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Not bad, not bad. I may be about to make a career move that should make my life a lot easier, and me a much happier editor”¦so cross your fingers.

I’m doing great. We have a ton of mail. Even have a few that I’m saving for next week. BUT I’d like to see more emails for next week.

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Dan emails

One of my favorite fight scenes in all of comic history was Wolverine vs Sabretooth during the Mutant Massacre storyline. This led me to wondering just how many times & in what titles the two of them have faced off in Marvel history, excluding the Ultimate Universe. Any ideas?

Wow this could get interesting. Wolverine and Sabretooth have fought so many times I’ll go threw this as much as I can.

There are some fights that are from the past I’ll include. I won’t tell much about each fight here, it’ll take too long.

(New) X-Men 6-7, 160-162
Sabretooth (vol1) 3-4
Uncanny X-Men 212-213 (Mutant Massacre), 222,
Wolverine 10, 41-42,45-46, 64-65, 89-90, 126-128, 145, 166, 177-179
Wolverine (Vol2) 13-19
Classic X-Men # 10
X-Men Unlimited 17

BTW I still think Marvel missed a trick by not getting Gary Busey to play Sabretooth in the X-Men Movie.

Now that would’ve been interesting.

Interesting is definitely the word I’d use for that”¦

Chaos emails

I thought it odd that you missed Dazzler in your line up of the most relationships.. she’s had the Beyonder, Longshot, Quasar, Beast, Angel, Johnny Storm… to name a few…

Good choice. I agree on that one. How I forgot Dazzler is beyond me but she’s perfect for the list of most relationships.

Could be you were blinded by the light. *Looks around* What?

Ryan emails

Ok I know you have been a little light with the questions lately so I am here to help. Hopefully the DOL won’t crush me for my arrogance. My question is about ghost rider. So back in the 90’s we had the danny ketch GR and Johnny blaze sporting a hell fire shot gun. We had the midnight sons….who did this all consist of again and some back ground please?

We’re talking two groups here with the Sons.

Midnight Sons: The Midnight Sons were an attempt to have a group of mystical and/or supernatural heroes. Their purpose was to battle the demon Lilith and protect Earth against other supernatural menaces. It was essentially a combination of the Nightstalkers, Darkhold Redeemers, the current Spirits of Vengeance and Doctor Strange.

The Sons battled Lilith and her Lilin, Zarathos, and even fellow member Blade when he was transformed into ‘Switchblade’. After the final battle with Zarathos the remaining members were branded as the Order of the Midnight Sons. However, their ranks broke soon after and the heroes went their separate ways.

Blade : The man known only as Blade came into the world an orphan. Bitten while in labor by the vampire Deacon Frost, his mother died during childbirth. Blade was taken in and raised by his mother’s friends. Determined to avenge her death, he fashioned himself into a vampire hunter even before he reached adulthood.

John Blaze : Orphaned, Blaze was raised in the Quentin Carnival. Blaze made a bargain with Mephisto to try and save his adopted father. Mephisto tricked him and tried to take his soul but Roxanne was able to interfere. Blaze began turning into the Ghost Rider at night. It was revealed Mephisto had bonded him to Zarathos. Blaze eventually rid himself of Zarathos.

Frank Drake : Frank Drake was a direct descendant of Count Dracula. However, his bloodline is based on one of Dracula’s marriages before Dracula became a vampire. Throughout the generations, Frank’s descendants would eventually change their surname to Drake to remove themselves from the unwanted connotations of their ancestry.

Dr. Strange : Stephen Strange was a brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon whose career was cut short when a car accident resulted in nerve damage to his hands. Thereafter, he was unable even to hold a scalpel. Hoping for a miracle, a despondent Strange traveled to the Himalayas to seek the counsel of the Ancient One, a Tibetan sorcerer. As the Ancient One’s guest, Strange learned that the sorcerer’s pupil Baron Mordo was plotting to kill his mentor. Trying to warn the Ancient One of his student’s treachery, Strange was discovered by Mordo and mystically restrained.

