InsidePulse Review: CMLL 3/12/05

Event: CMLL 3/12/05
Date: Taped 3/8/05 and 3/11/05
Location: Arena Coliseo and Arena Mexico

As I continue to dive into Lucha Libre, I figured I should continue going in chronological order. This will be a lot of fun, as we get to see more of the future stars of CMLL. Also, we get to see L.A. Park wrestle, who is the master of all the world. The first match is from 3/8, and all the rest are from 3/11. Here is the full card:

Black Warrior, Mr. Niebla, and Blue Panther vs. Pierroth, El Hijo de Pierroth, and El Terrible
Shocker, L.A. Park, and Brazo de Plata vs. Black Tiger, Okumura, and Taguchi
Lightning Match: Super Comando vs. Sombra de Plata
Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Tarzan Boy, and Hector Garza vs. Cien Caras, Mascara Ano 2000, and Dantes
Dr. Wagner Jr. and Mistico vs. Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero (GDI)

The rules in Lucha Libre are a little different then American wrestling, so while I plan on explaining as things happen, first I will quickly go over the major points. First off all, most Lucha Libre matches are out of three falls. Also, a wrestle does not need to tag his partner in order to switch out, but if he exits the ring it allows one of his partners to become the legal man. Another important note is that in order for a team to win a fall in a trios match, they must either defeat the captain or both of the captain’s team mates (pinfall or submission). Finally, in the matches, the teams are labeled “Rudos” and “Tecnicos.” In simple English, Rudos are bad guys and Tecnicos are good guys. So I will use those terms frequently when referring to the teams. The rest I will explain as we go along, for it is best to learn by examples then me listing differences for you to memorize.

As is my usual problem with non-American events, I don’t speak a lick of Spanish and thus don’t understand the commentary. Luckily, after watching so many Japanese tapes it really doesn’t bother me at all to not be able to understand the play by play and color. Really, just hearing the tone and emotions in the announcer’s voice is sufficient and is actually better then some commentators in the States that annoy me so much it takes away from the match.

Black Warrior, Mr. Niebla, and Blue Panther (Tecnicos) vs. Pierroth, El Hijo de Pierroth, and El Terrible (Rudos)

First Fall: This match is JIP, as we see Hijo de Pierroth kick Blue Panther in the corner. Pierroth kicks down Black Warrior and then all three Rudos attack Blue Panther. Irish whip by El Terrible on Blue Panther, Hijo de Pierroth hits a clothesline in the corner, then El Terrible hits one, and finally Pierroth hits a clothesline as well. Suplex by Pierroth on Blue Panther, cover, and he gets the three count fall. They then turn their attention to Mr. Niebla, as Hijo de Pierroth and El Terrible both grab a leg of Mr. Niebla’s and pull in opposite directions. Mr. Niebla quickly gives up, and the first fall is completed. First Fall: Rudos

Second Fall: The Rudos continue working over the Tecnicos, as El Terrible suplexes Black Warrior back into the ring. Mr. Niebla gets out of the ring and Blue Panther soon follows. Pierroth kicks Black Warrior in the leg and hits a chop. Irish whip by El Terrible and Pierroth and they clothesline Black Warrior down. He rolls out of the ring as Blue Panther comes back in. El Terrible and Hijo de Pierroth Irish whip Blue Panther towards Pierroth and he boots Blue Panther in the face. Mr. Niebla then takes his turn, double Irish whip by El Terrible and Hijo de Pierroth and they hit a double big boot. Black Warrior is back in now, but he fights back and hits Pierroth in the corner. Mr. Niebla has also returned and he works over El Terrible. Black Warrior kicks Pierroth low as Mr. Niebla hits a spinning backbreaker on Hijo de Pierroth outside the ring. Kicks to the back of the leg by Black Warrior on Pierroth and he headbutts him in the stomach. Outside the ring, Blue Panther and Mr. Niebla throw El Terrible into the ring post. El Terrible gets back up, but Black Warrior comes off the apron with a running senton. Back in the ring, Hijo de Pierroth tries to fight off both Mr. Niebla and Blue Panther, but Blue Panther applies an arm submission and Hijo de Pierroth submits. Mr. Niebla chops on Pierroth a number of times until Pierroth finally falls to the mat. Hammerlock by Mr. Niebla on Pierroth while Black Warrior kicks his arm, which leads him to give up. Second Fall: Tecnicos

