InsidePulse’s WWE RAW Report 9.19.05

Monday Night RAW comes to you just 24 hours after the Unforgiven pay-per-view, and Mr. McMahon will have a major announcement tonight.

Last night at Unforgiven, Kurt Angle was able to defeat John Cena. Angle, however, did not walk out as the WWE Champion, as his victory came via disqualification. What will Angle have in store for Cena, one night after coming so close to winning the WWE Championship? Watch Monday Night RAW to find out.

History was made last night when Ric Flair captured the Intercontinental Championship from Carlito. After the match, Flair was seen partying until he dropped. Carlito will get a shot to regain the gold tonight on RAW in a huge rematch. Will all of Flair’s excessive partying have an effect on the outcome?

Another major championship changed hands at Unforgiven when Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeated The Hurricane & Rosey for the World Tag Team Championship. Be sure to catch Day One of Cade & Murdoch’s reign on top of the tag team mountain Monday night on RAW.

Also, Women’s Champion Trish Stratus, who looked better than ever Sunday night at Unforgiven in a tag team match, will take on Torrie Wilson.
All this and more tonight on RAW (Spike TV, 9/8 CT).

LIVE from Wichita Falls, TX
Hosts are Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, & Johnathan Coachman

Bischoff walks out to the ring with the real WWE Championship. Eric adresses the confusion with the rightful WWE Championship holder, but brings out Kurt Angle first. Bischoff says that Cena ignored the rules last night in his match, and strips Cena of the WWE title. Eric gets to introducing the new WWE Champion, when Vince McMahon walks out. Angle says that Vince is here to congratulate him on being the new champion, and promises to represent the company with the three Is. Vince correct Kurt on being the WWE Champion, as nobody has named him that. McMahon says that the only way a title changes hands is by pinfall or submission. Eric says that Cena attacked him, to which Vince replies to shut the hell up, as John Cena is still the WWE Champion. McMahon then turns his attention to WWE Homecoming and pimps the big four who will be there. He also says that on that night Cena will face Bischoff for the WWE title.

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Backstage, Eric pleads with Vince to change the match he just made, and McMahon thinks about.

Torrie Wilson vs. Trish Stratus
Trish deals with Victoria for a while, allowing Torrie to get the upper hand. Torrie ducks to the outside, and Ashley double clotheslines Candice and Victoria. Back in, Trish stomps at Torrie and gives her a chop. Wilson gets whipped into the corner and Trish goes for the 10 punch, but Candice distracts the ref, allowing Victoria to hit Trish down. Torrie picks up 2. Wilson complains about the 2 count, so Stratus gets a schoolgirl for 3.

Afterwards, the three ladies attack on Trish and Ashley. Victoria even pulls out the Widow’s Peak on Trish.

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Trevor Murdoch vs. The Hurricane
Hurricane takes it to Murdoch, causing him to roll out and stall. Another stalling gets Murdoch thrown back in, and Hurricane gets the headscissors for 2. Hurricane eats turnbuckle, and Murdoch focuses on the neck. Hurricane comes back, but Trevor gives him the snake eyes along with a thunderous DDT for 3.

Backstage, Grisham is with Carlito, who says that last night, he didn’t tap, he was just reaching for the rope and his hand hit the mat.

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Backstage, Edge demands for Hardy to be fired for touching his woman last night. Bischoff says that Hardy will get a chance to get rid of Hardy in two weeks, when he and Matt have a ladder match, with the loser leaving RAW. And what’s hanging above the ring? The money in the bank.

Tyson Tomko vs. Eddie Craven
Tomko manhandles him and knocks him out for the win.

Video package for Carlito/Flair.

Carlito makes his entrance as we go to a:

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Carlito vs. Ric Flair(c) – Intercontinental Championship match
Flair backs Carlito into the corner, but Carlito comes back with a shoulderblock and a slap. Carltio stalls a bit outside the ring, as back in he gets the crap chopped out of him. Ric stomps on the leg, but Carlito bails. Big “You Tapped Out” chant springs form the crowd as Flair chain wrestles him. Ric hits him with some more chops and hooks on the armbar. Calrito gets the rake to the eyes and clotheslines Flair out. Carlito stomps on Ric when he crawls back in and gets in some right/left hands. Backdrop gets 2 for Carlito. Some hands in the corner get 2. Flair comes back with some chops and even spits the apple in Carlito’s face. Ric’s eye looks really nasty as we go to a:

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We return with Flair looking exhuasted. Carlito gets some near falls, as well as a spinebuster for 2. Vertical suplex gets 2. Ric gets in an inverted atomic drop and makes the comeback. Carlito comes back with a clothesline for 2. Flair hits the back elbow and goes up to connect with with a clohtesline. Chop block, but Carlito maneuvers Flair to the outside. Back in, Ric goes low and hooks on the Figure-four Leglock to make Carltio tap!

Backstage, the four face main eventers have a a run-in.

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Backstage, Flair gets jumped by Carlito and Masters.

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Smackdown! Rebound.

Kurt Angle, Snitsky, Edge, Chris Masters, Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Matt Hardy, & John Cena all make their entrances as we go to a:

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Kurt Angle, Snitsky, Edge, & Chris Masters vs. Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Matt Hardy, & John Cena
We pick it up with Cena getting a clothesline on Edge. Vertical suplex gets 2, thanks to Kurt. Elbows get 2. Show tags in, but Edge manages to tag in Masters. Show takes control of him as Matt comes in. The faces quickly work over Chris, and Cena gets a punt for 2. Chris comes back with a vertical suplex for 2. John reverses another vertical and tags in Hardy. HBK tags in after a while, but Masters gets the millitary press for 2. Chris misses an elbow, allowing Michaels to make the tag to Hardy. Matt brings in Edge and hits the side effect. He looks for the Twist, but Masters hooks on the Master Lock. Show headbutts Chris as we go to a:

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We’re back with Edge having the advantage over Hardy with a reverse chinlock. Hardy fights out, but Edge hits him with a one-man flapjack for 2. Snitsky comes in and kills Hardy with a clothesline! Vertical suplex gets 2 for Gene. Matt comes back with a Twist of Fate, and HBK and Angle both get tagged in. Shawn goes wild and looks to drop the elbow, but Kurt moves. Shawn looks to counter an Angle Slam into a sunset flip, but Kurt rolls thorugh and hooks on the ankle lock. Show eventually breaks up the hold, causing him to get Angle Slammed out of the ring.

Commercial break.

We once again pick up the action with Edge having the Edgecator on Michaels. Shawn makes the ropes however. Masters comes back in and works over the leg of HBK. Kurt gets back in and continues to work over Shawn, but Michaels hits a back suplex. Angle Slam gets 2, thanks to Matt. Ankle lock time again, but Michaels kicks him off. Shawn looks to tag Cena, but Edge tags in and spears him off the apron! HBK hits the enzuigiri, and Show’s back. BS goes wild on everybody, until Snitsky goes low, allowing Edge to be successful with the spear. It only gets 2. It’s an all out brawl as the faces clean house. 5 Knuckle Shuffle sets up the Chokeslam on Edge which gets the pin! Good match.


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