Witnessing Mordo’s power and discovering his murderous intent shocked the jaded Strange into a realization of evil’s true nature and the need to combat its forces. The Ancient One freed Strange from Mordo’s spell and revealed he had known his student’s treacherous plans all along. Having peered into Strange’s soul, the sorcerer saw his potential for great goodness and power, and adopted him as his disciple. When Strange’s studies with the Ancient One ended, he returned to New York. Though the world at large believes he is no more than an eccentric occult authority, Dr. Strange has inherited from his mentor the mantle of Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme.

Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch : Barbara and Danny Ketch mistakenly ran into rival gangs, one led by Deathwatch. Barbara was shot during the ensuing firefight. Danny carried his sister and felt a strange medallion on his motorcycle was calling to him. He touched it and became Ghost Rider, taking vengeance on the gangs. Barbara was taken to a hospital, but was later killed under orders from Deathwatch.

Hannibal King : A private detective who made a modest living, King was bitten and killed by the vampire Deacon Frost while on a case. Waking up to find himself one of the undead, King was horrified at what he had become and vowed never to consummate the curse by passing it to another. Thus, King would subsist on blood that he purchased (or stole) from blood banks and feed on corpses or animals. King also preferred not to use his vampiric powers believing that he gave up a part of himself everytime he did so. In spite of his vampirism, King continued to operate as a private detective, but could only travel freely at night.

Vittorio Montesi : The Montesis were an family of priests given special permission to marry and have children due to their strong resistance to the Darkhold. They also developed the Montesi Formula in an attempt to destroy all vampires. Vittorio learned he was infertile. Judging that an heir was needed more than ever to continue the family’s fight against evil, he gave in to the corruption of the Darkhold and made a bargain with Chthon for a daughter.

Morbius : Dr. Michael Morbius was a brilliant scientist working on blood diseases. After learning that he himself had a rare disease, his research reached obsessive levels. He began to study vampire bats. An accident during an experiment turned him into a being that resembled the vampires of lore.

Vengeance : Michael Badilino was a detective, often assigned to special cases.

Mephisto manipulated John Blaze (as the Ghost Rider) to blast Michael’s father with hellfire. The trauma drove the man insane and the family save for Michael were killed. Michael blamed Ghost Rider and took Mephisto’s offer to become a similar being called ‘Vengeance’ to battle them.

After both Ghost Rider (now with Ketch) and Blaze battled Vengeance, Caretaker stopped them. He explained that Badilino’s family was also connected to the Medallion of Power, which is why Mephisto had manipulated them as well. He joined the Midnight Sons. While Ketch was missing, Vengeance filled in for him, patrolling the area around Cypress Hills Cemetary.

: Mystic Nine :

John Blaze
Frank Drake
Ghost Rider/Ketch
Louise Hastings : Louise Hastings was born in Barbados, and then raised in England. She studied at Oxford University, and attained several degrees. She made a career as an archeologist and occult expert.

In the course of her adventures, Louise Hastings is known to have encountered and assisted Quincy Harker and his band of vampire hunters.

Hannibal King
Victoria Montesi

Associates :

Sam Buchanan
Louise Hastings
Modred the Mystic

My real question is one of the last things I remember was they were all fighting lillith and were getting help from and old man named caretaker. There were hints that the midnight sons went way back and were always together or something. How did all this finally end?

Rise of the Midnight Sons: the demon-queen Lilith and her children, the Lilin, were released from a long period of imprisonment. In the chaos that ensued, a number of groups and individuals gathered together to combat these demons. At the same time, the Dwarf and the Other began actively manipulating people to use pages from the Darkhold, in order to gain power for their lord, the Elder God Chthon.

Louise Hastings was hired by John Blaze, alongside Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch, to uncover the secrets behind these recent events. She ended up joining forces with Victoria Montesi and Sam Buchanon against Donald Walsh, who had activated the Darkhold’s Chameleon Worms spell. The struggle was joined by Lilith and some of her Lilin. Together they succeeded in destroying Walsh and driving off the Lilin.