Third Fall: El Terrible attacks Blue Panther to start the final fall, Irish whip by Blue Panther and he armdrags El Terrible to the mat. Blue Panther picks up El Terrible, El Terrible hits a chop, but misses a splash in the corner and goes flying out of the ring. Hijo de Pierroth comes in to replace him and Blue Panther tags in Mr. Niebla. Open hand slaps to the chest by Hijo de Pierroth, but Mr. Niebla pushes him down and stands on his back. Irish whip by Mr. Niebla, he puts his head down for a back bodydrop, but Hijo de Pierroth slaps him in the back. Now it is Hijo de Pierroth that goes for the Irish whip, he puts his head down for a back bodydrop, but this time he is the one that gets slapped in the back. Slap to the chest by Hijo de Pierroth, but Mr. Niebla dances and slaps Hijo de Pierroth to the mat. Hijo de Pierroth rolls out of the ring and Pierroth comes in, as Mr. Niebla tags in Black Warrior. Chops by Pierroth in the corner, but Black Warrior reverses it and hits a series of chops of his own. Irish whip by Pierroth from the corner, but Black Warrior gets his foot up when he charges and clotheslines him down. A dropkick to the head sends Pierroth out of the ring, but El Terrible is in quickly to take his place. Spinning elbow by El Terrible, Black Warrior rolls out of the ring, Blue Panther comes in, but El Terrible greets him with chops. Blue Panther holds down El Terrible so that Mr. Niebla can come in and hit a kick to the back. Irish whip by Blue Panther, reversed, Blue Panther goes for a sunset flip, El Terrible doesn’t go over, but Mr. Niebla comes in and slaps El Terrible, allowing Blue Panther to get the two count pinfall attempt. Mr. Niebla rolls El Terrible up, but he also gets two. El Terrible goes off the ropes, but Mr. Niebla hits him with a dropkick, sending him out of the ring. Mr. Niebla then Irish whips Blue Panther to the ropes, who goes sailing out with a tope suicida onto El Terrible. Mr. Niebla and Hijo de Pierroth are alone in the ring, Mr. Niebla goes for a backflip elbow strike, but Hijo de Pierroth moves in plenty of time and dropkicks Mr. Niebla out of the ring. Hijo de Pierroth hits a tope suicida onto Mr. Niebla, as Black Warrior and Pierroth enter the ring. Pierroth tries to attack Black Warrior with a belt, but Black Warrior avoids him and takes the belt from him. Black Warrior whips Pierroth in the back with the belt, scoop slam by Black Warrior, he goes up top, but a woman that came down with Pierroth knocks Black Warrior off the top turnbuckle. Pierroth covers him and he gets the three count pinfall. Your winners: Pierroth, El Hijo de Pierroth, and El Terrible

Match Thoughts: It should be noted that this was not the main event of 3/8/05, but rather the next-to-last match. The third fall brought things back a little, but the lack of a full first fall really hurt the match as a whole. Usually, the first fall has the technical wrestling, the second is a fast fall that gets the teams even again, and the third fall has the spots/alternating one on one action until a winner is declared (this is a generalization of course). With the first fall gone, the entire match seemed off since the tone of the match was never set. I can’t put my finger on it, but the match just never really clicked, and there wasn’t a “big” fall at any point to spark any excitement (falls by hammerlock, leg submission, and falling off the top turnbuckle). Throw in the fact that there were a few dead weights in the match (although I am quite fond of Blue Panther), this was a pretty disappointing match. Score: 3.3

Shocker, L.A. Park, and Brazo de Plata (Tecnicos) vs. Black Tiger, Okumura, and Taguchi (Rudos)

