Runaways Vol. 2 #8

Story Title: Star-Crossed
Reviewer: Paul Sebert

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Art: Takeshi Miyazawa
Colorist: Udon’s Christina Strain
Letterer: Virtual Calligraphy’s Randy Gentile
Editor: MacKenzie Cadenhead, Joe Quesada
Publisher: The House of Ideas

Previously after defeating the evil NAZI MADE OF BEES known as Swarm, Karolina and Nico were confronted by an young man named Xavin, who wouldn’t you know it turns out to be a Skrull. Oh and before their untimely death, Karolina’s parents arranged a marriage between her and this alien stranger.

Well naturally our young heroes have taken exception to this unexpected proposal, and slugfest ensues. As luck would have it Xavin’s not your typical shape-shifting skrull, oh no he’s a SUPER Skrull. (Though not to be confused with longtime Fantastic Four nemesis K’lrt AKA Super-Skrull.) Which means he’s more than a match for this book’s rag tag group of misfits. But is Xavin an intergalactic despot, or really a misunderstood tragic figure?

I won’t spoil the end of this two-part story arc, but things are wrapped up in a nice little package, perhaps too neatly so for my tastes. That said it while it appears that one of the book’s cast has left the title in this issue, Vaughan has cleverly left the door open for a future arc or even a spin-off mini-series.

Takeshi Miyazawa is back on board with his manga-pop artwork which is a lot of fun, albeit uneven and Victor Mancha in particular looks a little off model. Christina Strain meanwhile provides some delicious candy-colors which add a some more punch to the book’s images.

To be honest I wanted to give this issue a higher rating, but this two-part storyline felt like an all too short sweet appetizer before a longer deeper storyline. That and the resolution to the situation with Xavin felt a little too twee for my tastes.

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