D2 Review: Breakin' Boogaloo Danny Bona-douche 2

I have to say that growing up… I was soooo in love with Danny Partridge! I had posters of him all over my room, every issue of Tiger Beat and Teen Beat… I had every Partridge Family record and 8-track… I think I even had an iron on baseball t-shirt of him. I just can’t believe he’s back in my life again! I had the biggest crush on Danny….wait…wait…wait… Danny? He’s the obnoxious red head Partridge kid right? Oh, no, I take that back… I was in love with KEITH Partridge… the dreamy feathered hair lead singer who had a way with the ladies. I can’t believe I made such an obvious mistake! That’s like saying Ruben Kinkade is hot! Ew.

Well, I think I’m gonna bring back the “iron on” shirt. But this one will be of the new Danny, all – cracked – up – on – ‘roids – and – surrounded – by – porn – stars – beating – up – a – transvestite Danny. Cause this one is DREAM-O-LICIOUS!

Recipe for a hit show:

1 former child actor
1 – 100 different drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, steroids
1 therapist
Dash of porn stars
1 Transvestite
Anger Management
1 Hot Dedicated Wife

Mix well and serve. Mmmm… Good. It’s a treat all of your guests will LOVE!

Ok, now I’m hungry…

This guy is pure steroid genius. I mean let’s break it down… Danny Bonadouche… ‘bon’ meaning ‘good’ and ‘douche’ meaning ‘shower’. Ok, so the Latin derivatives didn’t exactly spell out the title for a hit show, but it may show some people my affinity for words and maybe someone will think I’m smart.

So in the second episode we find Danny and his beautiful wife Gretchen, the Hilary-esque (sans the cankles) “stand by your man even though he’s cheatin’ on your ass” once again back in the newly designed offices of their therapist, Dr. Garry Long. I swear he’s one of the Queer Eye guys… “The Therapist”… or was that a Village People? Let’s see…. there was the construction worker, the indian, the cop, George Michael…. oh, no, I’m getting that confused with another story with him & a cop…I digress.

I mean, Danny Bonadouche is such a good actor! I can’t believe he’s playing himself in a reality show. He started his career playing a boy named “Danny” who was the sarcastic, wise – cracking redhead. Talk about RANGE!!!

In the episode, Danny announces to the therapist that he’s a certified personal trainer, you know Dr. Feelgood was thinking he’s certified somethin’ else… yeah, like insane! And he’s training a porn star. Perfect for someone who’s cheated on his wife. Good, wholesome entertainment.

The best part of this is that it appears with so many reality shows going on, that there are so many people who play up to the camera… I believe that Danny has to play it DOWN. He’s so wacko-cracko that I really do think that he and Michael Jackson could be on to something. Which makes me wonder if MJ will ever get a reality show. THAT would be a #1 hit fo’ sho’. Something Michael hasn’t seen in ages: a #1 hit. I’m thinking it could be like the “I lost my childhood version” of the “Odd Couple”.

Danny’s too cool for school attitude is absolutely hilarious! He’s the school bully who is clearly unable to beat up the biggest girl in the class so he puts on this persona of a tough guy who can barely reach the jungle gym bars so he’d rather beat you up.

Danny Bonadouche is great tv. He’s got the face for radio and the attitude for reality tv.
When his doctor tells him that his cholesterol level is so high that his clogged arteries will help him drop dead so he needs to quit smoking, the very next scene is him outside of the doctor’s building smoking. This guy has a 1 way ticket to Destructoville.

VH1 giving Danny Bonadouche a tv show is like giving Wil E. Coyote an ACME explosive.


I can’t wait until next week when he really starts to get angry like the Incredible Hulk, only he’s all red. Danny, come on get happy!