InsidePULSE Indy Report: 9/22/05

Trae Kellar Passes Away
Indy Wrestling Merger Needs Indy Reporter
TH 9/15 – BCW – Oldcastle, ON
FR 9/16 – PW1 – Philadelphia, PA
PWF M – Quincy, MA
ECCW – Port Coquitlam, BC
PCW – Arlington, TX
XCW – Denton, TX
USWO – Nashville, TN
SA 9/17 – IPW H – St. Petersburg, FL
IWS – Montreal, QC
PWU – Philadelphia, PA
PCW – Arlington, TX
CWF – Burlington, NC
GCW – St. Peters, MO
EWF – Marion, IN
NWA PWX – McKeesport, PA
TNW – Indianapolis, IN
CWA – Columbia, TN
SWA – Lafayette, TN
FR 9/23 & SA 9/24 – IWA MS – Hammond, IN
FR 9/23 – GCW – Overland, MO
NWH – Oakfield, ME
ECCW – Surrey, BC
GCW – Overland, MO
NYWC – Deer Park, NY
AWA NJ – Union City, NJ
XCW – Denton, TX
SWF – Tullahoma, TN
IWA – Shelbyville, TN
AWF – Murfreesburo, TN
SAT 9/24 – NWA MACW – Concord, NC
UXW – Old Bethpage, NY
WF – Melville, NY
ECWA – Newark, DE
IWR – Riverview, MI
NWH – Brewer, ME
FPW – Pinellas Park, FL
MWF – Lynn, MA
WLW – Eldon, MO
EWF – Marion, IN
GCW – Cape Girardeau, MO
MWF – Valleyfield, QC
NGW – Peoria, IL
RCW – Taylor Springs, IL
AAW – Carlinville, IL
AIWF – Elkin, NC
NWC – Mason, IL
GAW – Maroa, IL
TMW – Knoxville, TN
AWA SCW – Madison, IN
AWA/NWA WI – Green Bay, WI
CWA – Columbia, TN
A1W – Nashville, TN
SUN 9/25 – GCW – St. Louis, MO
MAW – Milwaukee, WI
NAWA – Marshall, TX
TU 9/27 – ACW – New Port Richey, FL
WED 9/28 – CCW – Evansville, IN

Trae Kellar Passes Away

According to TIWF CEO James Mea, Wrestler Trae Kellar (aka “Totally Biff” Trae Kellar, Heinrich Von Kellar, & Miles Long) passed away at his home in Brownsville, TN Tuesday afternoon. He was 36. Kellar had worked for TIWF, MSWA, CCW, WWF, KAW, Memphis Wrestling, USWA, & others. Please keep your thoughts & prayers with Kellar’s loved ones.

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Border City Wrestling results
Th, 9/15 – Oldcastle, ON

*Gutter/Tyson Dux def. John E. Bravo/Geza Kalman, Jr. w/ “Smooth Mover” Chris Pillon
*Traci Brooks pinned “The One and Only” Jaime D
*Conrad Kennedy III/Joe Doering/Jimmy Jacobs def. Brad “Freakin'” Martin/Phil Atlas/El Reverso
*Team Canada (Johnny Devine/Eric Young) def. America’s Most Wanted
*BCW Heavyweight Title Contender Match: Rhino pinned “Mr. Class” A-1
*BCW TV Title Match: champion Petey Williams retained over Jerry Lynn
*BCW Heavyweight Title Match: Abyss def. Bobby Roode
*Chris Sabin def. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels
*NWA Heavyweight Title Match: champion Jeff Jarrett def. Raven

Pro Wrestling World 1 results
Fri, 9/16 – Philadelphia, PA

*W-1 ITV Tournament Quarterfinal: Johnny Kashmere def. Alex Law
*W-1/PWF Universal Tag Titles Match: Greg Spitz/Mark Mest w/ Rob Dimension def. Steve Corino/CW Anderson
*Ricky Landell/Kazushi Miyamoto def. Jay Lethal/Ricky Reyes
*W-1 ITV Tournament Quarterfinal: King Kaluha def. Larry Sweeney w/ Marcus Dowling
*Allison Danger/Cindy Rogers def. Sumie Sakai/Alere Little Feather
* PWF Universal Title Match: Chris Hamrick def. Josh Daniels

