Ultimate X-Men #63

“Magnetic North” Part Three
Review by Tim Sheridan

Story: Brian K Vaughn
Pencils: Stuart Immonen
Inks: Wade Von Grawbadger
Colors: Justin Posner
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
Production: Tom Valente
Asst Editor: John Barber
Asst Editor: Nicole Wiley
Editor: Ralph Macchio

Every couple of months, it’s my duty to review this title. And every couple of months, I say the same thing. It’s very good. Is it the best the X-Men have ever been? No, probably not. But it’s some of the best mutant action you can get these days.

My enjoyment of the title comes from my enjoyment of the ideas behind the “Ultimate” line. I like the X-Men. I like the ideas behind them. But as we all know, over the years, the X-universe just got way too big. Too many titles, too many characters, too much to follow.

So for 63 issues, we’ve had many of those characters, and many of the storylines streamlined into one title. But it never seems as slapped together as it sounds like it would be. Because of the talent of the writers, Ultimate X-Men is always a fun, solid read.

This issue is the mid-point of writer Brian K Vaughn’s final arc of the book, and while it’s moving a bit slow, there are enough character moments and enough action to keep me interested. As it has been from the beginning, the characters are very accessible, but for those who have known them for years, there is a lot of fun in seeing their new versions, such as Cannonball. Vaughn even touches on Cyclops’ past, and it’s interesting to see his history, and how it may or may not collide with Magneto’s. (From what I know, Lorna Dane is his daughter.)

Immonen may not be producing the best art of his long career, but it’s still great, and he fits the story perfectly.

If you read this book, you already know just how fun it is. If you don’t, give it a shot. Every issue can conceivably be your first.

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