[OVW] TV Report for September 17, 2005



The show started off backstage as WWE’s Maria tried pretty much in vain to talk over the piercing screams of Dean Visk in the Bolin Services office nearby. She was there to interview Brent Albright, but he had other things on his mind as he bypassed Maria and headed straight towards the office, a bandage still covering the eye injured two weeks previously by Mike Mondo and later Ken Doane in the ring.

Outside the door stood Bobby Lashley; perhaps there to guard the room from someone like Albright, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was to get away from Dean Visk going all Freddie Mercury on everyone and screaming “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!” at the top of his lungs. Under the velvet foghorn of Dean’s voice, Albright tells Lashley that he had no beef with him, but he did with the people inside the room. Lashley nodded slightly and let Albright in.

Inside the room stood Ken Doane, leaning back and soaking in the glory of Visk’s cheers as Sosay polished his trophy. I mean the OVW Television Championship trophy, of course. Stop supplying dirty thoughts to my reviews here. Thanks.

Also in the room were Bolin and, of course, Mr. Coffee himself, Dean Visk. Visk cut short his encouraging words as they all watched Albright enter the room and go up to Doane. Albright let it be known that there may have been some controversy about their match two weeks before, but all Albright cared about was the fact that Ken Doane tapped out. As for the show this week, Brent wanted to know if Ken could earn his respect by coming out for a match “without your babysitters.” Doane cut Bolin off from replying for him and told Albright that he agreed to the match, mainly to see if he could gain some respect for Brent in the process.


REF: Chris Kay

After a brief review by Dean Hill and Al Snow at the announcers’ table, Ken Doane arrived with the trophy and with none of the usual entourage. Albright came out soon after and the match began with Brent taking Doane down as Ken became too preoccupied with the audience. Doane then managed to grab hold of Brent’s arm and the two worked their way back up from the mat. Albright was whipped to the ropes and came back with two shoulderblocks; then proceeded to slam Ken’s head into the turnbuckles twice before hitting the backdrop for a near-pin.

A toss by the head allowed Albright to get a headlock, but Doane got up and kneed Brent in the gut. A massive struggle began between the two on the mat for some time, surprisingly leading to Albright ripping at Doane’s eye. Albright managed a suplex and chop, but a boot to the damage eye by Doane allowed Ken to nearly get a pin before Albright kicked out. Doane continued to beat on the eye with stomps, knee-drops and punches, taking the bandage off of Brent in the process.

Albright came back finally with a sharpshooter, which was cut short by Doane getting to the ropes for a break. Brent moved away, letting his defenses down long enough for Doane to run up and tear at the injured eye, even going so far as to bite into it in a frenzy a minute later.

Albright worked through the blinding pain with a suplex that dropped both to the mat. The two got up soon on their knees and began punching each other, and continuing to do so until Albright took Ken down again for a few punches and then a belly-to-belly suplex. Even at that point, Brent could only get a near-pin from Ken. A DDT followed, and again, Doane kicked out of the pin.

Doane retaliated with a kick to the face and a knee-drop to the eye before heading up to the top-ropes in a corner. Albright rushed in and yakked Doane off by the arm, completing an armbreaker in the process as Doane fell in. Albright began to set up the crowbar, but Doane surprisingly turned it around so that it became a crowbar on Brent instead. Still, it was not the end, as Brent flipped over Ken and hit the crowbar again on Doane. In pain, Doane just barely made it to the apron and out in order to break the hold.

Albright shot out to take on Doane on the floor, only for Ken to turn around in time to give him an eyepoke and then tossing Albright headfirst into the announcers’ table, shoving the table back a couple of feet and knocking the trophy off, barely missing Brent by mere centimeters and it crashed to the floor.

Rolling across the floor back to the ring, Albright climbed in only to get hit with a hard kneedrop from Doane, followed by a bunch of punches that left Albright stumbling and finding it hard to locate Doane in the ring after all the punishment inflicted on his eye during the match. After kneeing Doane, Albright hit five German – no, six – no, seven – eight – nine – TEN! Ten German Suplexes on Ken Doane, forcing both to drop with their backs firmly on the mat and their arms over each other.

Seeing the pinning position, Chris Kay slap the mat three times for the win. It was only then that he realized that both had pinned the other. As all the refs came out to discuss the matter, Dean and Al tried to figure out what was going to be the resolution. Finally, Kay approached the table to let Dean know that it was deemed a draw and thus Ken Doane would remain as the OVW Television Champion.

