[WWE] Harley Race Talks HHH, Ross Report, RAW Videos


– WWE.com has been posting videos of classic RAW moments, in preparation of the move to USA Network. Found here, they include the following highlights:

DX Invades WCW
Stone Cold Beer Truck
DX Mocks the Nation
This is Your Life, Rock
Mike Tyson on RAW
Dr. Stone Cold

– Also on WWE.com, WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race talks about Triple H, the move to USA, and more, and Carlito taunts the fans during a RAW commercial break.

– Jim Ross has posted his latest Ross Report, a few days earlier than usual. Always a good read, some highlights include JR talking about:

*The future of Heat and Velocity: will be addressed in a major announcement on WWE.com
*Rene Dupree: he will be out around six weeks after having umbilical hernia surgery
*Torrie, one of RAW’s “ladies in pink” and her new dog
*Matt Hardy and Edge being sore after their cage match
*Matt Striker will be training soon in Atlanta
*Internet “pundits” complaining about his “over-selling”
*The job Cole and Tazz do, as well as Ken Kennedy
*Ashley’s attitude and incoming Divas
*The reality of “passing the torch”
*Shawn Michaels’ backstage attitude
*Foley and Flair’s backstage “problems”
*Kurt Angle’s mouth guard
*HHH’s and Stone Cold’s returns
*His time working for WCW

Credit: WWE.com

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