Premiere Wrestling Federation Mayhem results
Fri, 9/16 – Quincy, MA

*PWF Mayhem Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: TJ Richter pinned Pat Masters
*PWF Mayhem Women’s Title Match: Ariel w/ Jose Perez tapped out Demonica
*PWF Mayhem Tag Titles Match: champions Pride def. American Body Squad
*I Quit Match: Ebony Blade def. “Mad Dog” Matt Storm
*Toxic Waltz Gauntlet: Evan Siks
*PWF NE Heavyweight Title Match: champion Triplelicious w/ Sean Gorman retained against “Hurricane” John Walters
*Jason Blade pinned “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 9/16 – Port Coquitlam, BC

*Cole Bishop def. Sweet Daddy D by DQ
*Nate Daniels pinned ICE
*Amazing Halo/”Fast” Freddy Funk def. Memphis Raines/Mike Dempsey after Mr. 2 interfered
*NWA Canadian Heavyweight Title Match: “Gorgeous” Michelle Starr pinned Vid Vain
*Seth Knight tapped out “Bomber” Nelson Creed
*Dropkick Murphy/Scotty Mac def. Aaron Idol/Asian Cooger

Professional Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 9/16 – Arlington, TX

*Kevin Paine def. Randy Wayne
*Ashton Cage def. Cervantes
*Jeremy Young pinned King Richard
*Nobe Bryant pinned Trey Man after an axe kick
*Claudia went 5 minutes with Brandon Collins
*Luke Bronson pinned “Jiggle-O” James Johnson after a lariat

Xtreme Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 9/16 – Denton, TX

*Spudz McKemzie def. Bull
*XCW Ironman Title Match: champion Khan retained over Sidd Murder
*Jeff & Jerry Brown def. The Niggaz w/ Steve Moody
*XCW Ironman Title Match: champion Khan retained against Brett Barnes
*Action Jackson/Jack Drastic def. “Iceman” King Parsons/Al Jackson w/ Lance Romance/Nicole by DQ

United States Wrestling Organization results
Fri, 9/16 – Nashville, TN

*The Saint w/ Cowboy Hill def. Big Tex by DQ
*Mikey Dunn def. Natas
*Matt Catalano w/ Goddess Athena def. The Flea
*Derrick Neal def. Slacker J w/ Rocksan
*AM Vision def. Alex Vess
*L. T. Falk def. Chuck Taylor & Matt Winners via DQ
*Rex Sexton def. Hammerjack by DQ

IPW-Hardcore results
Sat, 9/17 – St. Petersburg, FL

Crowd: 185
*Sedrick Strong pinned Jerrelle Clark
*James Hendrix/Mark Zout/Job Zout/Boles Azoles/Amy Love def. Eric Stevens/Pat Powers/Kenny King/The Bug/Snow
*Naphtali/Sagon Briggs w/ Seven def. The Vandalz (Johnny/Tommy)
*Axis/Python def. Don Juan DeSanto/Dr. Heresy
*Mikey Tenderfoot pinned “Miami Pound Machine” Rod Steel
*”Modern Day Miracle” Steve Madison def. Antonio Banks
*Battle Royel: Corky
*Billy Fives tapped out Hawk Younkins
*”Cuban Assassin” Fidel Sierra w/ Fantasy pinned Navy Seal
*IPW Heavyweight Title Match: “Freedom” Rider” Mike Sullivan w/ Jet Jaguar def. Buck Quartermain, Lex Lovett, Bruce Steele w/ Scoot Andrews
*Chaotic Cult (Chaos/Havok) w/ Psycho/Psycho Bitch def. Southern Posse (Big Sonny T/Butch Long)
*Shane Twins def. New Heavenly Bodies

