The Amazing Race 8 – Recap – Episode 8-1

After a long, lengthy one week hiatus from recapping Tuesday shows, I’m back, LIVE, with Inside Pulse’s recap of ‘The Amazing Race’. As I mentioned on Thursday, we only have 10 teams competing, and you can see my predictions here. And don’t forget to see what Matthew Romanada predicts in his latest Romo’s World.

Anyways, rumour has it that in addition to having 4 members per team, the Race itself is much shorter, because of the kids and such. The CBS website hasn’t been giving much away, so hopefully we’ll find out soon.

You’ve seen my predictions for the Race overall, and now my Philimination pick of the week is:

Will I be correct? We’ll soon find out!!

The Amazing Race 8, Episode 1, Go Mommy Go! We Can Beat Them!

New York, New York. Phil’s on Ellis Island, and he tells us that 10 families are heading to Brooklyn to start the race. The teams are:

The Gaghans. The kids will try to manipulate their way to the top.

The Linzes. They like to have fun.

The Paolos. They’re living the American dream.

The Blacks. They’re looking to play fair and win the Race.

The Bransens. The girls like to pick on dad.

The Weavers. They’re looking to bond through the Race.

The Aiellos. A father and three son-in-laws. ‘Nuff said.

The Schroeders. The father sounds a bit like Mike Tyson.

The Godlewskis. They’ll use the “4 blonde women” angle to try and get ahead.

The Rogers. They’ll use their Southern charm to get ahead.

Can they withstand the stress of the Race and win the $1,000,000 prize? These questions will be answered on The Amazing Race.

Phil gives his usual spiel about challenges, working as a team, clues, and Pit Stops. Their first clue is on their bags – they’re to get them, get into some gas-guzzling Yukons, and head over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan.

We get the traditional good luck, travel safe, Koeghan’s Eyebrow, and we’re off!! They’re to head into SoHo to a sporting goods store and pick up supplies. They’ve got $150 for this leg.

The Gaghans are off first, while the Blacks are lagging behind. The Weavers are off as we hit the

Opening Credits (the Blacks get an audible kiaaah)

Teams are working their way around the Brooklyn area, and it seems that noone seems to know how to get to SoHo. The Paolos are apparently a bunch of backseat drivers. Teams are working their way over, and it’s not easy going from the park to the bridge if you’re unsure of the area.

Teams are weaving around Manhattan, and asking directions from everyone. Luckily, the New York traffic is very helpful in allowing them to stop and ask.

Bransens and Rogerses are people watching. The Black kids are being somewhat helpful. Paolos apparently argue a lot.

The Linzes are first into the sports store, and the Gaghans are second. They get their next clue, and are told to find a frank (at a specific hot dog stand) on 91st between Park and Lexington

Godlewski family is next into the store, followed by Schroeder, but the Schroeders are out first.

Paolos, the New Yorkers, are lost.

Ad Break.

We’re back. And the Paolos feel like idiots. Aiellos and Weavers hit the store. Bransens get their stuff just as Rogers hits the store. Black get to the store, and Paolo are bringing up the rear. Linz are considering using the Boston Rob strategy of following someone.

Teams are searching for 91st. Paolos are still yelling. I hope they go away. Linz finds the hot dog stand first, and they’re told to cross the George Washington bridge and head to Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania. Gahgan and Schroeder follow.

Godlewski are in fourth, with Aiello in fifth. “He’s gonna have a heart attack.” Heh.

Bransen is sixth. “I’d like to be on their team”

Weaver and Rogers are neck and neck.

Linz have crossed the bridge into New Jersey and ask for directions. Little Carissa Gaghan is already wiped. Black get their clue, and Paolo are bringing up the rear.

Aiello’s pass by Yankee Stadium, and give it a good ol’ raspberry.

Teams are all stopping and asking for directions. Austin Black is out like a light. Paolo’s are hungry. Linz have hit the wrong place. Gaghan’s are also lost, but stop near a Pizza Nova (they have that in the U.S.? I had no idea) to get some help.

Aiello and Bransen arrive first, and are told to cross the Delaware in rowboats (with a passenger), get a flag, row back across and observe a flag folding ceremony to get their next clue. Aiello have apparently watched Survivor, as they’ve learned the art of rowing in unison.

Schroeder are following Godlewski, who have no idea where they’re going. The driver (Christine) is pissed off, and we get an

Ad Break

We’re back, and the Aiello’s are strokin’ it. Meanwhile, Rogers reach the clue box, as do Weaver. Gaghan arrive as well. Aiello arrive back in Pennsylvania and get their clue. They must drive 34 mile to Philadelphia and Fairmont Park, where they must pitch a tent (oh, grow up) and camp for the night. The faster they complete the task (and get approved by Eagle Scouts), the earlier they can depart the next day – 10, 10:30 or 11.

Bransen are second. Schroeder finally arrive. Comedy ensures as none of the teams are doing particularly well at rowing. Rogers and Weaver finally finish though, and head off.