Part 1 – Ghost Rider (vol3) 28
Part 2 – Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance 1
Part 3 – Morbius, The Living Vampire 1
Part 4 – Darkhold: Pages From The Book of Sins 1
Part 5 – Nightstalkers 1
Part 6 – Ghost Rider (vol3) 31

The end of the line for the Midnight Sons came with

Siege of Darkness

Part 1 – Nightstalkers 14
Part 2 – Ghost Rider (Vol3) 44
Part 3 – Marvel Comics Presents 143
Part 4 – Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins 15
Part 5 – Morbius, The Living Vampire 16
Part 6 – Marvel Comics Presents 144
Part 7 – Doctor Strange, Sorceror Supreme 60
Part 8 – Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance 17
Part 9 – Nightstalkers 15
Part 10 – Ghost Rider (Vol3) 45
Part 11 – Marvel Comics Presents 145
Part 12 – Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins 16
Part 13 – Morbius, The Living Vampire 17
Part 14 – Marvel Comics Presents 146
Part 15 – Doctor Strange, Sorceror Supreme 61
Part 16 – Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance 18
Part 17 – Midnight Sons Unlimited 4

Zarathos, Lilith, and the Lilin join forces to take over the world. The Midnight Sons mission is to stop them.

The storyline also had a group called the Blood: this group remains unknown. They were allies with the original Spirits of Vengeance, and fought to keep the Medallion of Power from the hands of the demon Zarathos and his ilk.

The Blood sought to guard the Medallion, but found that the power contained within was too much for any one being to wield. Zarathos attempted to claim the Medallion, but the Blood and the Spirits of Vengeance opposed him. The Spirits merged with Zarathos within the Medallion. The Blood saw only one solution. The Medallion, which could never be destroyed, was instead, shattered. The pieces of the Medallion, and the powers within were placed within the descendents of two human families. The Blood known as Caretaker was chosen to watch over those families.

As well as the Fallen: The Fallen were originally members of the Blood, who fought against the demon Zarathos in the distant past, before the rise of Atlantis. The members who became the Fallen turned their backs on their previous mission and chose to worship Zarathos instead. Little has been revealed of their past activities. They were apparently banished from Earth at some point.

Most of the Fallen and Blood died in the storyline as well. Lilith left her Lilin to continue the fight, while she and Zarathos consummated their relationship in a mausoleum within Cypress Hills Cemetery. Afterwards, Ghost Rider, Vengeance, and Blaze arrived to confront them, and Lilith told Zarathos “Fight with the knowledge that, no matter what the outcome, your lien will be continued. This I promise.”

Zarathos was temporarily defeated by the heroes, and Lilith and her Lilin were re-banished back to the Shadowside dimension.

After Zarathos was defeated/banished/turned to stone by the nine (now known as the Midnight Sons), Lilith appeared in the cemetery by the abandoned statue. She vowed to leave behind her old children, the Lilin, in order to be a devoted mother to the new offspring she and Zarathos had fashioned. She predicted that it would grow swift and strong and steeped in tales of its father’s greatness.

I just recently found out that ketch was revealed to be blaze’s long lost brother. How was that explained?

Close to the full story:

During the 18th century a man named Noble Kale fell in love with a black woman known as Magdelena. Noble was a pawn, in a deadly game run by Mephisto, and Noble’s father Pastor Kale. When Pastor Kale had Magdelena burned to the stake for discovering his dark secret, Magdelena brought a curse onto the Pastor and the town. Fearing the curse, eventual death on him, Pastor Kale summoned Mephisto. A deal was made in which Mephisto would claim the soul of noble and transform him into a demon. The agreement was reached, and Noble Kale was transformed into Ghost Rider. When Ghost Rider had destroyed Magdelena’s curse, the Furies, Pastor Kale offered Ghost Rider some food, Noble Kale’s son. Not willing to devour his own flesh and blood, Ghost Rider killed himself.

Upon his death, Mephisto had appeared to claim Noble’s soul. However Mephisto brother the archangel Uriel also appeared claiming that Noble’s soul did not belong to Mephisto. Unable to come to an agreement, a compromised was reached. Noble will be claimed by neither realm, instead Noble will be placed in the void, only to appear when one of his descendants summon him. Thus was born the legend and the curse of the Ghost Rider. Over the course of history Ghost Rider was called upon by many of his descendants. During World War One he was called upon to fight his arch rival Verminous Rex.

