be what CBS meant by the summer of surprises? And wouldn’t it be a shocking surprise if, at jury day, CBS announces the mistake and corrects the situation and makes it right?

Instead of this going down as one of the worst ever Big Brothers (with BB4) it could easily be one of the best?

So write Julie Chen and her husband Les Moonves, and Nancy Tellum all at CBS. Write Arnold Shapiro and Allison Grodner and even JokersUpdates friend John Platt. Let them know the fans are really excited about exposing and correcting this error of gigantic proportions!

Here is the post that is going around, explaining how Janelle gave the correct answer on Friday’s part 3 of the head of household competition. Ivette’s response was farther from the correct answer so Janelle should have won:


“The last question read was ‘How many hours have you been in the Big Brother House since you stepped foot in the house? (or words to that effect)?”

“Ivette’s answer was in the 1700s. BUT —- That would be the correct answer from the first airing of the show.!”

“The question was worded ‘since you stepped foot in the house.’ Ivette’s answer would be the number of hours since the show began airing or 1700. Janelle’s answer would take in one week more than Ivette’s, or number of hours from when they moved into the house, or stepped foot, a week before we first saw their faces on our TVs or internet connections.”

“Janelle answered 1900. That was nearly correct! She should have won the final HOH.”

BeatleJohn went on to discuss possible ways to fix this mistake.

1) “Bring back Janelle and invite her to sit with the others and let the Jury decide from the three and not the two. This leaves us with a 6 member Jury and the possibility of a tie.”

2) “Bring back the last evicted non-jury member to vote for one of the three (Ivette, Janelle, or Maggie). There would also be a possible tie, but if a tie did occur, the person not tied (odd woman out) is eliminated and would go vote with the rest of the jury.”

3) “Have the 6 vote twice, one for the winner and 1 for whom they think is least deserving, then in case of a tie, the least deserving is eliminated.”

BeatleJohn went on to demand accountability for this awful error.

Personally, I like the solution of voting for one of three—especially if jury members are isolated from each other at the revelation so they don’t have time to form alliances. That way Janie would definitely win.

Or try it the other way. Announce that Janie really won, let her choose someone to be with her in the final two, and let the jury members vote between the two. But the first way, choosing between three, is the better one.

BeatleJohn asked everyone to send this to online services. Instead, if you want a solution, send this article to the press. Send it to your local TV critic. Send it to Julie Chen, Les Moonves, and Nancy Tellum at CBS. Maybe then Janie will have a chance of getting what is fairly due to her.

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