[TNA] Problems With Contracts, Thoughts on Creative Team


– Two “red flags” in TNA contracts, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter: the wrestler and heirs waive all rights to sue over injuries or death in the ring caused by negligence of the promotion by signing (something Dave Meltzer claims likely wouldn’t hold up in court); and if a contract is terminated due to disciplinary reasons, the wrestler cannot work for any competitors worldwide until the end of the contract. The latter is, from TNA’s perspective, to ensure people don’t get themselves fired to go to WWE. WWE has similar provisions as the no-compete clause in their contracts, but it pays out the remainder of the downside guarantee.

– The TNA wrestlers are for the most part happy with Mike Tenay and Scott D’Amore on the booking committee, which also consists of Bill Banks, Jeremy Borash and Dutch Mantel, the latter two being thought of as stooges to Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett, Frank Dickerson and Dixie carter can overrule the booking committee anyway.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter (click here for subscription information)

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