Years later Naomi Kale had inherited the powers of the Ghost Rider. Naomi felt that she could not subject her children to that kind of a life so she was forced to abandon them. For years she fought to free her first born John from his curse. She succeeded, but failed to realize that if the first born is not available to claim his destiny, the next child would have to take over. She died trying to protect her children from that kind of curse, only to fail.

Thirteen years after her death, her other two children Dan and, Barbara were taking a forbidden stroll through the cemetery. They witnessed the killer Deathwatch murder a man, Deathwatch had noticed he was seen and ordered the kids dead. Barbara was killed by an arrow. While trying to flee to find help, Dan stumbled upon a mysterious motorcycle. Upon contact of the bike Dan was transformed into, Ghost Rider, and the spirit of vengeance was reborn. After his rebirth Ghost Rider, fought to protect the innocent. The return of this Ghost Rider had drawn the attention of former Ghost Rider, John Blaze. John Blaze set out to kill Ghost Rider, so he may lead a normal life. While in battle with John, Ghost Rider accidentally released hellfire into John’s body causing John to shoot pure hellfire from his shot gun.

After his re-re-birth Ghost Rider was determined to discover now more then ever who he truly was. It was not until a run in with Vengeance that the pieces of Ghost Rider’s origin started coming together. Ghost Rider and Blaze sought the help of the young sorceress Jennifer Kale. With the help of Jenn Ghost Rider was able to discover fragments of his past, as well as that Dan, and John are distant cousins of Jennifer.

Basically I’m asking how all those title’s stories ended before they got canned (or as they got canned). Thanks in advance!!!

Welcome. Hope that all helped.

You know after all that I’m not sure if I’m more clear about the timeline or more confused. Thanks for the email though, Ryan.

Abdul emails

Jim and D what’s popping?

Not bad here Abdul.

Pretty good here myself. I’d ask how you are, but it’s not like you can answer…right?

A character named Phantazia recently appeared in House of M who is she?

Real Name: Eileen Harsaw
Affiliation: None; Formerly the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Age: Late 20’s / Early 30’s
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 171 lbs.
Abilities: Disruption of machinery and mutant powers; flight; and the ability to create bio-blasts

History: Phantazia is first seen among the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, as they are recruiting the Morlocks known as Masque and Thornn into their ranks. Toad comments that some of the Brotherhood are known villains, while some will get to be known soon, obviously speaking about Phantazia. While Masque doesn’t approve of joining the Brotherhood, Thornn quickly changes his mind by saying how much she wants Feral dead. Toad tells them that their first mission, then, will be to destroy X-Force!

Could you also give a little background info on D-Man who appeared in the Pulse recently

Real Name: Dennis Dunphy
Occupation: Former professional wrestler, later adventurer
Identity: Known to American legal authorities
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Other Aliases: D-Man, Demolition Dunphy
Place of Birth: An unrevealed location in the United States
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Former member of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, former partner of Captain America, unofficial member of the Avengers
Base of Operations: Mobile

As a young man Dennis Dunphy idolized costumed crimefighters, especially Captain America and Daredevil. A successful football player in college, Dunphy hoped to be recruited to be a professional football player after graduation. But despite trying out for a number of teams, Dunphy was chosen by none of them.

Dunphy was approached by a representative of Power Broker, Inc., which, for a price, would submit clients to a process that augmented the strength of half of those subjected to it to superhuman levels. The other subjects were severely harmed by the process. Despite the risks involved, Dunphy had himself subjected to the Power Broker’s treatment, thereby gaining superhuman strength. The Power Broker’s staff gave Dunphy pills which they alleged would stabilize side effects of the treatment. In actuality, the pills contained an addictive drug, and thus served as a means by which the Power Broker maintained a hold over his past clients.

Dunphy encountered his hero Captain America, who was investigating the Power Broker and one of his suspected clients, the Super-Patriot. Seeking vengeance on the Broker for turning himself and his wrestling colleagues into addicts. Dunphy volunteered to cancel his professional commitments and aid Captain America in tracking down the Broker. For this mission Dunphy donned a costume patterned after Daredevil’s original costume , to disguise his identity and assumed the name “Demolition-Man,” or “D-Man” for short. Demolition-Man soon proved his worth by rescuing Captain America from a deathtrap arranged by the Brokers employee, Dr. Karl Malus, and by capturing Malus himself.

and some background info on the various members of the Sapien Resistance who appeared in the first few issues of House of M until they got wiped out by the Sentinels and were unable to be saved by Cloak.

