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Hi everyone I’m Jim Trabold. Welcome back for another edition of the Handbook.

Hey Daron how’s it going?

Not bad, though it could be better. I’m a bit tired of my damn work schedule that keeps me from getting this puppy out on time, but other than that things are good. You?

Going good here. Just hope I have enough cash for tomorrow. To many books out in one week. I know I’m getting a lot this week at least. How about you?

Yeah, it’s looking to be the biggest week of the year.

Well what say we get down to business then?

Sure, I got nothing better to do at this point

Nicolas emails

Hello Mr Jim Person.

Who would win in a fight.

Dr Doom, or Dr Octopus. I’m thinking DOOM would win, but I also think Dr Ock is underrated and that it could end up a pretty close fight.

Just wondering what your opinion is.

Doc Ock may be underrated but he’s not in Doom’s class. Doc Ock could fight and likely beat most of the other Spider-villains (maybe not Carnage or Venom) but not Doom. Doom is in the Major Megalomaniac class. He’s got magic on top of just the armor. Doom is very very powerful. His magic is close to the ranks of Strange and he is power mad. He’s tried to take over numerous times and came closer then many think.

I’ll take Doom in the fight.

As much as I hate to agree with Jim, I do have to agree with him. Ock just doesn’t have much of a chance in this one. Now Doom vs. Magneto”¦there’s a villain on “villain” fight I’d like to see.

J Rad emails


I’ve got a revelation for you…….

Jim Starlin hates Spiderman and Ironman. He shows NO respect for these characters in the old Infinity Trilogy. Let me explain.

Wow. You do know Starlin wrote some Spidey and Shellhead before this limited right?

The Amazing Spider-Man 187
Iron Man 55

Now of course he only did both for one issue. He’s best with the Cosmic types.

Infinity Gauntlet: Issue #4 was kick ass. Most of the heroes die cool deaths or are disposed of at the hands of Thanos. Except two. Ironman and Spiderman. They are both killed by Terraxa, the trick Thanos made to make lady death jealous. On top of that their deaths are not even given their own panel. They happen in the background. Nova gets a cool death on his own panel, but not Spiderman and Ironman? They are killed by some minor character in one of the biggest battles in comic book history (at the time)?.

Infinty War: Both of these hero’s are disposed of fairly early in the series, and by the same character. The bogus Ironman. Again two of Marvels heavy hitters are treated like lightweights.

Infinity Crusade: This is the one that pisses me off the most. Issue number #5 is the hero’s vs. hero’s issue. Spiderman is defeated by Strong Guy. STRONG GUY. Spiderman has waxed the floor with the X-men that had Collosus as a member (secret wars) yet can’t handle Strong Guy????? Ironman is defeated single handedly by…..Quicksilver. F—ING QUICKSILVER. With his bare hands! I remember during this time there was a huge debate in Wizard about Ironman being able to beat the X-men by himself. Yet here he is getting beat by Quicksilver. Blasphemy.

There you have it. Starlin has NO respect for either character and treats them like jobbers. My questions for you are…….

1. Why does Jim Starlin hate Spiderman and Ironman?

I’m not so sure he did. He added Spidey to Infinity Abyss which was odd when the rest of the characters where cosmic mostly

Plus he used Iron Man comics to introduce two of his classic cosmic characters:

Thanos and Drax.

2. In your opinion can Spiderman beat Strong Guy one on one?

Yes I think he can. After all he once beat all the X-Men in Secret Wars.

3. Can Ironman beat Quicksilver one on one?

Again I say yes Iron Man would win the fight. Remember though Goddess did help her side some yet it seemed her side lost of the fights.

4. It’s an old debate, but could Ironman take the X-men (sans telepaths of course)?

Hmm with or without prep?

With Prep time he could. Hey if he can create the Hulk Busting Iron Man armor to beat Hulk with prep he could create armor to beat the X-men

Without prep time and a quick fight he might fail. To much power vs. one Avenger.

I have to disagree here. Barring a cosmic character who is all but invulnerable, I don’t see any one person taking out the all the X-Men (or any super team for that matter.) Now if we’re talking taking on each of them individually one at a time, maybe. But there’s just no way Ironman’s taking the whole X-Men squad or even an X-Men squad as a whole.

5. Have you ever read a comic and thought “there is no way that just happened. He should not be able to beat him”? If so, what comics?

There are too many to mention. I mean that sincerely. There are really too many of them.

6. What would you say are the top 5 biggest upsets in comic history?

1. Dazzler over Terrax (Dazzler 11)
2. Spidey over Firelord (Amazing Spider-Man 270)
3. Cannonball over Gladiator (Uncanny X-Men 341)
4. Ka-Zar defeating Thanos (Kazar 11)
5. Squirrel Girl defeating Doctor Doom (Marvel Super Heroes (vol3) 8)

With Cannonball over Gladiator being the best one”¦man I love that fight!

