Romo's World: So Little Time, So Much On TV

Every September the networks roll out their new fall line-ups. Maybe it’s just me but this is a time of excitement and trepidation. Magazine, newspapers and entertainment shows try to tell us what shows are “must sees” and or “can’t miss hits.” These so-called experts know just about as well as you and I do about what shows are going to be hits and misses.

Last year I was lucky enough to jump on the ‘Lost’ bandwagon right off the bat. I knew from the previews this would be a show I would love, and I was right. ‘Desperate Housewives’ was a bit of a different story. I figured it was a “chick” show and didn’t bother to pay much attention to it.

Lucky for me I work for an internet site that reviews TV shows. I started to read Inside Pulse writer John Duran’s recaps of DH and figured I would give it a shot. Sometimes it can be very difficult to jump into a show if you missed the first few episodes. This is why I get nervous at this time of year.

I mean what if I put my faith in a new show and it completely sucks? What if by doing this I missed out the next great show? Or even worse, what if I fall in love with a new show only to have it cancelled because everyone else in the world is stupid?

Sure sometimes you get lucky with the good shows you miss and you can catch up on the show in the summer. This is precisely what I did with ‘Veronica Mars’ and way before that ‘Dawson’s Creek.’ But for those shows that get prematurely cancelled there is no cure. Sadly I really liked ‘life or something like it’ before it got summarily cancelled.

This year I have already jumped on board two new shows, ‘Rome’ and ‘Prison Break.’ Neither look to be in danger of being cancelled. I have also managed to catch the premieres of ‘Supernatural,’ ‘The War at Home,’ ‘Reunion’ and ‘Kitchen Confidential.’ I am intrigued by ‘Invasion’ and ‘The Night Stalker.’

The thing is there is no way I can watch all of these shows without either going insane, failing out of school or giving up other shows I watch regularly.

Sure I love ‘Rome’ but once ‘Desperate Housewives’ starts up that will be three shows in the Sunday 9 p.m. slot. I have time-shifting meaning I may be able to work some of this out but man do I wish TIVO was available to Canadians.

‘Reunion’ and ‘Night Stalker’ both are in the dangerous Thursday 9 p.m. time slot versus ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘CSI.’ ‘CSI’ may be the perfect example of a show I missed the boat on. I didn’t really start watching it till maybe the second or third season. While I like the show I can never completely get into it in part because I feel like I’ve missed to much of what happened before I found the show.

‘Supernatural’ faces off against ‘House’ and ‘Amazing Race’, two of the best shows on television today.

‘The War at Home’ and ‘Kitchen Confidential’ are a bit easier. I really don’t care if I ever see another episode of ‘The War at Home’ whereas with ‘Kitchen Confidential’ I know I will probably end up sticking with it in part because it follows ‘Arrested Development.’ Although by doing so I am missing a chance to see ‘How I Met Your Mother’ a show many claim to be the next great comedy.

The most difficult choice I have to make regards ‘Invasion.’ ABC has placed the new drama on Wednesday night at 10 p.m. putting it in direct conflict with ‘Law and Order.’

As some of you may know I am a diehard L&O fan. I have been since nearly its inception. The thing is lately the show has lost much of its draw. Lenny Briscoe is gone and as much as Dennis Farina tries he will never replace Jerry Orbach. The episodes in the past year were all sensationalistic and “ripped from the headlines.”

While this may get some viewers excited it doesn’t work for me. The show needs to get back to its roots. But does this mean I should jump ship? Most likely I will find a way to watch ‘Invasion’ for a few episodes without giving up ‘Law and Order.’

So let me know if there is a good show I am missing out on so that I don’t get left behind when the boat leaves port.