'Desperate Housewives' Spoilers – Details on Season Premiere

Episode 2.01: Next
Airdate: September 25, 2005

When Mike arrives home, he finds Zach holding Susan hostage and has to find a way to rescue them both. Meanwhile Lynette interviews for an account executive position at a top ad agency, now that Tom has agreed to stay home with the kids. Her boss, Nina (guest star Joely Fisher), is skeptical about hiring a mother of four, so Lynette makes a big effort to impress her. Rex’s mother, Phyllis (guest star Shirley Knight), comes in for his funeral — and to drive Bree crazy. And Gabrielle, feeling guilty about her unfaithfulness, dutifully begins visiting Carlos in jail. Guest starring in “Next” are Shirley Knight as Phyllis Van De Kamp, Joely Fisher as Nina Fletcher, Andy Umberger as Officer Romslo, Pat Crawford Brown as Ida Greenberg, Nikki Braendlin as the receptionist, Dakin Matthews as Reverend Sikes, Charlie Babcock as Stu Currie Graham as Ed and Lizzie Peet as the secretary.

I’m hearing that Rex really is dead. His funeral will have an open casket, and it’s open long enough for a darkly comic storyline involving Bree and Rex’s mother fighting over what kind of tie he will wear. Zach is indeed Mike’s son.

Credit: SpoilerFix.com, Kristin on E!Online,ABC