In the ring, Brent Albright requested the microphone to tell the audience and Doane that, after such a match, he had gain some respect for the champion, and instead of delaying matters any longer, the two should settle the draw right there at that moment. After the applause of the crowd died down, Ken took the mic to say that he was glad to hear Albright say that Ken had gotten his respect. The only problem was that he still had no respect for Albright.

With that, Ken Doane threw down the microphone and took off to the back, grabbing the OVW Television Championship trophy in the process.

Backstage, Doane was greeted by Bolin, Visk, and Sosay. They were all happy for him, but Doane’s gracious was doomed when he saw Lashley, who quietly commented that Doane had made himself “look like a pussy out there.” Doane stopped long enough to remind Lashley, “You work for me, so what does that make you, Bob?” Ken then went into the office, as Bobby let the sting of Ken’s words sink in.

REF: Goose Mahoney

The Idol entered the arena with his girls, Shelly and Beth, and this week they came dressed as the Queen of Hearts and Alice in Wonderland, respectively. Well, more like as if Hugh Hefner had written Alice in Wonderland, that is.

The week before, fans may remember that Shelly had met up with Chris Cage during an interview and offered to make him her “personal business.” At the time, it was unsure what Cage’s reaction to that would be this week as he came out for his match. It was quickly cleared up, however, when he mentioned on the microphone that he had seen how Beth and Shelly have done Stevens’ dirty work during matches, so he had decided to bring his own “enforcer” to the ring to protect him.

With those words, Alexis Laree came out to the cheers of the audience and to the screams of disbelief of Shelly and Beth. With little that they could do, however, Stevens sent them to the outside and the match began between the two men with a lockup. Cage worked in a chop to Stevens’ chest, forcing Aaron to back off. Another lockup and three more chops later from Cage, Stevens was jumping out of the ring and having the girls massage his chest to diminish the pain.

Stevens aggressively came back in with a kick to the gut, followed by an elbow to the head and then a bodyslam and an elbow-drop for a near-pin. After getting his head thrown against the turnbuckle, however, Cage came back with a couple of clotheslines and a bodyslam, along with an elbow-drop of his own for a near-pin. Stevens managed to toss Chris over the ropes, but Cage held on and elbowed Aaron a couple of times before Stevens finally knocked him off the apron with a knee to the chest.

Goose pushed Stevens back, turning his back just long enough so that Shelly and Beth could kick and stomp on Cage out on the floor. When Alexis approached in response, however, the girls ran off and Stevens ran out, yelling at Laree to back off. Stevens threw Cage in a ringpost on the floor, and then stopped to see how the girls were doing before throwing Cage in so that he could chop him across the chest and then position him with the back of his neck against the ringpost so that The Idol could stretch his arms back behind his head. A choke of Chris on the ropes allowed Stevens another change to spend some quality time with the girls, but unfortunately for the Idol, it was too long as Cage managed to get some punches in. Stevens came back with an elbow to the face and then on to Cage’s back for another near-pin.

Cage broke out of a bodyslam attempt and rolled Stevens up, only for Aaron to move out of the hold and perform a spinning neckbreaker on Cage for a near-pin. More punches by Stevens and another pin-attempt that went nowhere. Stevens then pulled out a submission hold on the neck and arm that looked quite painful and possibly leading to the end of the match until Cage brought his knee up to Stevens’ head a couple of times.

The two traded punches before Cage whipped Stevens to corner. Chris came running in and got a knee in the face for all of his trouble. Stevens moved up on the second rope, but missed with an elbow-drop. The two then ran towards each other and collided with a double clothesline on each other. Cage got up first and hit a couple of clothesline on Stevens, followed by a backdrop for a near-pin.

Aaron, getting more hostile, rammed Cage into a corner and then pulled his up so that Chris was sitting on the top-ropes there. Cage head-butted Stevens, and then leaped off, throwing Stevens down to the mat in the process and getting a near-pin. Cage hit a bodyslam on Stevens, followed by a kick to put Stevens in a winning pin position.

