InsidePulse’s WWE RAW 9.26.05 Report

Mr. McMahon made a shocking announcement on RAW last week as he set up a WWE Championship match for WWE Homecoming on Oct. 3. After Angle defeated Cena by disqualification at Unforgiven, he thought he would be the logical choice, but the Chairman threw Angle and Bischoff a curveball and announced that Cena would go one on one with the General Manager himself. Bischoff tried his best to get out of the match, but to no avail. He has tried to stack the odds against Cena in the past, will Bischoff have something up his sleeve for RAW tonight? Whatever he does, he better keep in mind that Mr. McMahon will be on RAW, as well.

Last week, Trish Stratus and Ashley were brutally attacked by Victoria, Torrie Wilson and Candice after the Women’s Champ defeated Wilson. Tonight, Trish will try to gain a measure of revenge when she goes one on one with Victoria with the Women’s Championship on the line.

Plus, in a what will be unfamiliar territory for all four combatants, General Manager Eric Bischoff has ordered that John Cena & Shawn Michaels face Carltio & Chris Masters in a Tables Match tonight. Also, Big Show will battle Snitsky in a Street Fight.

Matt Hardy will face Edge in a Loser Leaves RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match in one week. Will the two bitter enemies try to one up each other to gain an advantage heading into the biggest match of their careers?

Tune in to RAW tonight at 9/8 p.m. CT on Spike TV for all this and more.

LIVE from Waco, TX
Hosts are Jerry Lawler, Johnathan Coachman, & Jim Ross

Vince McMahon struts out to start off RAW. McMahon’s actually allowed to say that this will be their last broadcast on Spike TV, and goes on to thank Spike TV. So in return, Spike dubs out Vince’s saying of the USA network. Vince goes down the card for next week, when Angle interrupts. Kurt is here to clarify that he beat Cena at Unforgiven via DQ, so he deserves another shot at the belt. Vince agrees, but there’s another interruption, this time by Shawn Michaels. HBK even gets an intro from the boss. Michaels says that since he won his match at Unforgiven, he also deserves a belt shot. Loud “HBK” chant, as Kurt brings up the fact that he made Shawn tap at Mania. Shawn says that he won a Vengeacne, so they’re even. Because of this, McMahon makes Angle vs Michaels for Homecoming next week, and adds on the fact that it will be a 30 minute iron man match. On to the title match.

Commercial break.

Trish Stratus(c) vs. Victoria – Women’s Championship match
Candice’s outfit is…interesting. The two go right at it, and Trish gets a headscissors takeover. To the outside, where Vic throws Trish around. Stratus comes back with a clothesline off the top of the railing. Torrie interferes with Trish, prompting Ashley to take her and Candice out. Victoria throws Ashely out, and gets a summersault legdrop on Stratus for 2. Tilt-a-whirl into a sidewalk slam gets 2. Trish comes back and goes for the Stratusphere, but Vic fights her off, causing them both to crash and burn! Back in, Trish gets a spinebuster for 2. Stratus dodges a clothesline with the Matrix, and hits the Stratusfaction, casuing Torrie and Candice to run in for the DQ.

Afterwards, Torrie gets Chick Kicked, and Ashley strips Candice down to her bra and panties. Damn, she is built. Anyways, Candice wants a 3 on 2 bra and panties match for next week.

Commercial break.

Big Show vs. Snitsky
Street fight rules, as WWE is experiencing technical difficulties tonight. Gene brings a chair into the ring, but Show attacks him to start. Snitsky goes to the gut and throws out the trash can and metal sign. BS eats sign for 2. Show shrugs off a trash can hit, and wedges it into the corner. Gene get whipped into it, but he dodges a charge to go get another trash can. It backfires, as Show gets a back suplex onto it. Back up, Snitsky eats lid and gets Chokeslammed. Big doesn’t cover however, as he literally gets a kitchen sink out from under the ring. One shot with that, and it’s over.

Video package of Flair/Carlito last week.

Commercial break.

The IC champion comes out to the ramp and starts to talk about his history with friends. He says that nowadays he only has one friend, and that’s the Game. Video package is shown of HHH.

Backstage, Bischoff is talking on the phone, when Cena walks in and picks on him.

