[RAW] Notes on Hardy, Edge, Michaels & Hogan


– The original finish planned for the Matt Hardy/Edge Summerslam match was a double countout, but was changed due to time constraints since other matches were a bigger priority. There has been criticism of the ending due to the ref not really understanding how to call a stoppage due to bleeding, and since Hogan bled more than Hardy, yet fought on.

– Some notes on the Hogan/Michaels Summerslam match and following episode of RAW: HBK’s promo where he made fun of Hogan and may have even exposed the business due to snarky remarks was indeed approved by WWE (read: Vince); Hogan had creative control, which was enforced by Vince, therefore when HBK tried to push a two-match program where they exchanged jobs, it was shot down and they settled on one match; HBK was programmed with Masters due to not having anyone else to face; Hogan, who is rumored to be facing Austin or Cena at Wrestlemania, would be hurt more by a loss than Michaels.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter (click here for subscription information)

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