International Wrestling Syndicate results
Sat, 9/17 – Montreal, QC

*Jagger Miles vs. Jimmy Stone went to a no contest after 2.0 (Shane Matthews/Jagged) interfered
*SLI-USA (Fred le Merveille/Shayne Hawke/Maxime Boyer) def. Player Uno/Flying Hurricanes (Takao/Kenny the Bastard)
*Kid Kamikaze (w/ Vanessa Kraven) vs. Dan Paysan (w/ D-Vyn) went to a double pin
*Tomassino def. The Green Phantom
*IWS Tag Titles Match: champions 2.0 retained over Team Photosynthesis (Beef Wellington/El Generico)
*IWS Canadian Title Match: champion Chris Bishop def. Lionel Knight
*IWS Heavyweight Title Match: champion Exess retained against Franky the Mobster by pin
*Last Man Standing Match: Damian def. Kevin Steen

Pro Wrestling Unplugged results
Sat, 9/17 – Philadelphia, PA

*Heavy Metal/Corpse/Big Daddy Bell w/ Johnny Diamond/Diamond Valet vs. Peter Hunter/Tiegas/Tokyo Ninja
*Devom Moore def. Archadia w/ Ashe Samuels/Deranged
*Matt Bomboy/Din Mak def. JC Ryder/Ashe Samuels w/ Deranged
*PWU Women’s Title Match: Sumie Sukai def. Cindy Rogers
*Angel Del Fuego/Red def. Quiet Storm/Javi-Air
*Aramis def. KC Hellfire
*PWU Tag Titles Match: Briscoe Brothers (Jay/Mark) def. SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo) & All Money Is Legal
*Trent Acid/Johnny Kashmere/Bison Bravado def. Nick Berk/Mad Man Pondo/2 Tuff Tony

Professional Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 9/17 – Arlington, TX

*Jeff Brown def. Scott Murdoch
*Jerry Brown def. Jeremy Young
*Wally Darkmon def. Young Pioneer Eagle
*PCW TV Title Match: champion B.J. Turner tapped out Brandon Collins in the 12 point stretch
*Mike Foxx def. Stephen Murphy
*Mace Malone def. Shadow

Carolina Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 9/17 – Burlington, NC

*American Steel Ninja/Brass Munkey def. Street Sweepers (Jay Sinn/Gregory Vercetti)
*Rob “Boogie Woogie Man” McBride pinned Donnie Dollar$
*”Box Office Draw” Mikael Yamaha w/ Brad Stutts pinned “Rock N Roll” Matty Dee
*AWA Women’s World Title Tournament Contender Match: Amber O’Neal tapped out Christie Ricci
*Ultra Dragon tapped out Brandon Day
*AWA Mid-Atlantic TV Title Match: “A Very Handsome Man” Mitch Conner pinned Jesse “El Fuego” Ortega
*AWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Titles Match: champions The $outh$ide Playas (J-Money/Will B. Smooth w/ Kiyia Moka) retained over Marcellus King/Alex Adonis
*AWA World Heavyweight Title Match: champion “King of Old School” Steve Corino w/ Ricky Landel retained over “Slick Diddy” Ric Converse

Gateway Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 9/17 – St. Peters, MO

*Pierre def. Rebecca Raze
*Jynx/D.N.S. def. Cabal/Gary J/Angelo Impell
*Cameron Cage def. Sean Vincent
*Dan Walsh def. Kevin X
*Billy McNeil def. “Nightmare” Nick Tyson
*GCW Light Heavyweight Title, 2/3 Falls Match: champion Dingo retained over Michael Serious
*GCW Heavyweight Title Match: Kory Twist retained against Trent Stone

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 9/17 – Marion, IN

*EWF Midwestern Title Match: champion Rastakhan tapped out AC Jones
*Eve def. “Mr. Passion” Wildman Rogers by DQ
*EWF Tag Titles Match: JT Zorin/Frank Stein def. New Jack Hustlas
*Bob def. Ox Harley
*Chance Laredo def. Hypnosis by DQ
*Noah Lott def. Hank Calhoun
*EWF Heavyweight Title Match: champion Anarchy def. Chip Daley

NWA Pro Wrestling Xpress results
Sat, 9/17 – McKeesport, PA

*Dan Miles & his hair pinned Dash Bennett & his servitude
*Bigg pinned Seth James
*Devil Bhudakahn pinned Daron Smythe
*NWA PWX Brass Knuckles Title Match: Devin Devine pinned Nikita Allanov
*NWA PWX Tag Titles Match: Brandon K/Quinn Magnum def. Da Munchies
*Scott Venom/Paul Atlas def. Tri Chi Fraternity
*NWA PWX Three Rivers Title Match: champion Eric Extasy retained over Justin Idol
*NWA PWX Heavyweight Title Match: champion Scottie Gash retained against Chris Taylor by tap-out with a crossface
*Mad Mike vs. Crusher Hansen went to a no-contest

