Survivor: Guatemala – Recap – Episode 11-3

Episode 3
Sept. 29, 2005

Previously on Survivor: Nakum’s Blake is getting worse, Reward Challenge for Fishing equip to Nakum, fishing, Yaxha east ants, Lydia catches minnows, stalemate at Immunity leads to 1:1 face-offs, Gary gets outed by Danni, Nakum wins Immunity, Gary lies to his tribe-mates on his football career, Lydia and Morgan on the chopping block, Lydia pleads with Gary, Morgan gets the boot.

16 are left. Who will get voted out tonight?

Peaceful shots of the landscape open the show, with Yaxha, day 7. Lydia describes how she was sure that she was going to go. She would have chosen Brianna to go, since she is the weakest. Brianna tells that she does not get along with Lydia. Brian takes total credit for Morgan’s eviction.

Nakum, day 7. The howler monkeys are in the trees. Judd tells how he has only slept a few hours in the past week because of the monkey sounds. (This is one angry monkey!) Judd rolling his eyes at zookeeper’s Cindy’s explanation of why the monkey is making such a fuss.

Reward Challenge!

Here in Guatemala, they are surrounded by Mayan ruins, which plays into today’s challenge. Blindfolded and tied together, the teams are to build a archaeologist’s tent. They gather the goods while tethered and blindfolded, except for a caller, who will direct them to the 9 bundles of items. They will then remove their blind folds when all the parts of the tent have been gathered, and assemble the tent.

Reward is pillows, tarp, rope, and blankets.

Gary calls for his Yaxha, Danni for Nakum.

Yaxha takes an early lead, getting the first bundle, then Nakum blows way past them by collecting 3 items within moments. Both eventually tie at 8 items, Yaxha getting the final bundle first. The tribe members take off their blindfolds, and are putting the tent together. Nakum gathers their last item, and quickly make time up with their coordinated building. Both teams struggle with the final step, finding the appropriate lengths of rope to tie down the tarps.

Nakum wins reward!

Stephanie describes the chaos that lead to Yaxha’s loss. Amy brushes off the loss, and washes her 7-day-dirty clothes. Amy laughs at their sorry state of affairs, but refuses to give up.

Nakum celebrates back at their beautiful camp. Bobby Jon says that it feels good to win something. They pass the mid-day heat relaxing. They want to rebuild a shelter, but its too hot. Brandon notes that he would jump into the water, if it weren’t for the gators. Some of the boys go out in a canoe, and they decide to tempt fate and get some relief from the water. Zookeeper Cindy won’t shut up about gator biology and lifestyle.

Brianna finally puts some work into the group, making dinner (corn mush). Rafe says that even throwing dirt into the corn mush would be better to break up the monotony of corn, every single meal. Rafe spots a termite mound, he and Gary dig in. Stephanie asks if they taste good, to which Gary replies, “Protein.”

Nakum boys start to plan on putting the tarp up. Margaret annoys the boys with her comments and supervision. Later, Bobby Jon and Judd complain back and forth about Margaret playing the “mother hen” role. “Starting to bark orders this early is not a good thing”, comments Judd.

Nakum, day 8. Judd brings tree-mail. The tribes have been delivered ceremonial body paint and feathers in prep for today’s Immunity Challenge. Brian is over-the-top fired up, boosting his team for the challenge.

Immunity Challenge
Based on the oldest and most popular of the ancient Mayan games, Court Ball. It is a catch-and-pass game, no running or walking to score a goal. Think basketball, but on nets suspended above the ground instead of a hardwood court. Points are scored by getting a ball into a sideways-laid hoop. Teams of three are chosen randomly.

All guys first, Brian scores for Yaxha. Next team up, Blake scores.
The girls play next, with Lydia breaking the rules and losing the ball. Danni scores, with Nakum leading now. Next round, all guys. Blake scores. Nakum leads, 3-1. Jeff tells the players that the temp outside is 114’F. Mixed teams now, with Rafe scoring. Yaxha scores next, Nakum after that. Nakum leads 4-3. All ladies next team, Danni scores again, for the win.

Nakum wins Immunity.

Yaxha, day 8. Steph is getting deja vu, with being on the losing team with sprained ankles. She complains that Brianna is absolutely useless, Lydia is non-athletic, and Amy is as good as gone with the ankle injury she got at Challenge. Amy shrugs it off, knowing that she’s a target now. Gary describes the sprained ankle as a “big deal”.

Jaimie tells Lydia that he wants Brianna gone. Brianna sits near Steph at the campfire, being very scared that she’s the one to go this week. She describes loving this game, and wanting to be there. She knows that Lydia wants her gone. Brianna wants Lydia gone. Gary says that it’s all about althletic ability at this point.

Tribal Council

Jeff asks Steph if things are feeling familiar, and Steph confirms that she’s getting that losing feeling again. Steph says that she’s frustrated that she was the only one out there today hustling. Jeff asks Brianna if she was trying, and she says that it’s not fair to blame her for not knowing how to play sports. Jeff gives Lydia credit for trying today, but notes that she was equally as useless as Brianna.

Jeff asks Amy what happened to her ankle, and she plays it down, saying it was just a sprain. Gary is asks if this is going to bring down the team, and he says it will. Jeff asks Amy if she is ready to go home, Amy says that if she goes today based on her injury, it’s a mistake.

Voting time
Brianna votes to get rid of Lydia.
Jaimie votes to get rid of Brianna.
Steph tells the camera that she has to vote for those who will in.

Jeff tallies the votes. Brianna gets 5, Lydia gets 1.

Brianna is the third person to leave Survivor Guatemala.

Jeff notes that their strategy seems clear: vote out the weak.

Brianna is accepting of her loss, saying that she was the weak link. She describes them as the toughest, yet best 8 days of her life.

Next time on Survivor…Yaxha has a deadly visitor. The game is taken to a “new level”.

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