Battlestar Galactica – Recap – Episode 2-09

So apparently no one could fill in for me last week so you lucky bastards will have 2, 2, TWO recaps today. Also re: Eric S’s comments after the last recap, I’ve never actually seen the original battlestar, so I wouldn’t have picked up on the original theme song.

Where was I last week? My hard drive died, I’m back now and better than ever with a bigger OS drive, and dual monitor support aww yeah.

We start off this episode with the Chief looking at a Viper that needs fixing. The squad are playing cards, Helo comes in trying to introduce himself but he gets the cold shoulder from everyone. I’m assuming because of him boning a Cylon. Yep I’m right. Starbuck defends him, she says she doesn’t care who he’s “frak”ing because he saved her life back on Caprica.

The Chief and Helo talk about their respective Sharons. Helo apologizes for taking Sharon from him. Chief thanks Helo because now the freak in her belly isn’t his. This leads to a fist fight between the two.

In the command centre they discover that there’s something broadcasting a signal out on a regular basis. They’re worried that it’s a Cylon beacon, cut to Dualla whose console is going batty, it explodes knocking her down and presumably unconscious.

Opening Credits!

47,853 Survivors and counting

Shot of a Cylon fleet, probably on the way to Galactica

We come back to Dualla who is ok, Gaeta is asked to investigate. Tigh asks him to look at it the program line by line. He complains that he’s been running every diagnostic and that checking the code would take days.

Apollo asks Chief about that Viper he was looking at. It turns out that the Viper is now just scrap. Apollo tells him to do his best, but no one is expecting any miracles. The Chief thinks that that’s maybe the problem. He decides to build a new Viper, something to do in their spare time which’ll give them something to work towards. His crew thinks it’s impossible, he tells them that he’ll do it all himself if he has to.

We see the President getting checked out by the doctor, he tells her she only has weeks, a month tops to live.

Firing range: Apollo is going a bit nuts on his target dummy (which has the head of Sharon on it). Starbuck calls him on his aggressiveness. Emotions are running high all around. We see an Oxygen guage lowering, and the door is locked, the three people in the range (Starbuck, Apollo and Hot Dog) look like they’ll suffocate.

Starbuck grabs a gun and tries to blow out the window on the door. Apollo passes her an explosive round which finally works. Back in the command centre Gaeta thinks he’s found the problem with the computer systems. They find a computer virus in the system and Adama decides to get Sharon to look at it and see if she can fix the virus.

The Chief drops the wing on his viper frame, his crew start pitching in with him to get the wing attached.

Apollo is teaching Dualla some fighting moves, she takes Apollo down and pulls off his fake knife. Sparks fly a bit between Apollo and D, it’s broken up by Billy showing up.

Helo brings a printout to Sharon asking is she sees any way to dismantle the computer virus. She freaks out and hangs up her prison phone. She tells Helo that they only have a few hours until the cylon virus finishes and turns the ship against them.

Apollo critiques the location of the cockpit, turns out Starbuck and Dualla are helping out too. Tigh still thinks it’s a pipe dream. The Chief says he has to try because it’s all he has left. Tigh helps out the Chief by telling him that there are some engines he can use on another ship.

Turns out that the virus is just a prelude to an all-out attack by the Cylons. Gaeta and Gaius suggest wiping out the entire computer systems and restoring to backups from before the infection. Sharon apparently had a suggestion and he wants to double check with the President before he goes ahead with her plan. She tells him “We created them, there’s always a chance we can find a common ground”. Looks like he’s going to go ahead and try Sharon’s plan whatever it is.

They walk Sharon up to the CIC in shackles, undo all but the collar, which I’m assuming could make her head explode. She tells Gaeta she needs access to the comlink She uses Dualla’s knife to cut the end off the cable. Cylons appear and Galactica launches the fighters. Sharon puts the cable into her hand. Everyone is grossed out by her shoving the cable into her arm. Sharon tells them to wipe the hard drives immediately. They do, we still don’t know what’s going on with Sharon.

The Cylons have the Vipers outnumbered 10 to 1 at least. Adama pulls a gun on her and he’s about to shoot her when the power comes back on in Galactica and the Cylon fleet is completely disabled. Turns out Sharon was sending a virus into the Cylon fleet. The Viper mop up all the disabled Cylon ships.

Adama tells them to send “this thing” back to her cell. Before that there was a brief moment that seemed to be a bit of a thank you from him.

They’ve got the viper done except for a skin. They have no metal for the skin though, Helo suggests using a carbon something alloy instead. They finish the viper and Starbuck tries to fly it but she’s having trouble getting it under control. She finally gets it under control guns it and proceeds to disappear. Turns out the material they used on the new Viper makes it invisible to radar, Kara flies up and surprises them.

Chief shows off the new ship to the President. Everyone who worked on the ship signs it, and the President calls it more than a ship, it’s an act of faith. It’s belief in there being a future for humanity. Helo gives Adama a bottle to christen the ship with. The Chief pulls a cloth off the Blackbird and shows that it’s been named “Laura”, the Adama passes the bottle to her, and she gets choked up. She was about to smash the bottle over the hull, she stops, pops the cork off and Chief takes the first drink.

We end the show with the Chief walked down to Sharon’s cell, they each pick up the phone.

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