Thanks Jim for your time. Love the handbook and read it every week, just don’t send much feedback. But I’ll be reading! Thanks again!

Your welcome and thanks for the email.

Colin emails

Good day,

You too.

Where is Jubilee these days?

She’s around and expect her to appear in the Generation M limited series. Proff of that is in the current Marvel solicits with Jubes on the cover. So I think you’ll have to read it.

Is/was her solo book in continuity?

Yes it’s continuity as far as I’ve heard. She sort of left the X-Men after X-Men (2nd series) #157.

Did she split because of Synch dying or something?

No she didn’t split because Synch died. Synch died during Gen X. She stayed there. Then joined X-Corps and even almost wound up dead too. She did get upset when Skin died though. But was still around. She left though recently when she was left off one of the X-teams and went to do her limited.

Did she just want away from the X-Men?

Cyclops took over leadership and headmaster duties. He rearranged the active X-Men into three different squads and Jubilee was not assigned to any of them. So she left.

Did the editors just drop her?

That’s more the reason she wasn’t added to any of the teams. No one wanted her at the time. I think it was also the reason Husk was written out and a few others.

Also, during the Phalanx Covenant, Emma mentioned that Jubes has latent psychic powers (as well as being “One of the Most Powerful Mutants on the Planet”; don’t they say that about everyone?). Uncanny #317. Have they ever followed up on her psionics?

Never been commented on really since Emma mentioned it.



Beej emails

Hey there Good column as usual. One of the major reasons I check InsidePulse every week.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

I was wondering if you had any information on why the X-Statix series by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred was cancelled, and if there’s any truth to the rumors I’ve heard about it returning. Milligan and Allred’s run on X-Force and then the entire run of X-Statix was one of my favorite comics when it was being published. I thought it was very clever and original and was very disappointed when they ended the series.

Actually the sales had dropped a lot on the title. Peter decided that to give it up and took over as X-Men writer. He has done a nice job since jumping on that title.

There are still continuing rumors of X-Statix return and it’s even been previewed at a few comic cons. So don’t get down. I think your group might be back sooner then you expect.

Rob emails

Kind sir,

I remember a storyline in Uncanny X-Men around the mid 200s where Zaladane took Polaris / Lorna Dane’s powers. Apparently, Zaladane was the long-lost sister of Lorna. Eventually, Zaladane threatened Rogue and Magneto with her new powers, so Magneto killed her. My question is: was Zaladane really Lorna Dane’s sister?

Yes Zaladine is her self-acclaimed sister. She has the same last name as Lorna’s adoptive parents of DANE. So you could say Lorna was adopted into the family.

Given current continuity, doesn’t that mean Magneto killed his own daughter?

Nope Mags is not Zaladine’s father. Zaladine’s parents should be the Mr. and Mrs. Dane. So don’t worry Mags didn’t kill any of his family yet”¦

Has there been any fall out from this?

Nope. Mags killing her had no fall out. Lorna didn’t like her too much I suppose either and the Dane’s didn’t do anything.

Does Magneto have any other baby mamas floating about that I should know about?

Mags family (The House of Magnus)

Anya Lehnsherr (daughter, dead)
Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) (son)
Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) (daughter)
Lorna Dane (Polaris)
Crystal Maximoff (daughter-in-law)
Luna Maximoff (granddaughter)

unnamed father (deceased)
unnamed mother (deceased)
unnamed older sister (deceased)
Madga (wife, presumed deceased)
Lorna’s mother (unknown)

Colin emails

Good day, Has it ever been established what would happen if Nightcrawler teleported into a room full of poison? When he ‘ports, the air creates a vacuum to fill the space he just left. But when he enters the room, does he push air away to make way for himself, or does he occupy the same space as that air? The latter might be true, as we’re told time and time again that he has to be careful not to ‘port into a tree or wall, but that might just be because they’re solid objects, and he can’t force them out as he’s coming in. The question is really, if Kurt ‘ported into a room of cyanide gas, for instance, would a gas mask work? If he pushed the air out of his way, he’d be ok; but if he occupied the same space as that air, as soon as he came into the room the gas would already be inside his body, thus negating the effectiveness of his hypothetical gas mask.

I don’t think they’ve ever covered what would happen. I mean logically if Kurt went in there he might be dead if he don’t hurry out without a gas mask. As for the gas itself if teleported out at any point would likely enter into his fathers dimension. Remember he teleports out he travels threw the other dimension first till he gets where he’s going. It’s a short time.

Blake asked

Name the gay and lesbian characters please in Marvel.

