Battlestar Galactica – Recap – Episode 2-10

This is the last episode of Battlestar Galactica until January, that’s incredible frustrating.

We jump straight into action, apparently two bogeys have appeared on radar, they don’t know what they are but based on the side they think it’s a Cylon Base-star.

Once they’re within range Gaeta picks up colonial transponders. Adama calls off the attack and orders a message sent to the ship. It turns out that it’s Battlestar Pegasus. They demand confirmation codes and they prove that it’s actually the Pegasus.

Opening credits

49,605 survivors and counting. It’s gone up by about 2000 this episode, hurray for Pegasus!

Some people from Pegasus fly over to Galactica

Hmm I wonder if the CO of the Pegasus is actually a Cylon. I suppose only time will tell.

Adama presents the President to the Admiral in charge of the Pegasus, she tells her it’ll be a long story.

And there was much rejoicing


We’re sitting at a table with Adama, Admiral Cain and the President. Turns out they’d been tracking Cylons and by following their jumps they managed to find Galactica and the fleet instead. The Pegasus survived the attack, they were docked at a shipyard. The Cylons attacked the shipyard and destroyed 5 ships, and killed 700 people on board the Pegasus, she demanded they jump immediately to wherever, a blind jump. Cain asks for logs of the Galactica afterwards, Adama tells her “Yes Sir”. President Roslin is taken off guard, but she realizes that Cain is actually higher in rank than Adama, and that she’ll be taking charge of the fleet.

Tigh and the XO of the Pegasus, are talking about Cain. Turns out her XO had refused an order in front of her, she pulled a gun and shot him in the head in front of the crew. Then he starts laughing and tells Tigh he was just joking.

Adama tells Cain about Sharon being a prisoner. Turns out the Pegasus has a cylon prisoner also.

Starbuck thinks that the Pegasus vipers are a bit ridiculous, because they’ve been keeping score of the kills. The CAG of the Pegasus tells Apollo that they’ll have to take score also because it’s Cain’s philosophy.

The deck chief of the Pegasus takes a look at the Blackbird ship, turns out he’d designed the engines used in it.

Adama reassures Roslin that he’s ok about being bumped out of being in charge. I don’t believe him personally. Tigh and Adama are talking about what he heard about Cain. He doesn’t believe her XO was joking.

Gaius goes to take a look at the Pegasus prisoner. Let’s see who it is. Number 6 is freaking out but we still can’t see who it is. Turns out it’s a Number 6 model who has been tied up and shackled to the floor. Gaius enters the chamber to take a look at her. Her eyes are open but she’s not responding to Gaius at all. He asks Number 6 to leave, and poof she’s gone. Gaius talks to Cain about the Cylon being badly traumatized because there are no visible head wounds and yet she still appears basically catatonic.

Cain has finished reading through Adama’s log. Cain has told Adama about the Cylon fleet that’s after them. There’s 2 base stars, several support ships and 1 unknown ship. Adama wants to go after it. Cain tells Adama that she’s going to integrate the crews, beginning with moving Apollo over to the Pegasus. She thinks that having his son as the CAG has been a massive mistake. She also has problems with Helo, Starbuck and Tigh. She’s given him a full list of transfers to make.

Apollo and Starbuck have been transferred to Pegasus. They obviously don’t like it and go to complain to Adama about it. He tells them that it’s time to start obeying orders and they have to transfer to the Pegasus and they are dismissed.

The Pegasus CAG is briefing his fleet about the recon mission, Starbuck tells the CAG that his plan sucks and they should use the Blackbird. The CAG tells Starbuck she’s off the mission, he also tells Apollo that he’s got to fly a raptor.

Some armed guards and a man from the Pegasus enter Sharon’s cell. He asks Sharon if she knows what the mystery Cylon ship is. He proceeds to beat the tar out of Sharon.

The new crew from Pegasus are talking about having raped Number 6 and how a lieutenant on the Pegasus is going to rape Sharon next. Chief pulls the Lieutenant off and quite possibly killed him by accidentally slamming his head onto a bolt in the wall. The armed marines that were in the cell tell Helo and the Chief to get on their knees.

Yup the evil rapist is dead. Pardon me if I don’t shed a f*cking tear.

Helo and Tyrell are about to be court martialled on Pegasus. Adama wants an impartial trial but Cain will have nothing of it.

Gaius brings the prisoner Number 6 some food and tells the guards to get out of the cell. He tries to convince Number 6 that the food is safe and he’s not going to take it away. He begins telling her about how he knew another version of her on Caprica. He confesses his love for Number 6, and tells her his name and that he’s there to help. She reaches over and grabs a bit of fruit.

Adama gets a call saying that the court-martial is already over and that Helo and Chief have been found guilty. Adama says he wants a Raptor full of marines ready to go and to prepare the alert fighters. Adama calls Cain demanding a proper trial and tells her he’s not going to allow her to execute his men. He launches a raptor and some vipers.

Pegasus launches a fleet of vipers of their own.

Fuck… To be continued! In January! God dammit!

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