The Sunday HEAT Wave


Well here we are the finale… the last episode of Sunday Night HEAT (as we know it anyway.) And boy has it been a wild ride, but one that I have enjoyed to the fullest! From trying to rush home to watch Heat on time (common you know I made sacrifices for you when somebody is actually “rushing” home to watch HEAT!!!!!!) To be called a noob, which is alright. And to making my way to a winning .500 plus prediction record on PPV’s. Ah, sweet memories. But enough with the trip back down memory lane. Like I said, it has been a pleasure to re-cap Heat for the thousands of you that read my columns every day… wait what do you mean it wasn’t thousands? Hundreds… no? Wow, double digits? Oh- oh… I see… well… hey it’s been fun!

Hosts: Todd Grisham & The Coach

WWE Homecoming USA Preview kicks off the show.

Heartthrobs vs. Eugene & Tajiri
Thank goodness this match starts off soon as HT starts stomping on Eugene until he starts biting the team!? Well I guess it works as Eugene starts to take the upper hand and tree of woe is hit by Tajiri for a 2! Things quickly take a turn as HT once again starts the double team and Romeo gets a 2! Decent back and forth stuff as the tag goes in and more double team moves take out Tajiri. Eugene gets in the hot tag and momentum swing turns that table on the match. Weird double tarantula is connected on both sides of the ring. Which pretty much seals the deal and gives this team the win.
Winners: Eugene & Tajiri

Looks like “Kerwin” White has a new caddie… I wonder if he’s gone a few rounds with Tiger yet!?!?!

[RAW] Intercontinental Title Match: Carlito vs. Ric Flair
Rematch from the previous night of Unforgiven, good to see Flair with the belt… however wasn’t there going to be a feud awaiting RVD when he returns since they didn’t bother giving Shelton a “real” win!?

Kerwin White w/ Caddy vs. Matt Striker
Hey good to see Striker has a job still!! And Chavo wrestling with the polo shirt is right up there on my list of cool things to wrestle with along with Conway’s shades. But just to show he’s serious; Kerwin takes off the shirt and begins to pummel Striker to show he’s still a jobber. However a few punches to the face takes down White but doesn’t do much to phase him as White sweeps the leg and show boats to the crowd. Lock up ensues in the near right corner to work on the leg. Striker clotheslines his way out of his situation but doesn’t do much as Kerwin gets him into a submission to end the match.
Winner: Kerwin White

Quick Heat: Unforgiven PPV Prediction results; 6-2!! I’m on the winning track baby!

[RAW] 8-Man Tag Match: John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Matt Hardy & The Big Show vs. Kurt Angle, Chris Masters, Edge & Snitsky
You know the drill on this one- Regular tag match to begin with, big brawl in the middle, and a total squash for the faces at the end. I did find the ending pin pretty funny, nothing good like a good ‘ol dog pile.

Robert Conway vs. Shelton Benjamin
Wow, the main EVENT already!?!? They really didn’t have much planned for this show tonight did they!? Poor Shelton, regulated to Heat already… sigh. Well things start out in a lock up and hey look! Conway’s got the shades on still even while Shelton’s putting on the pain, gotta love it! Move is reversed to a head lock for Conway but quickly reversed into Benjamin’s favor while showing some athleticism. Shelton follows it up with a few clotheslines and a back body drop while Conway retreats to the outside right on cue for a commercial.
Back in we catch up as Conway has taken the upper hand but not for too long as Benjamin follows back just before he gets hung up on the top rope! Ouch. Rob starts to work on the throat to get back the advantage and pulls off a neck breaker to get a short count. A very nice springboard comes out of nowhere for Benjamin to knock Conway off his feet and a splash on the back in the corner to follow things up. Rob tries the suplex but reversed into a Samoan drop and once again, Rob goes back out. Fight continues on the outside of the ring but the match ends with a double count out!? Huh!? Rob tries to bully around Shelton after the match but Benjamin ends things on a good note by taking the ring for himself to close out Heat for the final time on TV.
Winner: No Contest

Heat Wave of the Night: Well not a great way to send Heat off into the sunset, but… you know, be happy that we at least got something right!? And three matches is “something.” So with the final heat wave sweeping through… what the hell, it’s going to the whole HEAT series and for everyone who has ever stepped in for the Sunday show throughout the years. It’s been a long time, but in some ways I can still think back like if it was yesterday when Heat came out on MTV and was the biggest new thing for the WWE. And my how have things have changed since then… in some ways good and in some ways bad, but we’re all here right!? Just before I give my final send off… need to do some personal pimping. Haven’t played Ultimate Spider-Man yet? What are you waiting for, do it now!! And despite a rough week for me on the NFL, things stay perfect for me in the college level. [UTEP Miners- 21 UNM-13] [USC Trojans- 45 Oregon-13] Wow, another week where my teams send their opponents packing with the same score. Plus I went to my first football game of the season Saturday against UNM and just have to say… cant wait till the next home game Oct. 22nd against Marshall for Homecoming (especially if things plan out they way I’m hoping for that weekend!) Speaking of homecoming, make sure you check out Inside Pulse for any new info regarding RAW’s very own homecoming next Monday.

And so here it is… once again THANK YOU all for reading every week and keeping me doing what I do since I started in April. It’s been fun! And for those of you who still need your weekly dose of HEAT, don’t worry you can still catch it as it has been announced it will still be carried internationally and here domestically on the web at So without further a do, I’m out! Peace!