OVW TV Report for September 24, 2005

In the big news of this tv show, Johnny Jeter defended the OVW Heavyweight Championship against Daniel Puder with help from Smackdown’s Ken Kennedy, but Matt Cappotelli made a shocking return to the New Davis and nearly got his hands on Jeter. This matchwas built up nicely for the past few weeks. While Puder has been in the heel clique of Jeter and Mr. Ken Kennedy, he’s been booked smartly as a babyface. So when OVW Owner Danny Davis’s storyline feud with Johnny Jeter came into play, and the match between Puder and Kennedy was made, everyone was quick to embrace Puder as a top babyface. The Jeter vs Puder match was done really well, as Puder ‘s cornermen, The Riggs Brothers, were thrown out of ringside because they countered Mr. Kennedy’s interference. But Puder was doing great against both Jeter and Kennedy, until Puder caught Kennedy in the ropes with the Key Lock and had Kennedy tapping in the ropes in a really cool spot. Puder turned around right into a Jeter superkick, and was pinned. Jeter and Kennedy decided to end Puder’s career with a chair, much like the bloody angle Jeter did with Matt Cappotelli weeks ago, but The Riggs Brothers came back and brawled with Jeter and Kennedy. However, Jeter and Kennedy got the advantage and threw the Riggs Brothers from the ring, but when Jeter turned around, Matt Cappotelli was in the ring. You have to see the New Davis Arena react to this amazing moment. Cappotelli, crutch in hand, was face to face with Jeter, but Mr. Kennedy tried to get Cappotelli, who broke a crutch over Kennedy’s back. Jeter took advantage of the distraction and nailed Cappotelli in Matt’s injured leg. As soon as Jeter started kicking at Cappotelli’s leg, the locker room cleared out and the show went off the air. Amazing finale to Puder’s WWE career, and a great reminder of the fact Cappotelli is returning to face his former partner Jeter for the OVW Heavyweight Title. Paul Heyman got the most out of this situation.

Sheik Khosrow Daivari returned to WWE-affiliated television but got demolished by Bobby Lashley. Daivari was introduced in a locker room pre-tape by Kenny Bolin as the new Director of International Publicity for OVW TV Champion Ken Doane, whose match last week with Brent Albright (featuring the 10 German Suplexes and double pin) was the OVW Match of the Year. Daivari asked Dean Visk, a thickly muscled strongman whose gimmick is to scream insanely until he’s on the verge of passing out, to force someone to sign the open contract Daiviari has already put his signature on. Daivari went out to the ring, and when the cameras cut backstage again, Bobby Lashley interrupted Visk’s tirade by signing the contract himself. Lashley came out and while Daivari jumped Lashley at the start of the match, Lashley soon took over and destroyed Daivari, as the crowd went crazy. After the match, Visk stormed the ring and went nose to nose with Lashley as Bolin and Doane kept them apart. The Lashley turn is being done so right, and he’s playing the role perfectly.

The heels (Aaron “The Idol” Stevens with his valets Beth Phoenix and Shelly) beat the babyfaces (Chris Cage and Alexis Laree) in a 3 vs 2 handicap match when Stevens victimized and pinned the babyface female to tremendous heat. This is a really good feud. Stevens and Cage work great together, and the girls provide enough sex appeal to last a long time. Shelly knocked out Cage with a wrench, and Alexis Laree fell victim to Aaron Stevens when she tried, for the second week in a row, to hit him with the spinning Tornado DDT, but he countered it into a backbreaker and then picked up the lifeless Laree by the hair and planted her with his Idolizer DDT.

Former ROH Champion CM Punk made his OVW TV debut but got his face pummeled for real by Danny Inferno in the process. Inferno slapped Punk hard right in the beginning of the match and followed up later with a punch that you could see land right in Punk’s face. Punk won by pinning Inferno after a pull of the tights, but you could see how badly beat up Punk’s face right after the match.

Elijah Burke pinned Paul Burchall, but it was presented as Burchall had the match won in a really interesting twist. Even the babyface announcers Dean Hill and Al Snow went out of their way to protect Burchall, as Burchall just kept bodyslamming Elijah over and over again, but Burke turned one of the slams into a roll and pinned Burchall. This was a good match for both Burchall and Burke.

A lot of happenings in one hour, but it was never rushed. Another great show, as the feuds for the fall season shape up to be Cappotelli’s return to challenge Jeter, Lashley’s babyface turn against Visk and Doane, Albright’s challenge to TV Champion Doane, and the Cage (with Laree) vs Idol (with Beth and Shelly) feuds.

OVW just announced on their website they are finally selling DVD’s. The first releases are the July and August and September TV Shows. More information is available at www.ovwrestling.com. If you want to see why OVW has such a buzz right now, check it out. Paul Heyman’s name has not been mentioned once on OVW, and he’s not once shown his face. I think his old statements about bookers not booking themselves holds true, and he’s proving it in OVW. OVW returns to the New Davis Arena this Wednesday Night for another TV Taping, no doubt a newsworthy one as these feuds continue. The New Davis Arena is located at 4400 Sheperdsville Road in Louisville, Kentucky.

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