Sarah's Spin : "Wait, I'm Fired?" – Who's Got A Job After BB6's Conclusion

Note to self: If I am ever on a live-broadcast reality program, don’t say anything that will shoot myself in the foot when I leave the show, especially where my job is concerned. Over the summer I have watched the Big Brother HGs, and thought to myself, “Holy Cow, don’t admit that, you fool!” There are some people this season that I’m really not sure what kind of job they’ll have to go back to, if their employers, and co-workers watched the Live Feeds. It’s happened in the past, to BB5’s Jun, Survivor’s Heidi, as well as a few Apprentices. Will history repeat itself?

Maggie’s profession before entering the house was an ER nurse in Las Vegas. During the show’s run she’s admitted to smoking pot, possibly duping her insurance company, and having her supervising nurse lie for her in a malpractice investigation. Several times she made fun of the underprivileged patients that she’s had to deal with. Although its unclear if she works for an agency, or an actual hospital, several BB feed watchers have commented that they wouldn’t want Maggie treating them on their next ER visit.

Working for a pharmaceutical sales company, April went into the show saying that she would get fired if she goes against the company’s morality clauses. Generally, these cover things such as racial slurs, false accusations, and even excessive swearing. Heck, if one of the treatments she peddles are anti-smoking products, I know I’d think twice about buying my supply from her.

Jennifer is studying to be a school counselor – someone who is seen to be a role model for students, a person that kids go to in their time of need. When children are at their most vulnerable, this is the person you turn to. Lies, cheating, and back-stabbing are all part of the Big Brother game, but it’s not the best thing to tell your students you did over your summer vacation. Heaven forbid that her future students saw the show. Trust issues, anyone?

Although Janelle’s job as a lingerie clad cocktail waitress seems rather relaxed and easygoing, if her bosses didn’t know about her DUI and shoplifting charges, they do now!

Beau did quite a lot of name-dropping this season. That, combined with those lovely salmon-pink pants he wore makes me think that he might have some trouble picking up future celeb clients as a personal shopper. Although, he did do a mighty fine job on “Made”.

Depending on James’ bosses, the whole swearing-on-the-Bible episode might get him into a little bit of hot water.

On the flip side, there are a few House Guests that I think will have the opportunity door swung wide open for them as they leave the house. Sure, many contestants flock to these shows for exposure, but how often does that really happen?

We already know Kaysar is going to be on CBS’s Young and the Restless on October 13th. He’s been on MSNBC’s It-List for three weeks now. I can see him on the college-graduation-speech junket in a few months.

How perfect that a future meteorologist has a hurricane named after himself. Although I don’t see Howie being picked up by traditional network television as their weather man, networks like Mtv, Travel, and other less-than-normal networks would scoop him up in a minute.

Michael’s art got a lot of exposure since his stint on Big Brother. Any publicity is good publicity for an artist.

Ashlea left sequester, and picked up work at clubs right away. A few weeks back she was headlining at a major night club, as “Big Brother’s Ashlea”. You go, girl.

Rachel’s job was listed as a horse breeder on the CBS web page, when in actuality, she was a software designer. A HOT software designer. Who knows if the exposure will help her software career, but I could see her getting some modeling gigs after the show.

In Eric’s position, the take-charge leader attitude he displayed during the show is exactly what a fire captain needs to do. Recently, we’ve seen that he’s gone back to his job, and seems very happy with the way things have turned out for him.

Of course, this is just my opinion. I’m not following the suggestion of others, and mailing this to the HGs respective employers, but if they happen to stumble upon my essay, they can use it however they see fit. I’m not looking to get anyone fired, or even hired in a new job, just satisfy my compulsion to make lists combined with my over-enthusiasm for Big Brother.

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