First Fall: Park and Taguchi start things off. Waistlock by Park, Taguchi reverses it, but Park elbows him off. Taguchi replies with his own elbow, snap suplex, cover, but Park kicks out. Irish whip by Taguchi, but Park clotheslines him down. Cover, but it only gets a two. Park gets Taguchi up in a fireman’s carry, drops him off his shoulders into his knee, and then hits a swinging neckbreaker all in one fluid motion. Cover by Park, but he rolls off when Black Tiger charges the ring. Shocker comes in to replace Park to face off with Black Tiger. Tiger shows off a bit before they trade shots in the middle of the ring. Shocker goes off the ropes and goes for a sunset flip, but Tiger rolls through and hits a clothesline while Shocker is sitting on the mat. Irish whip by Black Tiger to the corner, Shocker flips out to the apron and hits an armdrag back in the ring. Kick to the face by Shocker, Black Tiger rolls out of the ring and Shocker poses to the crowd. Super Porky (Brazo de Plata) comes in to replace Shocker and Okumura comes in as well. Okumura goes in a sumo position and charges Super Porky, but he gets knocked down. Okumura twice charges Super Porky, can’t budge him, so he slaps him in the face instead. The third time he goes for it Super Porky wises up and hits a back bodydrop. Chest slaps by Okumura, he goes off the ropes, but Super Porky body bumps him out of the ring. Taguchi comes in the ring next, Irish whip by Super Porky, and Taguchi can’t budge Super Porky either. Taguchi goes off the ropes again with no effect, now it is Super Porky that goes off the ropes and he knocks Taguchi clear out of the ring. Taguchi gets back in, but gets knocked back out. He comes in a third time, but gets scared and exits again. Super Porky tags in Park as Black Tiger enters the ring. They dance around a bit (literally), and Park pets Black Tiger’s face. More dancing, but Black Tiger has had enough and slaps Park. Park fights out of the wrong corner by ducking Black Tiger’s shots, causing Black Tiger to hit Okumura and Taguchi. Black Tiger finally gets a hold of Park, but Okumura and Taguchi are still mad at him for hitting them earlier and knock down Black Tiger instead. Park armdrags Okumura to the mat, he gets knocked out to the apron, but comes back in with another armdrag to Okumura. Taguchi holds Park for Okumura, but Park blocks the shot, knocks down Taguchi, and gets a spinning backbreaker on Okumura. Park doesn’t need tag team partners, he can handle his own business. Drop toehold by Park on Black Tiger, as the Japanese argue with Black Tiger some more. Park grabs Black Tiger by the arm and does the La Parka Strut with him, but Black Tiger grabs his arm away once he realizes what Park is doing. Super Porky comes in for Park, Okumura tries to knock him down, but is unable to. Irish whip by Super Porky, reversed, Black Tiger hits Super Porky from apron, Okumura goes for a sunset flip, but Super Porky sits down on him for the three count cover. Black Tiger hits a missile dropkick on Super Porky to get him off of Okumura, Shocker runs in and dropkicks Black Tiger, but Taguchi comes off the top with a missile dropkick to floor Shocker. Park comes off the top with a spinning leg kick on Taguchi and then hits a powerslam on Black Tiger. Roll-up by Park on Black Tiger, and Okumura can not break it up in time. First Fall: Tecnicos

Between falls, Que Monito (who I am told is Shocker’s mascot) comes in the ring and slaps Taguchi. Super Porky puts Que Monito on the top turnbuckle and he hits a big splash on Taguchi. Park tries to put Super Porky on the top turnbuckle, he can’t get him up, so Super Porky just does a splash from the ground. Oh, Que Monito is a midget in a monkey suit.