Commercial break.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Kerwin White
White has his own caddy now, which Benjamin pokes fun at. Fans chant “Chavo sux” as White makes Benjamin eat 2nd turnbuckle. Snapmare takeover applied by Kerwin, but Shelton fights out with some right hands. Kerwin tries to dump Shelton, but he skins the cat back in. Shelton misses a splash, but he leaps to the top and hits a clothesline. White goes out to the apron, so Shelton tries to suplex him back in, but Kerwin counters it with a crossbody for 3.

Afterwards, Benjamin goes for the T-bone, but the caddy breaks a golf club over his back.

A man sets up a ladder in the ring as we go to a:

Commercial break.

We find out why the ladder is set up in the ring as Edge and Lita come out to the ring. Lita gets the mic, and takes us down memory lane, as it was 5 years ago when RAW debuted on TNN and it was a TLC match highlighting the night. Fans chant “Hardy” as Edge gets the mic. He explains why Hardy is a loser in life as he climbs and sits on top of the ladder. Edge says that Matt has blown every shot he’s ever had at becoming a star, when Hardy runs in and tilts over the ladder, causing Edge to crash!

Backstage, Long from Smackdown! approaches Bischoff about Smackdown! having some air time on WWE Homecoming. Eric totally shoots down this idea when Vince walks in. He says that since RAW will be 3 hours next week, it would be nice to have something from SD! on the show. McMahon give Long the permission to come up with something. Bischoff once again brings up his participation in the WWE Championship match next week, but Vince cuts him off with a motivational speach.

Commercial break.

Viscera & Val Venis vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Venis gets a scoop slam and drops the elbow for 2. Val gets knocked off the top turnbuckle by Murdoch, allowing Cade to pick up 2. Inverted atomic drop into the swinging neckbreaker gets 2. Viscera and Venis get the big splash/Money Shot combo, but Cade stops the count for the DQ.

Backstage, Carlito is worried about splinters in tonight’s main event, but Masters has a plan.

Commercial break.

Eugene vs. Rob Conway
Conway manages to keep the sunglasses on for a while, but Eugene hits the airplane spin and bites Rob’s ass. Eugene puts on the sunglasses, prompting Rob to get pissed off. Pose into the elbow drop gets a couple of 2 counts. Eugene hulks up, but Conway fights out of a Rock Bottom, only to get the People’s Elbow. It picks up 2. Eugene looks to immitate Hacksaw, but Rob distracts him by holding his doll and tearing it apart. Apparently it was a Shawn Michaels doll. Anyway, Conway hits the Ego Trip for 3.

Smackdown! Rebound.

Commercial break.

Carlito & Chris Masters vs. Shawn Michaels & John Cena – Tables match
First person to put his opponent through a table wins. The commentators must have the OK to say USA network now, as they say it a thousand times during the entrances. Big pop for Cena. Tornado tag rules as the two teams totally brawl out. Masters gets thrown out, as Cena and him get into it. John looks for a table, but Carlito slows him down to get one of his own. A table is set out on the outside, as Masters and HBK fight on the inside. Cena looks to get suplexed through a table, but he fights out of it as Michaels gets a flying forearm. Chris ducks a Sweet Chin Music, so Shawn opts for Carlito instead. Carlito dodges the kick, however, and the ref gets kicked off the apron.

Commercial break.

We return with Shawn getting thrown over the top rope. Cena gets a hiptoss on Masters and goes for the FU, but Chris slips on the Master Lock. Shawn breaks it up, only to get DDTed by Carlito. Chris makes Cena eat steps on the outside, and Michaels gets double-teamed. Back in the ring, Masters gets a millitary press on Michaels, and Carltio looks to bring in the table. Cena stops him though, and Shawn pulls a Ric Flair by going to the eyes. He gets the hell whipped out of him, leaving Masters and Carlito to Cena. A table gets set up in the corner, as Masters hits a vertical suplex on John. He looks to get whipped into the table, but Shawn spears his own partner to save him. HBK and Cena build some momentum, as they get a double 10 punch. The two both hit the scoop slam, as well as the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. The FU connects with Masters, and Cena sets the table up as the fans get behind him. Bischoff and Angle run out as Masters gets set up on the table. HBK looks to drops the elbow, but Kurt pushes him off through the table to cause the victory for Carlito and Masters!

Afterwards, Cena looks for a FU on Angle, but instead gets Angle Slammed through a table! Bischoff celebrates with the belt as we fade out.


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