TNW results
Sat, 9/17 – Indianapolis, IN

*”Showtime” Jeremy Andrews def. Willie Looseagain
*TJ Kemp def. Brian Klass (w/ Camron Star)
*Gary Cheery def. Joe Dirt
*Pool Boy vs. Laurence Poffo went to a no contest after interference from Chris Morris
*Chris Morris def. Hillbilly Jed
*Indiana Kidd, Jr. pinned Brad Lamen w/ Johnny Sparks
*TNW Tag Titles Match: champions Section 8 (Matt Valor/Tommy Gage) retained over “Big” John Wall/Tom Van Zant & Bobby Black/Troy Van Zant
*Marty Graw w/ Dr. Mike Brown def. The Bouncer

Columbia Wrestling Alliance results
Sat, 9/17 – Columbia, TN

*Street Fight: Angel def. Susan Morton
*CWA Heavyweight Title Match: champion Tommy Capone retained over Shane Morton
*Yukon Jack def. Richard Ezell
*Gypsy Joe/Shane Morton def. Brawler Rex/Tim Renesto via DQ
*Tim Renesto/Lawrence def. Southern Justice (Maxx Hatter/Big T)

Southern Wrestling Association results
Sat, 9/17 – Lafayette, TN

*SWA Light Heavyweight Title Match: “Impressive” Anthony Wayne def. The “Pale Rider” Damien Payne w/ Onyx
*Kevin Dunn def. Jason Nezmith
*SWA US Title Match: “Superstar” Loose Cannon def. Chris Havoc
*SWA Tag Titles, Hair vs. Hair Match: Hot & Dangerous (“Hot Shot” John Watts/Dale Dangerous) def. The Metal Militia (American Psycho/Tony Grande)
*SWA Heavyweight Title Match: “Suicidal High Flyer” Matt Korbaine def. Big Digger

IWA Mid-South presents “2005 Ted Petty Invitational”
Fri, 9/23 & Sat, 9/24
National Guard Armory, Hammond, IN

*Jimmy Jacobs vs. Colt Cabana

Ted Petty Invitational Tournament:
*Chris Sabin vs. James Gibson
*AJ Styles vs. Tyler Black
*Arik Cannon vs. Delirious
*Joey Ryan vs. Josh Abercrombie
*Matt Sydal vs. El Generico
*Homicide vs. Rainman
*Brandon Thomaselli vs. Puma
*Mike Quackenbush vs. Alex Shelley
*Kevin Steen vs. “Spyder” Nate Webb
*Chris Hero vs. Chris Harris
*Claudio Castagnoli vs. American Dragon
*Robbie Brookside vs. Marek Brave

Georgia Championship Wrestling presents “Wrestle Fest Weekend”
Fri, 9/23
Overland’s Wild Acre Gym, Overland, MO

*GCW Light Heavyweight Title Match: Dingo vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Billy McNeil

New Wrestling Horizons
Fri, 9/23 – 8 pm
Oakfield Community Center, Oakfield-Smyrna RD, Oakfield, ME

*NWH Tag Titles Double Dog Collar, Losers Eat Dog Food Match: champions CN Power/”Canadian Heartthrob” Jason Holiday vs. “Enforcer” Larry Huntley/Mark Moment
*NWH Heavyweight Title Contender Match to face champion “Mourning Star” Marcus Hall later that night: “Italian Superman” Sonny Roselli vs. Bull Moose Calhoun
*Featuring Chris Hamrick, “Italian Superman” Sonny Roselli, Mark Moment, CN Power, Jason Holiday, Cameron Mathews, “Rugged” Ric Daniels, Hardware, Alex Chamberlain, Scott Vegas & more

Advance Tickets: $8 adults, $6 under 12 (plus $2 at door)