I’m including Bi characters

Amy Chen
Answer II
Arnold Astrovik (bi)
Arnold Roth
Atlas (switched genders)
Bethany Flynn
Black Cat (Bi)
Captain Power
Cloud (switched genders)
Colt Varney
Destiny (Mystiques’ lover)
Gypsy Moth (bi)
Henry Greider
Jefferson Wolfe
Jennifer Kale
Karolina Dean
Konrad Weiss (bi)
King Lau (bi)
Living Lightning
Marlo Chandler Jones (bi)
Melissa Maro
Mephisto (bi)
Mister Seduct
Moondragon (bi)
Mystique (bi)
Ned Campbell
Nigel Clowes
Outlaw Kid
Paulie Provenzano
Percival Pinkerton
Phyla (Captain Marvel IV)
Rawhide Kid
Rebecca Bergier
Rebecca Cross
Robert Thaldron
Sasquatch (switched genders)
Starhawk (switched genders)
Steck’ee (switched genders)
Sunfire (Exiles version)
Tara Algren
Tyler Lang
Ultimate Colossus
Union Jack II (bi)
Victor Borkowski
Victoria Montesi

Ovronnaz emails

I saw the preview of New Excalibur and I can’t help but wonder who is Nocturne [the seemingly Nightcrawler clone]? Same mother? Any tie with X-23 (I had to ask)….

Actually she’s not Kurt’s clone. She’s Kurt’s daughter. Fans of the Exiles series can tell you she joined the team from the very beginning. She was the daughter of Kurt and Wanda (Maximoff) from another reality.

She was part of Professor W’s X-Men in the X-Men Millennial Visions 2000 One-Shot. She came to 616 with the other Exiles and was left behind.

Also, I’ve seen that X-Factor comes back, Peter David’s style. I also saw that Madrox had a mini written by same David. What happened in this one? Is it good? Is it on TPB?

One of the dupes actually married a woman named Sheila, who was engaged to a Chicago mob boss. Opening a private investigation agency, he was joined at the outset by his friends Strong Guy and Wolfsbane. Jamie’s first case nearly got him killed, as someone killed one of his dupes. A twisted path led him to discover that Sheila was killing off rival bosses, using her hideous insectoid mutation and a hired gun named Clay, who also turned out to have the same replication powers as Madrox. Jamie eventually figured out Sheila’s plan and her fiance killed her when she attacked them. Jamie returned to New York and thankfully agreed to Guido’s changing of the agency’s name from “XXX Investigations” to “X-Factor Investigations.”

It was a pretty good limited series and there was a trade put out. It’s sort of a prelude to the new X-Factor series.

Thanks! Nice column!


House of M

Captain America 10

We start at a special dinner for Captain America and in his honor. Dum Dum Dugan and Namor’s son are present

1945: Cap saves Bucky back in WW II. Killing Baron Zemo in the process.

The Invaders (Cap, Bucky, Torch, Toro, and Namor) still together help win the war taking down Master Man, Red Skull and even Hitler himself.

1946: Cap talks to the president and marries Peggy Carter. This is the first time they learn of mutants.

1951: Senator McCarthy’s Mutant hearings, Cap speaks and defends Namor and Toro. In the end refusing to talk he quits as Cap.

1955: Cap is the first man on the moon. First words: “This is one small step for man… One giant leap for Peace between man and mutant kind.” Leading to Peggy leaving him

1957: Cap and Bucky talk. We learn Bucky is part of SHEILD as he fights with Cap over mutants

Mutant and man relations fall apart leading to the rise of the House of Magnus. Cap starts fighting against Magneto seeing him as another Hitler. But he wasn’t strong enough

Back at the dinner Namor’s son talks and Cap leaves. He is attacked by a few mutants. But gets home save. We see Wolverine, Cage, Emma, and Spidey watching him

Exiles 70

In the House of M world the Exiles are gathered in Wall Street discussing their plans

We see most of New York under Magnus control. With what even looks like the World Trade Center standing

The team tries to help Beak out because the new world replaced his own and he don’t understand

Beak sees Angel again and goes after her. Only to be taken by her

The team run into Moira Mactaggert and find out more about Mutant X (Proteus). We find out she was trying to help her son like in our world but came into being an enemy of Magneto who had the Sentinels destroy her base freeing him.

Meanwhile Beak is attacked by Angel.

Heather tells the team about Moira as well. As the Sentinels attack the team and Moira, The team defeats them and saves Moira.

They then go looking for Beak and Angel to find the place they are mutated by Proteus powers and Beak her captive.

That’s it for me this week. Daron what did you think of the column?

Well, other than my stuff I thought it was crap”¦you know how that goes.

Cool. Care to sign off?

Sure”¦though didn’t I just do that when I mocked you above?

My turn now.


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Reporting from my corner of the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Have a great week and see you at the comic shop.

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