[RAW] Kristal Gets Contract, HBK vs. Angle at Homecoming?


WWE.com has announced that Diva Search loser Kristal has signed a WWE deal and will be training in Deep South Wrestling. Click the above link for an interview with the new signee.

Also, WWE.com had posted that HBK vs. Angle in a 30-minute Iron Man Match has been added to the lineup for RAW’s USA Network “Homecoming” but this has been removed.

WWE.com’s official RAW preview for tomorrow follows:

Heading into Homecoming
September 26, 2005

Mr. McMahon made a shocking announcement on RAW last week as he set up a WWE Championship match for WWE Homecoming on Oct. 3. After Angle defeated Cena by disqualification at Unforgiven, he thought he would be the logical choice, but the Chairman threw Angle and Bischoff a curveball and announced that Cena would go one on one with the General Manager himself. Bischoff tried his best to get out of the match, but to no avail. He has tried to stack the odds against Cena in the past, will Bischoff have something up his sleeve for RAW this Monday? Whatever he does, he better keep in mind that Mr. McMahon will be on RAW this Monday, as well.

Plus, after defeating Carlito for the second straight night and retaining his new Intercontinental Championship, Ric Flair was blind-sided by The Masterpiece Chris Masters while tussling with Carlito. Masters left him laying and Carlito added insult to injury by spitting apple chunks into his face. How will the Dirtiest Player in the Game react to the complete lack of respect?

And Matt Hardy will face Edge in a Loser Leaves RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match in two weeks. Will the two bitter enemies try to one up each other to gain an advantage heading into the biggest match of their careers?

Tune in to RAW Monday night at 9/8 p.m. CT on Spike TV for all this and more.

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