Arrested Development – Recap – Season 3 – Episode 1.

Arrested Development – Season 3 ESP 1

Season Three begins with Michael watching television over his morning coffee. The Bluth company, who has been designated as a ‘sell’ company is now moved to a ‘don’t sell’ company. Michael’s management is working. He is proud.

Time for that to change, Lucille walks in and tells Michael how she is off her post partum depression drugs for the first time in 32 years. Michael tries to send Lucille to the family cabin near Reno.

Cue GOB. When GOB hears about the cabin, we flashback to a child GOB waiting to go to the cabin with his father, only to be blown off time and time again for George Sr. to get some tail. George Sr. is the type of man I hope to become… minus the jail time.

Once the flashback ends, GOB states if he had a son, he would treat him better than George Sr. treated him.

GOB: I don’t have a son.
Narrator: He does.

Michael suggests GOB and him head to the cabin one more time.

Michael tries to go off to prison, but sees George Michael sleeping in the car. George Michael has taken to sleeping in that car because it allows him to avoid Maybe, but he lies and tells his father he was waiting for him. Michael decides that he needs to spend more quality time with his son at the cabin.

GOB is no longer invited to the cabin.

Michael is in prison. He talks with Oscar, who Michael believes is his father. Oscar tells Michael he is not George Sr., but the prison guards ignored the claim of “you have the wrong Twin.”

Narrator: “You got the wrong twin” is a excuse heard often by prison guards.

Oscar has also started a website, to prove he is not George Sr.

Michael finally believes him when Oscar tells Michael about the importance of family.

Michael goes back to the office to tell the staff that his father is still on the loose, only to find the office celebrating the new status of ‘don’t sell.’ Michael doesn’t have the heart to tell them the news about his father. Undoubtedly, George Sr. still being at large would send the company stock in the nosedive. Investor fraud, anyone?

Lindsay misses Tobias. Remember, Tobias ran off to Los Vegas with Kitty. Michael tells Lindsay and Gob that it is Oscar in prison.

Earlier that day, Gob recieves a letter from SAD, a group that reunites estranged sons and fathers.

Michael, while searching for his father, contacts his lawyer, Barry Zuckerkorn. Michael finds out Barry is off in Reno with George Sr. This according to Barry’s assistance… of questionable sexually. Barry himself, is also of questionable sexually.

Sadly, Michael can no longer go to the Cabin with George Michael.

— AD Break

We return from break with Michael suggesting George Michael and Maybe spend some quality time alone in the cabin. When Maybe protests, claiming she hates the outdoors, Michael responds, “Well, some of George Michael may rub off on you.”

Meanwhile. GOB waits in the park, thinking he will meet George Sr. Instead, Gob meets Steve Holt, who just happens to be Gob’s son. The Narrator notes that Gob slept with eight girls in his senior class, knocked three of them up, and one of the children is Steve Holt.

Gob suggests Steve and him go to the cabin.

Narrator: “If Steve had a father, he would of warned him not to go into the woods with strange men. He didn’t.”

Michael, now in Reno, wonders where his father might be. He begins by looking in the
“seedy underbelly of Reno.” Instead of finding George Sr., he find Tobias, who works in the seedy underbelly of Reno as a waiter.

Flash to George Sr. dressed as a member of the Blue Man Group, nearly choking on a marshmallow. We find out that Kitty dumped Tobias for George Sr.

Michael figures out that George Sr. must be in the Blue Man Group, mainly because Tobias’s description of the break up contained Kitty flashing her breasts, and they just happened to have blue paint on them.

Michael informs Lindsay that Tobias is in Reno. Lindsay only wants Tobias if he is with Kitty. Flash to Tobias phoning Kitty.

Tobias: “I can’t leave kitty … with all the sexual intercourse and stuff.”
Lindsay: “YOU BASTARD.”

Lindsay drives to Reno with Maybe and George Michael.

Michael finds Barry, but not his father. Barry is helping George Sr. leave the country. Michael finally fires Barry, who responds with:

Barry: “Just like that, with no warning.” Barry wonders if he could turn tricks for cash.

George Michael and Maybe are in Reno now, with Lindsay. They are left alone in the stair-mobile. The sexually frustration between them is palpable. They nearly kiss again.

Meanwhile, Steve Holt and Gob bond. Gob sees Michael, and Michael reads the SAD letter, informing Gob that he is Steve Holt’s real father. Gob, like the man he is, runs off.

Michael then sees George Michael asleep in the car, Michael thinks George Michael traveled all the way to Reno to find him, but really he didn’t want to leave the car after nearly kissing Maybe. Probably due to a teenage erection.

— AD Break

Lucille decides to drive to Reno, but finds Buster in the back seat sleeping. Lucille seems angry, wanting to distance herself from Buster.

In the cabin, George Michael wants to go back to Reno. He tells his father about his girl problems, but never tells him he has feelings for Maybe. Michael hopes the problem is with Anne, but it is not. Michael finds Anne creepy… who doesn’t?

Michael suggests talking with George Michael at the lake in the morning about his girl problems.

Michael: “That’s what this place is for, and cheating on Gangee [Lucille].”

The next day. Michael wakes up, only to find George Sr. driving the cabin [!] down the highway. How did George Sr. get the cabin on an eighteen wheeler without waking either Michael or his son?

On the next Arrested Development…

Lucille nearly kills Buster… Maybe, feeling rejected, makes out with Steve Holt, who is also her cousin… Lindsay finally finds Tobias …