Luke Cage (underworld overlord): Luke Cage was a street tough who was framed and imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. While in prison, he was given the opportunity to undergo dangerous scientific experiments that would, if successful, grant him superhuman strength and endurance. He accepted, broke out of jail, and cleared his name. In HOM: is a underworld boss who is questioned about Wilson Fisk’s beating

Felicia Hardy (Black Cat): The Black Cat is a costumed cat burglar and sometime crimefighter who has been romantically involved with Spider-Man in the past. In HOM: She just works with Cage and the others

Misty Knight: During her tenure as a police officer Misty became good friends with Colleen Wing after saving her life during a shootout. Unable to continue active duty after being injured, Misty rejected settling for a desk job and instead left the NYPD to start a private investigation business with Colleen; Nightwing Restorations, LTD. HOM: She works with Cage and the others

Danny Rand (Iron Fist): Daniel Rand was the son of wealthy American businessman Wendell Rand, an entrepreneur who had appeared out of nowhere with a large sum of money and over the course of ten years built up Rand-Meachum Incorporated with his business partner Harold Meachum. His mother Heather Duncan Rand had been a New York society belle before she met and married Daniel’s father. Wendell was obsessed with finding the mystical city of K’un L’un, high on the mountain of the same name which according to legend was the dwelling place of the immortals of China and the basis of other legendary and immortal cities like Shangri-La. When Daniel was 9, Wendell organized an expedition to seek K’un L’un, taking Heather and their son, with Harold Meachum also following.

During the journey up the mountain, Daniel slipped off the path, his tie-rope taking his mother and father with him. While Daniel and Heather landed safely on a ledge below, Wendell hung precariously over a gorge. It was at this point that Meachum showed his true intentions, and eliminated his business partner by causing Wendell to lose his grip and plunge to his death. Meachum, who also loved Heather, offered to rescue her and Daniel, but she rejected his help, preferring to make it on their own or die. While Meachum made his own way back to civlization, Heather and Daniel stumbled on a makeshift bridge that appeared, impossibly, in the middle of nowhere. Before they could cross it, however, a pack of wolves attacked them. To give Daniel enough time to reach the other side, Heather threw herself on the wolves. As Daniel watched, the wolves killed Heather, just as arrows flew from the other side of the bridge too late to save the woman. The Bridge of Dreams did indeed lead to K’un L’un, which only appeared in this dimension once every ten years. The archers sent from the city took the grieving Daniel to see Yü-Ti, the hooded August Personage of Jade who ruled K’un L’un. When Daniel expressed his desire for vengeance, Yü-Ti apprenticed him to Lei Kung, the Thunderer, who taught him the martial arts. HOM: Part of Cage group

Marc Spector (Moon Knight): Moon Knight was originally Marc Spector, an American rabbi’s wayward son who had become a mercenary. As a mercenary he became a skilled combatant, and befriended the French pilot Jean-Paul DuChamp, who he came to call “Frenchie”. While the pair were working for the African mercenary Raoul Bushman in Egypt, he stumbled upon an archaeological dig whose crew included Dr. Peter Alraune and his daughter Marlene. The dig had uncovered an ancient temple whose artifacts included a statue of the Egyptian god Khonshu. Bushman stated his intent to loot the dig; this provoked Dr. Alraune to attack Bushman, a decision that cost him his life. In response to Alraune’s murder, Spector challenged Bushman to personal combat; he was beaten nearly to death and left to die in the sub-zero temperatures of the desert night.

Spector was found by nearby Egyptians who worshipped the ancient Egyptian gods and was carried to their temple. His heart stopped, but he did not die. Khonshu appeared to him in a vision, offering Spector his life if he would serve the god on Earth. Spector was returned to life in a haze. He concealed himself within the white shroud that covered Khonshu’s statue and again confronted Bushman. Spector found his strength to be greatly enhanced under the light of the full moon.

