The Thursday Report – Digital Cable Blues

…yeah, I’m running out of lines there. Anyways, I finally got digital cable, which inexplicably took the Rogers Cable guy about 90 minutes to install. And then he called in the wrong serial number on the digital box, so I got to spend another hour trying to get THAT sorted out. I gotta say, the timeshifting option is nice. I haven’t had a chance to try the “On Demand” feature yet, but that looks to be pretty sweet.

I noticed that Josh suffered a bad beat last Monday due to his Cowboys forgetting to cover the deep man at the end of the game. But I’m here to tell him that it could be worse – I’m a Texans fan (side effect of living in Houston, folks) PLUS I’m a Leafs fan. And to be fair, the Texans didn’t lose this week. At least I’m not a Cubs or Blackhawks fan.

Speaking of the Leafs, they may just get older if they sign both Steve Thomas (42) and Bryan Marchment (37). At this point, I’m absolutely shocked that they didn’t try and sign Mark Messier.

I refuse to call it ‘Family Edition’
The Amazing Race 8‘ started with the usual two hour premiere, and unsurprisingly, I was wrong with my Philimination prediction. However my general prediction about the Black family was “I expect the Blacks to hit Sequesterville early” was right, so I can take some comfort in that. At least the kids didn’t complain.

What I can’t take pride in is thinking that the Paolo family would be “lovable New Yorkers”. Judd on Survivor is a lovable New Yorker. The Paolo family are a bunch of annoying gits, and I’ll be actively rooting against them.

Meanwhile, I said that the Linz family could be tripped up by a lack of common sense, and this seems to be the case, as they finished ninth in this leg. However, Chip and Kim overcame a similar deficit to win The Amazing Race 5, so this family should be able to bounce back.

Finally, I apparently missed that the “hot dog vendors” were in fact, Kevin and Drew from Season One, for which I have an excuse – I’ve never seen season one. Not much of an excuse, I know, so I’ll also say that live-to-type coverage causes you to miss things at times.

I’ll talk more about the Race in my Episode/Leg 2 prologue/recap next Tuesday.

Maybe you’d have seen that coming if you bothered to do anything at camp
Survivor: Guatemala‘ showed both myself and the Crystal Ball that predictions can often be wrong, although this is the first time that TCB has been wrong since the cure-for-insomnia Vanuatu season. For me, it’s the first time I’ve been wrong since last week. Slightly better record, the Crystal Ball has.


18. Jim Lynch
17. Morgan McDevitt – I shoulda kept with my pre-show prediction. I put you on the jury and look what happens. Anyways, you had no clue you were going home at TC and your Early Show interview didn’t shed as much light on things as I would’ve liked (but then, she was interviewed by the Chen-bot), but I gather that you really didn’t talk strategy to anyone but Brianna and maybe Lydia – and it seems that they’re on the outside looking in.

Out Before Merge:
Bobby Jon


Final Two

Sole Survivor

Developments galore this week. Danni (who looks to be heading towards negative body fat) recognizes Gary as an ex-NFLer and tries to stir up the shit in Yuxha. Allegedly, anyways. There’s some debate online as to whether she was fed the information or not. Yuxha seems to have a couple of loose alliances – Gary/Rafe/Brian/Jamie and Gary/Brian/Amy/Steph which would appear to keep Gary and Brian in the driver’s seat in the tribe. Meanwhile, Judd and Brandon seem to have bonded, so we’ll see how that plays out later.

Next week, stuff happens to Amy, so I’m gonna guess that Nakum goes to TC and Blake goes home.

At last, two guys who get the “Fighter” part of the title
After last week’s snoozefest, ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ gave us some good action, as Jason Van Flue and Jorge Gurgel had a pretty good fight that showed us that sometimes, a reputation is just that, and nothing more. Jorge went in as a consensus finalist due to his standing as Rich “Ace” Franklin’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach. He left losing to a lanky guy who he probably should’ve outclassed throughout the whole match.

You just had to know that T-Bag would find the hole
Interesting first half of a two-part mini-arc to take ‘Prison Break‘ into the MLB playoffs, as not only does Michael have to save the girl, but he’s got a new member of the escape club – T-Bag. Who is apparently as inbred as you can get. Oh, and there’s a prison riot, which makes things more dangerous than living in the wild, wild west. Especially if you’re female and trapped in sickbay with some horny convicts. We get to see Lincoln’s badass side, which is nice because it helps to remind us that he isn’t exactly a nice guy – he’s a thug that happened to be framed for murder.

Bollocks, eh?
Lots of theories as to what Charlize Theron’s character on ‘Arrested Development’ is meant to be. One is that she is, in fact, none too bright and in a “special” school, and Dave Thomas is her father. Another is that she’s a U.S. spy posing as a Brit to try and find George Senior. Either way, it helps to explain the (very) bad British accent. And it’s always nice to see Dave Thomas on TV.

Anyways, I loved the random Harry Hamelin cameo and “Brit Town”, which I guess is a parody of Chinatown, but again, random. And Ron Howard as the narrator seems to be getting more bitter by the episode. Here’s to hoping that Fox continues to keep this show on the air.

Apparently he’s been typecast as a psycho
So the guy who played psycho inmate Haywire on ‘Prison Break’ ends up playing psycho ex-inmate Donny Jones on this week’s ‘My Name Is Earl’. And I have to say; Silas Weir Mitchell has got some great facial expressions – definitely the highlight of the show.

Bits and Pieces
– OK, who had ‘Head Cases’ as “first new show cancelled”?
– Sometimes, it’s fun to watch ‘The Office’ just to see how much more of a pathetic ass Michael can get.
– Keep watching this space for some late thoughts regarding Episode 2-2 of ‘Lost’.
– Didn’t they already do the “grifter” thing on ‘CSI: Miami’? Or am I just having flashbacks to ‘Heartbreakers’?
– Regarding this week’s ‘Lost’: Zzzzzzzzzz…
– Is it weird that I see Jamie Elman on ‘CSI: NY’ and say “hey, that’s the guy from ‘Student Bodies’?
– Speaking of ‘CSI: NY’, someone gets fired or something next week. And since both Aiden Burn and Sheldon Hawkes have been protrayed as vulnerable, I’m gonna assume it’s a swerve and Danny Messer gets the boot. Which is fine, because I never liked the character anyway.

And that’s it for this week.