[OVW] Live Show Report from Louisville, KY


OVW returned to the New Davis Arena tonight, but I don’t think they taped television. No ringside cameras, and while Dean Hill and Al Snow were there, they did not do commentary. Great show, however.

Lots of heat on the heels, so they’re setting up some payoff matches for the next few weeks. Remember, they still have the Puder vs Jeter match to air this weekend, along with Lashley vs Daivari, so they probably didn’t need to shoot anything else right now.

OVW Southern Tag Team Champions The Tolands beat Nick Nemeth and Chris Cage when Nemeth didn’t save Cage from the doubleteam. Subtle heel turn. After the match, Aaron “The Idol” Stevens comes out and has Shelly kiss Nemeth.

Alexis Laree, in a neckbrace from getting Idolized by Aaron Stevens last week, pinned Beth Phoenix, but then Shelly attacked Alexis, who then started beating up both Beth and Shelly until Idol came out and grabbed her. Chris Cage hit the ring, and Cage and Laree cleared the ring.

Paul Birchall pinned Romeo Rosselli in a Smackdown vs Raw match that was excellent.

OVW TV Champion Ken Doane, Dean Visk, and Bobby Lashley beat Seth Skyfire, Elijah Burke, and Chet the Jet. Doane and Visk wouldn’t tag in Lashley. The heat for people wanting Lashley to explode was huge. When he finally goes crazy, it will be momentous. Lashley finally forced a tag, beat up all the babyfaces, but Visk forced a tag. Lashley wouldn’t let Visk get in, so Visk tagged in Doane, who covered Seth, but Seth kicked out. Doane and Visk argue with Lashley. People going crazy. Chet tries to jump Doane, who moves, so Lashley instinctively wipes out Chet, and Doane scores the pin. Everyone chanting Lashley.

In the main event, OVW Champion Johnny Jeter pinned Brent Albright. They went for the German Suplex spot, but the ref got bumped after 5 or 6. Doane hits the ring with a chair, swings at Albright, but nails Jeter. Albright attacks Doane. Visk attacks Albright. Everyone chants for Lashley, but Doane lays out Albright with a chair. Doane then puts Albright on top of Jeter just to do what he wants. A title change? No! Doane flips off the audience, puts Jeter on top of Albright, and throws the ref into the ring for the 1-2-3.

Dean Hill and Al Snow push next week’s TV tapings, and we’re done for this week.

Great show.