Gaghan and Schroeder finally finish, and head out to Philly. Black arrive as Schroeder leave. Godlewski are heading to the Crossing, Linz are 50 minutes away. Paolo are… somewhere. I’ll be glad when we’re down to half the teams, that’s for sure. Blacks are paddling with some difficulty as we head to an

Ad Break

We’re back, and the currents are overpowering the Black’s rowing. Which isn’t surprising, considering the two kids and all. Aiello arrive at Fairmont Park first, and start pitching their tent. Weavers are here second, with Gaghan right behind. Bransen are now in fourth.

Aiello and Weaver finish, and get 10am times, as do Gaghan. Bransen get the first 10:30 time. Meanwhile, Godlewski finally get to the Crossing, and are doing a much better job than Black – they blow through it. Linz finally arrive, and also get through the task quickly. Paolo are still in last, but they don’t know that they’re not out of it today.

Rogers arrive, and get a 10:30 departure time. Schroeder are having trouble assembling the tent, and get a 10:30 time as well. Paolo are bringing up the rear, and lost their clue. Marion thinks they should go back, as the first hour wraps up.

Ad Break

Paolo doesn’t know what to do. Black arrive and get their tent set up (with some help), but they’re leaving at 11, so it doesn’t matter much. Godlewski and Linz arrive, and get 11 as well. Paolo bring up the rear.

10am. It’s raining, and they rip the clues left on their cars. Teams must drive 92 miles to the Brubaker Farm in Mountjoy, Pennsylania. Aiello, Weaver and Gaghan are off.

10:30am. Bransen, Rogers and Schroeder are heading out. The two Louisiana teams are sticking together.

11:00am. Linz, Black, Paolo and Godlewski are off. Paolo are arguing, of course.

Weavers arrive first, and get the clue – Detour.

Build it – build a miniature water mill.
Bug it – push/pull a buggy with 2 team members in it along a 1.5 mile course. Weaver decide to Bug It.

Aiello arrive and will also Bug It. Gaghan arrive and are also Buggin’ it – smart, considering the two small (read: light) kids. Aiello have caught up to Weaver, and their buggy careens out of control with the two girls in it.

Ad Break

We’re back, and the buggy crashes, but fortunately, they do still make them like they used to, and everyone’s ok. The buggy’s wrecked though, so the Weavers head to Build It. Aiello and Gaghan are a bit more careful.

Rogers and Schroeder are working together. The 11am crew are still driving. Godlewski, Bransen and Linz all arrive. Linz will Bug it, Godlewski will Build it. Bransen also decide to Build It. Weaver look to be building fairly quickly, so that may have been the better option.

Gaghan catch up to Aiello, and pass them. Teams are building. Black arrive, and decide to Build It. Gaghan reach the turn around, and head back.

Schroeder and Rogers arrive, and both decide to Build It. Paolo finally arrive, and decide to Build It. Megan Linz realizes that they’ve only hit the halfway mark. The episode, however, is at the three-quarter mark, which means it’s time for an

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Linz keep going, and Weaver finishes the task. They get the clue, which tells them to head to the Pit Stop – Rohrer Family Farm (with twin blue silos) in Lancaster. The last team to arrive WILL be eliminated.

Godlewski finish the detour, and are off. Gaghan finish the Bug It, and are off to the Pit Stop. Bransen finish the Build, and are off. Aiello are done. Linz hit the turnaround. Tommy needs to puke.

Weaver have no idea how to get to Lancaster. Godlewski can’t decide what road they’re on. Weaver decide to ask Jesus for help. Godlewski arrive at the farm, and are team number one!! And Phil has good news – they win $20,000. That’s two in a row for all-female teams in first legs.

Gaghan cross paths with Weaver, and they’re racing for the Pit Stop. Gaghan are first to the stop, and are team number two. Weaver is team number three.

Aiello and Bransen are looking for the farm. Rogers, Black, Paolo and Schroeder are still building. Rogers finishes up, and are heading to the Pit Stop. Linz are doing well bugging, but Paolo and Schroeder are having problems building. And it’s time for an

Ad Break

A “Moo” brings us back as Schroeder solves their problems and complete the Detour. Now they just have to find their way to the Pit Stop. Paolo finish the task. And they argue some more. Black is still building. Linz are still pushing. Teams are stuck in traffic. Rogers finish fourth. Schroeder arrive fifth. Paolo somehow manage to finish sixth. Impressive comeback, in spite of the incredibly annoying mom. Linz are still pushing, Black is just about done.

Bransen arrive seventh, Aiello get there eigth. Black finish the Detour, as do Linz. Look like we got ourselves a race. Linz are following Black, but then take a different direction. Will it pay off? Looks like the Linz find it first, and they do indeed arrive ninth.

The Black family is the last team to arrive, and they’ve been Philiminated.

Next week, the Paolos fight (I know, I’m shocked too), teams end up in a Civil War recreation, and Wally can’t keep up with his daughters.

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