Extremely Canadian Championship Wrestling presents “The Supergirls of Wrestling”
Fri, 9/23 – 8 pm
Bridgeview Hall, 11475 126 A. ST, Surrey, BC

Sat, 9/24 – 8 pm
Russian Centre, 2114 W. 4th Ave at Arbutus, Vancouver, BC

Gateway Championship Wrestling
Fri, 9/23
Wild Acres Gym, Overland, MO

New York Wrestling Connection
Fri, 9/23
JFK Middle School, Deer Park, NY

AWA New Jersey
Fri, 9/23 – 7:30 pm
725 Sip ST, 3rd Floor, Union City, NJ

*Homicide vs. Bobby Vee
*”Untouchable” Neeno Capone vs. A.C. Smooth
*AWA Light Heavyweight Title Match: champion Archadia vs. “Outlaw” Mike Donovan
*Featuring AWA Women’s champion Luscious Lily, Jay Lethal, Azrieal, Joe Hardway, Ozzie Envy, Eric Cooper, Friday Night Fever (GQ/The Idol), Infernal Chapel, “Disturbed” Damien Dragon, Wes Draven, Manslaughter, “Aerial Assassin” Shawn Walker, “First Class” Brian Brass, Jude Rage, Damian Adams, Alicia, Jana, Alexa Thatcher, Alere Little Feather, & more

Tickets: $10

Xtreme Championship Wrestling
Fri, 9/23 – 8 pm
XCW Arena, Denton, TX

Southern Wrestling Federation
Fri, 9/23 – 8 pm
106 Southside DR, Tullahoma, TN

Tickets: $7 Adults, $6 5 & Under

Fri, 9/23 – 8 pm
1313 Madison ST, Shelbyville, TN

*IWA Tag Titles Match: champions Lincoln County Regulators (Shane Morton/Devon Domain) vs. BWO (Phil Wight/Bubba Morton)
*Sex Kitten Kathy/Angel vs. Susan Morton/Kayla McMahan
*Lawrence/Robbie Rampage vs. Southern Justice (Big T/Maxx Hatter)
*Shane Rhodes vs. Eric Robertson
*Jeremy Flynt vs. Richard Ezell

American Wrestling Federation
Fri, 9/23 – 8 pm
Power Slam Sports Academy, 1658 Middle Tennessee Blvd., Murfreesboro, TN

*AWF Heavyweight Title Match: champion Big Digger vs. Loose Cannon
*”Rockhead” Ray Spears vs. Blade
*Tony Grande vs. “Bad Boy” Kevin Dunn
*AWF Cruiserweight Title Match: champion Damien Payne vs. Matt Korbaine
*”Coal Miner” Buzz McCoy vs. Sol Goode

Tickets: $6 Adults, $4 6-12, FREE under 5

NWA Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Sat, 9/24 – 8 pm
Cabarrus Arena & Events Center, Concord, NC

Featuring Jeff Hardy, Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell, Rick Steiner, Ricky Morton, Brad Armstrong, Terry Taylor, Special K, Amber O’Neal, The Patriot, Chris Hamrick, Jackie Fulton, Rikki Nelson, & more

Sat, 9/24 – 7 pm
Skate Safe America, 182 Bethpage Sweet Hollow RD, Old Bethpage, NY
516-214-8333, 800-582-5541

*UXW Heavyweight vs. AWA Heavyweight Title Match: UXW champion Balls Mahoney vs. AWA champion Steve Corino
*New Age Outlaws (“Roaddog” Jesse James/Billy Gunn) w/ Sunny vs. The Christopher Street Connection
*Also featuring Rhino, Raven, “Primetime” Elix Skipper, Mike “The Shooter” Kruel, Knight Life: Final Cut, Mike Tobin, Billy Reil, Justin Credible, Trent Acid w/ Tony Lo & Trinity, Sandman, D’Lo Brown, Axl Rottenm Kid Kash, Reefer, The Greatest Masked Wrestlers of All Time (Shark Boy/Masked Maniac), The Outkast Killaz (Diablo Santiago/Oman Tortuga), Deranged, Ricky Landell, Vordell Walker, Johnny Candido, “Low Life” Louie Ramos, & more

WrestleFest ’05
Sat, 9/24 – 8am to 5 pm
Huntington Hilton, 598 Broad Hollow RD, Melville, NY

Jerry Lawler, Terry Funk, Magnum TA, Dustin Rhodes, Larry Zybysko, Tony Atlas, Midnight Express, Steve Corino, & more

Tickets: $125 Super until July 31 (3 hour Q&A, autographed photo of each star, Polaroid w/ each star, first in line for autographs, raffle of poster signed by all), $15 G.A.