So where was Goose? Well, Shelly had gotten on the apron and not only had managed to wrap her legs around the ref’s waist through the ropes, but was in the process of smothering his head into her chest for the 1-2 as Cage was waiting for the 1-2-3. Standing up and moving towards Goose, Cage did not see Beth enter the ring. Beth low-blowed Cage (a stunt that I do not believe Lewis Carroll had Alice do in the story, but there you go) and Chris hits the mat in pain. To make up for that, Alexis came in to do the same to Stevens. Aaron caught her and began to set her up for bodyslam when she turned it into a rana, disorienting Stevens just long enough for Cage to recover and roll Stevens up for the pin and the decisive win. With Cage and Laree moving back to the entrance, Shelly, Beth & Aaron watched in anger in the ring.

Backstage, Maria told the camera that she had been summoned by Aaron for an interview. Before she could get much father, though, Stevens arrived to say with some surprise, “I summoned you? You don’t qualify!” Maria watched in confusion – an easy state for her – as The Idol took off, but that wasn’t the end of the interview, for Beth and Shelly came into camera-range to state that they were the ones to summon Maria.

As Maria tried not to creep out, Beth and Shelly took over by addressing the camera and telling Alexis Laree that she had been a “very bad girl, and bad girls get punished.” As Beth crawled on all fours towards the camera with Shelly straddling her, the two talked about how no one touched their “Idol” and wanted Alexis to bring “your boy Cage to play” with them in the ring next time … just the five of them .. and “then we’ll find out who the bitch of OVW really is.”

REF: Ray Ramsey

With Ken Kennedy announcing the match in his usual fashion, the match started off with a bit of shoving between the two men before they fell into an aggressive lockup. Nemeth eventually took Jeter down, but Jeter would not be still long enough for even one slap of a hand to the mat by the ref before grabbing hold of the bottom two ropes in order to cause a break.

Nemeth followed by nearly getting Jeter down to the match, but instead Jeter was the one to do so to Nemeth instead. Even so, Jeter could not hold Nemeth there and Nemeth got up long enough to hit Jeter with a monkey flip in the middle of the ring. A hiptoss led to some work on Jeter’s arm by Nemeth, and even though Jeter got up and reversed a whip of Nemeth, Nemeth baseball slid under Jeter’s kick and hit two more hiptosses before going back to the arm.

Jeter stood up and moved Nemeth over to the corner for a boot to the gut and a couple of chops. Nemeth came back with three chops of his own against Jeter, followed by a whip and a hiptoss for a near-pin. Nemeth continued in control until a whip allowed Jeter to hold on to the ropes and when Nemeth ran towards him, Jeter ducked and pulled the ropes down, forcing Nemeth to tumble out of the ring and right into the waiting arms and feet of Kennedy, who roughed Nemeth up a bit before tossing him back in.

Jeter tried for the pin twice at that point, but it was no good. Infuriated, Jeter began to beatdown relentlessly on Nemeth, until Nick pulled off a kick to the head for a near-pin. He followed with a suplex, but still no pin was coming. Pushing Jeter to the corner, Nemeth got up on the second rope and began punching until Jeter pushed him off. Jeter went for a kick, but missed. Nemeth didn’t, however, hitting Johnny hard. He did miss with a follow-up leg-drop, however. Jeter then finally got the kick to connect for a near-pin.

Jeter next threw Nemeth out, only for Nick to hold on to the top rope and stay on the apron. Jeter slugged Nemeth, but Nemeth rammed Jeter’s head into the turnbuckle. As Jeter stumbled away, Nemeth jumped on to the top-rope and sprung out, connecting with a legdrop on Jeter. Nemeth went for the pin, and would have gotten it, if Jeter had not grabbed hold of the ropes nearby.

At that point, Ken Kennedy jumped on to the apron and began yelling at the ref. Nemeth elbowed Kennedy off the apron and then hit a devastating clothesline on Jeter in a corner. Seeing that Nemeth was getting ready to kick him in the face, Jeter pulled the ref in front of him. Nemeth managed to stop in time to avoid hitting Ray, but it did not allow him to avoid a superkick from Jeter. The move stunned Nemeth, allowing Jeter to pull off another win as the OVW Champion.

As he posed in the ring with the OVW Championship title, Daniel Puder ran out from nowhere and into the ring, whipping the feet out from under Jeter and then flying away with his fists at Jeter’s head. Ken Kennedy, seeing the trouble Jeter was in, reached through the ropes and quickly pulled Jeter out, dragging him to the back as Puder stood up and paced the ring, ready to go into action in the Champion would return.

So Johnny Jeter retained the title he claimed he would keep for life. Will Puder prove Johnny’s prophecy wrong? Next week’s show will tell the tale.

Credit: Dale Sherman at OVWrestling.com

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