Inside Pulse DVD Review- One Tree Hill The Complete Second Season


The Cast
Chad Michael Murray………. Lucas Scott
James Lafferty………. Nathan Scott
Hilarie Burton………. Peyton Sawyer
Bethany Joy Lenz…. Haley James Scott
Paul Johansson…. Dan Scott
Sophia Bush…. Brooke Davis
Barbara Alyn Woods…. Deb Scott (2004-)
Barry Corbin…. Coach Whitey Durham
Craig Sheffer…. Keith Scott

The Show:

Ah the WB. Sure, a lot of the shows you put out are pretty derivative from each other, but a good portion of them are entertaining and touching. Some of the best melodrama on television manages to appear every season on the WB. Sure, a lot of these shows may be a bit shallow, but for the most part, they’re well written and filled with characters that everyone can love. Occasionally though, you get a show like One Tree Hill which is the TV show equivalent of Paris Hilton coming off a week long bender doing an I-Pod commercial.

The basic story of One Tree Hill is about two half-brothers, Nathan and Lucas who have an intense rivalry in both love and on the basketball court. They fight, reconcile, and eventually learn to love each other while an assorted cast of eye candy act vindictively to each other for reasons of love and revenge. So it’s your typical teenage drama.

The second season of One Tree Hill starts off with Dan in the hospital after having a heart attack. His wife Deb, whom was sleeping with his brother Keith, bitches him out while he’s sprawled on the floor. Meanwhile, Nathan and Haley decide to get married after dating for oh, three months or so. Lucas also leaves town with Keith, but they both decide to come back because of Dan’s heart attack.

The flaws with One Tree Hill are overwhelming. One Tree Hill can be forgiven for its superficiality and the fact that it’s essentially a front to sell I-Pods and indie band records. What it cannot be forgiven for is that it is filled with so many completely reprehensible characters. To try and justify this, bad things happen to these bad people. The problem with this is that when a bad character has a change of heart or suffers, there is really no way for me to feel sympathetic to these people. It’s like feeling bad for a train full of Nazis that derails.

That’s not to say the show does not have some good points. As a pure eye candy show, it functions very well. The music is also very good and well suited for the show. Aesthetically, the show is exceptionally pleasing. Despite this, the show falls into patterns far too quickly. Practically every episode has retrospective shots of all the characters followed by slow fades set to a song by *insert favorite emo-band here*. Additionally, there are quite a few shots that are simply overdone that give the show a faux artistic appearance.

One Tree Hill manages to be one of the most mean spirited shows on prime time television. Even the universally good characters on the show come off like smarmy bitches because of the context that they’re in. The reason why shows like Dawson’s Creek or Gilmore Girls are enjoyable is because despite their mistakes, the majority of characters in those shows are good people despite their flaws. It’s easy to see both sides of the issues with love and life. With One Tree Hill it’s the opposite. Fundamentally bad people doing bad things to each other does not make an entertaining show in my book.

Score: 3 out of 10

The Video:

One Tree Hill is presented in a matted widescreen format. This is a great looking transfer as expected considering this show is barely a year old. For a show that is so visually appealing, it’s a credit to the techs at Warner Brothers for making such a great looking DVD set.

The Audio:

The audio is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo. At times, the dialogue comes across very soft especially if there’s a song playing. Otherwise, the audio sounds pretty good. It’s crisp and clear. It’s a moderately good audio track.

The Extras:

There is a plethora of stuff on these disks.

40 + Minutes of Unaired Scenes: This is one of the big draws of the set.. In a very intelligent move, the WB put each of the deleted scenes with their respective episodes rather then lumping them together on an extras disk. This almost makes up for the horrible packaging that the disks come in.

As for the actual scenes, it’s obvious to see why they were cut. They slowed down the plot or added very little to the show. Truth be told, the more cuts the better with this show. Baaaaaaaaaazing!

3 Episode Commentaries: The commentaries are a good mix between show creator and Mark Schwahn, actor and director of the episode he comments on, Paul Johansson and co-star Bryan Greenberg. Out of all of the commentaries, Schwahn with Greenberg is the best because of the fact the simple fact that commentaries work better with more then one person. These were pretty standard as commentaries go though as they offer the general information about the show and a bit of backstory on the happenings on the One Tree Hill set.

The Music of One Tree Hill: 8 minutes of how important music is to the show. Schwahn talks a bit about how he writes certain episodes with music in mind. In addition, they talk about how they essentially revamped the show to include more music. There is also a bit of info about the One Tree Hill tour. It borders on a total fluff piece but still offers some interesting points about the show. This is a pretty worthwhile extra.

Diaries from the Set There are two short video diaries. One is about a charity football game while the other is about the tour bus. These are total fluff pieces that thankfully last for about five minutes total.

Change is Good: A ten minute piece about the new characters introduced in the second season. It gives the rationale behind introducing these new characters and what rolls they fulfill. This is the most worthwhile of the short extras.

Warner Brothers puts together some great extras for a pretty weak show. The staff behind the DVD for One Tree Hill deserves some credit for this release.

Score: 8 out of 10

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