East Coast Wrestling Association
Sat, 9/24 – 7:30 pm
Greater Newark Boys’ & Girls’ Club, Newark, DE

*Charlie Haas vs. Low Ki
*Freak Nastty vs. Cheetah Master
*Scotty Charisma vs. Vic D. Vine
*Chase DelMonte vs. Andrew Ryker
*Valedictorians/Hightower vs. O.C. Boyz/Jim Kettner
*Johnny Maxx vs. “Maniac” Mark Milonas
*The Chick Magnets vs. 400 lb. Mega
*Mr. Ooh La La vs. Japanese Pool Boy
*Arch Kincaid interviews Mike Kruel

Independent Wrestling Revolution presents “Showdown for Showtime”
Sat, 9/24 – 4 pm
Crossroads Concert Club, 12850 Sibley RD, Riverview, MI

*IWR King of the Indies Title Match: champion Gutter vs. “Amazing” N8 Mattson vs. “Tenacious” Zach Gowen
*IWR Tag Titles Match: champions The Wylde Stallyns vs. The Bump-N-Uglies
*Eddie Venom vs. Breyer Wellington
*Featuring Dark Skin Productions, Homeless Jimmy, Mike Kelly, “Sweet” Stevie Lee, Brad Martin, El Reverso/Luchi-Mon, Anthony Rivera, & more

Tickets: $10 advance, $12 at door

New Wrestling Horizons
Sat, 9/24 – 8 pm
Dino’s Subs & Seafood, 393 N Main ST, Brewer, ME

*NWH Heavyweight Title Contender Match to face champion “Mourning Star” Marcus Hall later that night: “Enforcer” Larry Huntley vs. Bull Moose Calhoun
*Featuring Chris Hamrick, Cameron Mathews, “Rugged” Ric Daniels, Hardware, Alex Chamberlain, Scott Vegas & more

Advance Tickets: $8 adults, $6 under 12 (plus $2 at door)

Florida Pro Wrestling Association
Sat, 9/24 – 7 pm
Boys & Girls Club of Pinellas Park, 7790 61st N, Pinellas Park, FL

*FPWA Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Superfan” Mark Zout vs. “Miami Pound Machine” Rod Steel w/ “Supermodel” Amy Love
*FPWA FL State Title Match: champion Dagon Briggs w/ Se7en vs. Stash
*FPWA Tag Titles Match: Jerome Hendrix vs. Black Night w/ Lady Luck/Seal
*”400 Pound Monster” Torcher w/ Arson vs. The Entourage (Heater/Wolf/”The Best Ever” Sonny Maivia)
*No Rules, No Limits, Anything Goes Match: Pretty Fly vs. Sideshow w/ Ana Mosity
*Submission Match: VinnDetta vs. WiKiD w/ Ana Mosity
*”Supermodel” Amy Love w/ Rod Steel vs. “Country Girl” Lorelei Lee
*Powers of Pat vs. Donny York/Barney Rumble
*Suicide/Evan Starsmore vs. Aaron Epic/Sedrick Strong

Tickets: $12 advance, $15 at door

Millennium Wrestling Federation presents “Road to the Gold 2005”
Sat, 9/24
Lynn Armory, 38 Common ST, Lynn, MA

*MWF Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Sudden Impact” Dylan Kage vs. “Latin Fury” Luis Ortiz
*King of the Jungle Match: “Extreme Strongman” Gino Martino vs. “The Ugandan Giant” Kamala w/ Ox Baker
*MWF Tag Titles Match: champions Todd Hanson/Beau Douglas vs. Trifecta (Jimmy Jact Ca$h/Danny Jaxx)
*Logan Brothers vs. Canadian Sensations

