Survivor: Guatemala – Recap – Episode 11-2

Episode 2
September 22, 2005

Previously, on Survivor…

Recapping the details of the first episode: the returned Survivors, Judd questioning how he’s going to win a million dollars if Stephanie is there, the Reward 11-mile race, Gary keeping his ID a secret, Blake’s injury, the Nakum tribe winning Reward, puking, Yaxha winning Immunity, and Jim being ousted.

“17 are left…who will be voted out tonight?”

Nakum, Night 3. As the tribe walks back from tribal council, all members are drained and ill. Margaret describes the low morale of the tribe.

Yaxha, day 4. The low-rent housers pity the other tribe. Brianna tells how well they are getting along. Jamie describes their diversity. Gary continues his lie about him being a landscaper. Stephanie describes life so far as a “fun camp life”. Tree mail comes.

Blake stands up, complains of his breathing. Margaret grows very concerned. Blake’s body is getting worse, with his muscles seizing up. Brandon shows no sympathy, saying he needs to “Man up”.

Today’s Challenge for Reward. The tribes have to run an obstacle course. They need to retrieve a bag from a rope-spider web a the end of the course, drop down into water, and return to the beginning. They are playing for fishing gear….hooks, likes, bait, sinkers, poles, etc.

Jamie and Bobby Jon go first. Jamie takes a quick lead, Bobby Jon struggling. Jamie hits the water first, heads back. Jamie makes it back to the team first, Ryan going next. Cindy is the 2nd Nakum member to go. She catches up to Ryan, and both hit the spider web drop at the same time, giving Nakum the lead. Stephanie and Blake go next. Stephanie and Blake get the bag at the same time, but she reaches Yaxha first. Gary goes next, with Brandon. Yaxha in the lead. Brandon takes the lead. Margaret next, Rafe after her. Margaret beats Rafe to the bag, and Rafe falls before untying the bag. Rafe can’t make it back up the ladder. Judd goes next, taking a major header into a net. Judd crawls the spider web, and Rafe finally makes it back to the team. Judd falls in the water.

Morgan and Danni are in next. Morgan gets her bag, 5th for Yaxha. The game is ties, 5 bags each. All the bags are now at the far end of the spider web. Rianne goes next, falls before reaching the bag. Danni finally gets her bag, heads back. Nakum leads, 6-5. Lydia makes it, ties up the game. Brooke gets her bag, heads back. Jaime goes for a second run, getting his back quick, making up a lot of time. 7-7. Down to the final bag. Blake and Brian both at the last bag. Blake drops the bag first, Brian right behind. Race to the finish.

Nakum wins reward!

Nakum goes fishing at what Brandon describes as the “butt crack of dawn”. Blake is feeling better. A few fish are caught.

At Yaxha, Stephanie picks roots and contemplates eating them. Rafe describes how they are pretty much eating anything and everything they can find, including grasshoppers. Gary complains that Morgan isn’t pulling her weight. Lydia makes a make-shift cove on the shore of the lake, in hopes to catch the minnows. Gary and Rafe talk of eating ants. Stephanie is skeptical. Gary and Rafe bring the ant collection back to the tribe, but they are the only ones who eat the ants. Lydia has announced that she caught 10 minnows. They fry them out, and down them.

Nakum, Blake is breathing hard again. Judd complains that Blake hasn’t done anything. He says Margaret is babying him. “Every time I turn around, that’s all I hear. ‘Sit down, relax, get some water. Sit down, relax, get some water.’ How relaxed can a guy get?” Judd says that Blake is just saving his energy. Judd wants to be the next hero at the next challenge.

Nakum, day 6. More tree mail. Sounds like a tug of war for Immunity Challenge. Danni describes how great athletes are on her team. Danni says that she knows Gary is a football player!

Immunity Challenge is a tug of war. Tethered tribes must reach flags on opposite sides of the mud-filled court. There are ropes near the flags to assist them. Looks like mud wrestling! Both sides are no where near the flags. Time expires, and its taken to individual 1:1 showdowns.

Judd v Gary: Judd makes it to the end-rope first. Gary decides to give up, and run to tackle Judd before he can make it to the flag. Nakum was closer to the flag, they win point.

Brandon v Jaime: Jaime tries to run over to Brandon, and falls. Brandon makes it to the rope to pull himself in, and gets the 2nd flag for Nakum.

Judd v Jaime: Jaime takes the lead and stays put. Jaime relaxes, Judd makes a last minute burst, and gets closer to the flag, scoring the last point needed.

Nakum wins Immunity!

Yaxha camp. They wash themselves in the lake, as Stephanie describes her nerves. Gary wants to keep strength on their side, by keeping Stephanie. Stephanie is furious that she might be leaving.

Gary is called out directly on being an NFL quarterback. He denies it. Gary is pissed! He plays it off as if Danni was making it up. Later he tells Rafe, he wants Morgan or Lydia gone. They discuss who is more athletic, and all say Morgan. Looks like Lydia is the pick to leave. Brian defends Lydia.

Lydia knows that she’s on the chopping block. She talks to Gary, trying to save herself. She asks if she is safe with him, and he doesn’t answer. She tries to play herself up, saying she will go with whatever they want. Gary says, “I know.” Rafe is in tears describing having to go to Tribal.

Tribal Council Begins

Fire represents Life, blah blah.

Jeff asks Steph what the tribe’s reaction to her joining is. She tells Jeff that they were happy. Jaime is asked why its a problem having Steph out there. Jaime says she’s tough, plays more like a guy than a girl. Lydia is asks if she feels bad not being athletic, and if she’s a target. She agrees, but thinks she is valuable. Morgan is asked why no one talked about who is leaving. She says no one needs to talk, that they all know what’s going on. Rafe is basing his vote on keeping the tribe unified.

Voting time.

Brian votes to send Morgan home.

Morgan votes to send Lydia home.

Jeff counts the votes. Morgan gets 5 votes, Lydia gets 1.

Morgan is the 2nd Survivor to be sent packing!

Next time, on Survivor:

Nakum defies the crocks Yaxha member injures their ankle.

Morgan had absolutely no idea that she was getting voted off. She is grateful for the experience.