Angela Del Toro (White Tiger): apparent daughter of Awilda Ayala Del Toro, inherited the Jade Tiger amulets after his death

Cloak: Tyrone was an African American teenager with a terrible stutter. He ran away to New York City when his speech impediment led to his best friend’s death. Cloak and Dagger received their powers from an experimental drug given to them against their will by agents of the Kingpin. HOM: Part of Cage group

Hawkeye: Hawkeye, whose real name is Clinton “Clint” Francis Barton, was a circus performer who worked alongside, and was trained by, the Swordsman and Trickshot. He eventually turned to petty crime to make ends meet; during this time, he met and became enthralled by the Black Widow, who was at the time a spy for the Soviet Union. He completed several criminal acts on her behalf, until he learned that she was a spy and saboteur. Iron Man defeated him, but let him go, as he recognized the archer’s capacity for heroism. HOM: he has apparently been revived in the Scarlet Witch’s mutant-dominated altered reality

Layla Miller : Layla is relatively unaffected by the changes wrought by Wanda. Layla has since restored the memories of every member of the Avengers and the X-Men except for Captain America

Sons of Tiger: (Abe Brown, Bob Diamond, Lotus Shincheko, Lin Sun): martial arts experts, original three had physical abilities enhanced by Jade Tiger’s head + paws amulets.

After they disbanded the amulets were taken up by White Tiger, and were later retrieved by Master Khan to open portal from K’un Lun to Earth. HOM:

I know I saw Misty Knight in there. Speaking of Misty Knight what is her partner’s name?

Colleen Wing

Blake emails

What are the top ten comic titles that seem to have to drop stuff because of the censors?

Hmmmm I don’t think they have that to often. I mean there’s books that don’t go to the
Comics Code Authority or go out without being approved.

One of the most major ones is a Marvel one in Amazing Spider-Man #96. Marvel Comics editor in chief Stan Lee was approached by the United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare to do a comic book story about drug abuse. Lee agreed and wrote an appropriate Spider-Man story.

In 2001, Marvel Comics withdrew from the CCA in favor of its own ratings system which was seen as yet another step in the CCA’s decline into irrelevance.

The Marvel Rating System is a system for rating the content of comic books, with regard to appropriateness for different age groups. In 2001, Marvel Comics withdrew from the Comics Code Authority and established its own rating system for its publications.

The Marvel Rating System assigns each comic book one of the following ratings:

ALL AGES, for ages 8 and up

MARVEL PSR (Parental Supervision Recommended), for ages 12 and up; this rating was formerly known as PG

MARVEL PSR+ (Parental Supervision Recommended Plus), for ages 15 and up; this rating was formerly known as PG+

PARENTAL ADVISORY/EXPLICIT CONTENT, for ages 18 and up; these comics are printed under Marvel’s MAX imprint.

Official Marvel Ratings:

House of M

Mutopia X # 3

Bishop and Ortega start the issue in the burned up hideout of one of the Sapien underground that wanted to kill Ortega.

The leader gets captured by Kaufman’s men. The woman’s name is Sashenka Popova.

Ortega goes home to his wife Armena who saw the picture in the paper of him kissing Lara Kaufman

Kaufman and his bodyguard confront Lara about it and take her to the basement

Ortega and his wife fight about the kiss only to stop and find their son Esteban in his room using his powers

At the Center for Transformation and Illumination Gregor “Sensei” Smerdyakov meets with Patricia “Amazing Merwoman” Hamilton and Absolon Mercator about Chamayra

Ortega goes to the location of Popova who is chained up and interrogated her.

We find out of one of Kaufman’s men Mister Punch is just Kaufman’s personal beating post and is actually a robot which there are tons of

Filthy Frankie is one of his other men and hooked up to the robots and being tortured threw them

That’s it this week. I don’t think we can complain about our readers. They put a real good effort into sending in the emails. Keep up the good work, everyone. Care to sign off buddy?

Indeed, the only thing I’d like to see now is a juicy question or two to the banter going, something everyone can sink their teeth into. I know someone’s got one out there”¦let’s have it.

Alright, good sign off.

Thanks”¦I think.

My turn.

Before I sign off at Superherohype the poll is Which film on Marvel’s independent slate are you anticipating the most? (Paramount distributes)

That’s it from my end. Reporting from my corner of the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Have a great week and see you at the comics shop.

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