World League Wrestling
Sat, 9/24
Eldon Community Center, Eldon, MO

Extreme Wrestling Federation
Sat, 9/24 – 7 pm
EWF Arena, 3400 S. Adams, Marion, IN

Donations Taken for Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

*Rebel Rumble (winner will challenge for EWF Heavyweight Title)

Gateway Championship Wrestling
Sat, 9/24
A.C. Brase Arena, Cape Girardeau, MO

*GCW Heavyweight Title, 2/3 Falls: Kory Twist vs. Jerry Lynn
*TLC Match: OuTkAsT vs. Kevin X
*Big Bad Ben/Cabal vs. DNS

Montreal Wrestling Federation
Sat, 9/24 – 7:30 pm
Chevaliers de Colomb, 70 rue Académie, Valleyfield, QC

*Damian vs. Dario Marendolla

Tickets: $5

Next Generation Wrestling
Sat, 9/24
Peoria Athletic Club, Peoria, IL

Rampage Championship Wrestling
Sat, 9/24 – 6 pm
My Place Sports Lounge, Taylor Springs, IL

All American Wrestling
Sat, 9/24
Old South School, Carlinville, IL

Sat, 9/24
National Guard Armory, Elkin, NC

National Wrestling Coalition
Sat, 9/24
Civic Center, Mason, IL

Great American Wrestling
Sat, 9/24
Old Grade School, Maroa, IL

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling
National Guard Armory, Sutherland Ave, Knoxville, TN
Sat, 9/24

AWA-Supreme Championship Wrestling
821 W. Main ST, Madison, IN
Sat, 9/24 – 7:30 pm

Tickets: $5

AWA/NWA Wisconsin
Sat, 9/24 – 8 pm
Bar on Lime Kiln RD, Green Bay, WI

Proceeds for Salvation Army’s Hurricane Katrina’s Relief: $15 Front Row, $12 GA

Columbia Wrestling Alliance
Sat, 9/24 – 8 pm
Grand Slam USA, 707 Lions Parkway, Columbia, TN

*Fans Lumberjack Strap Match: Tim Renesto/Lawrence vs. Southern Justice (Big T/Maxx Hatter)
*CWA Heavyweight Title Match: champion Tommy Capone vs. Buzz Dupp
*Fans Bring The Weapons Match: Angel vs. Susan Morton
*CWA Tag Titles Match: The Backwood Brawlers (Mark/Rex) vs. Richard Ezell/Markus Kayfabe
*Brass Knuckles Match: Yukon Jack w/ Renee vs. Gypsy Joe
*Foresaken w/ Chris Danger vs. Shane Morton

Tickets: $8 Ringside, $7 GA

Sat, 9/24 – 8 pm
Stadium Inn, 10 Interstate DR, Nashville, TN

*No DQ: L.T. Falk vs. J.C. Crowe
*The Fast & The Furious vs. Hex Gage/Alex Vess
*Ty Blade vs. Chuck Taylor
*J-5 vs. Devon Day
*The Saint vs. Brimstone w/ Bob

Tickets: $10 Ringside, $8 GA

Gateway Championship Wrestling
Sun, 9/25
Edward Jones Dome (outside), St. Louis, MO

Mid-American Wrestling
Sun, 9/25 – 8 pm
The Sports Connection, 3000 S 13th ST, Milwaukee, WI

New Age Wrestling Alliance
Sun, 9/25 – 6 pm
Dawgpound, Hwy 59 4712 Five Notch RD, Marshall, TX

NAWA Tag Title Tournament: The Overboyz, The future, JT Lomatta, Pipeline Express, Jason Skyy/Mongoose, & more

Tickets: $4

Tu, 9/27 – 9 pm
Bourbon Street Night Club, New Port Richey, FL

*Mosca w/ George Martell vs. T-Bolt
*State Line vs. The Cousins
*Sideshow vs. Suicide vs. Pretty Fly
*Joshua Masters vs. Ricky Romeo
*Legion Cage w/ Gina Marie vs. Big Daddy Pimp
*Sean Hill vs. Sonic Youth
*David Mercury vs. VinnDetta

Coliseum Championship Wrestling
Wed, 9/28
Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, Evansville, IN

Tickets: $10 ringside, $8 GA

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