Second Fall: Okumura and Shocker start off the second fall and exchange chops. Shocker gets the better of it, but Okumura rakes his eyes and hits a shoulder block. Okumura goes off the ropes, but Shocker trips him up and hits a dropkick. Taguchi runs in the ring, he and Okumura Irish whip Shocker and hit a double shoulder block. Another double Irish whip, but Shocker ducks the clothesline attempt and knocks down both his opponents. Shocker then hits a scoop slam on Okumura and Taguchi, they roll out of the ring, and Shocker tags in Park. Black Tiger comes in to take over for his fallen comrades, Irish whip by Park, leapfrog, but Black Tiger knocks Park down. Quick clothesline by Black Tiger, he picks up Park, but Park hits an enzigieri. Park works on Black Tiger’s neck, but Taguchi comes in and dropkicks him to the mat. Okumura then runs in as well to attack Shocker, as Taguchi tries to knock down Super Porky. Easier said then done, Okumura and Black Tiger do a double Irish whip to Super Porky and they hit a double spinebuster. Running senton by Taguchi on Super Porky, Super Porky gets up, but Black Tiger dropkicks him out of the ring. Park gets back in, avoids a Taguchi dropkick, but is hit from behind by Black Tiger. Irish whip to Park into the corner, Taguchi hits a clothesline, and his partners slide outside the ring and pull Park into the ring post by his legs. Taguchi pulls Park towards the middle of the ring so that Black Tiger can hit a second rope senton. Monkey looks sad. Shocker is back in, but he is triple teamed. Taguchi puts Shocker on his shoulders and Okumura comes off the top turnbuckle with a missile dropkick. Pin attempt by Taguchi on Shocker, and he gets the three count. At the same time Park was submitting a submission by Black Tiger, but the fall is already over since Shocker was pinned. Second Fall: Rudos

Third Fall: Super Porky is getting worked over by all three men against the ropes as the final fall begins. Chops by Taguchi and Okumura to Super Porky as Black Tiger throws Parka into the corner. Double Irish whip on Super Porky, but he manages to knock down all three of them. Shocker comes in with a dropkick on Black Tiger and they brawl outside the ring. Que Monito gets in a shot as well on Black Tiger, as inside the ring Super Porky chops Okumura in the corner. Super Porky tags in Shocker as Taguchi slides back in the ring. The two exchange chops, Shocker tags in Park, and Park gives Taguchi a few stiff shots of his own. Recovered, Shocker comes back in, they trade blows, but Taguchi clotheslines him down. Okumura holds Shocker for Taguchi, but Shocker moves and Taguchi dropkicks Okumura by accident. Shocker helps Park hit a catapult dropkick on Taguchi, who flies out of the ring. Shocker and Park go to do simultaneous tope suicidas, Okumura and Taguchi run away to the side of the ring, but Super Porky sees them and jumps off the apron with a plancha. Black Tiger comes in and drops Park with a spinning heel kick, but Shocker is up and applies La Reinera (spinning torture rack) to Black Tiger. He releases the hold, Park hits a Code Red on Black Tiger and he picks up the three count. Your winners: Shocker, L.A. Park, and Brazo de Plata

Match Thoughts: A great trios match, and light years better then the last one. L.A. Park is La Parka, which I think is clear but just to make sure. Shocker of course is currently wrestling in NWA:TNA was well, and Taguchi is a New Japan wrestler in Mexico to sharpen his skills. I loved this match from the start to the beginning, as all three falls were set up nicely. Park is still one of my favorite Lucha Libre wrestlers and brings the goods even though he is getting up there in age. Actually, all of them looked really good here, and Super Porky was used in small enough doses that he didn’t have a negative affect on the match. They couldn’t do a whole lot of dives since they were so early on the card, but the action was crisp. A convincing win for the Tecnicos. Score: 7.7

Super Comando vs. Sombra de Plata
This is a lightening match (10 minute time limit). They circle to start, tie-up, waistlock by Sombra de Plata and he applies an arm submission. Super Comando reverses it with a headscissors, reverts it to an armbar when Sombra de Plata tries to get out of it, but Sombra de Plata takes Super Comando to that mat. Super Comando takes the time to pose for the crowd, allowing Sombra de Plata to recover and hit a spear. Sombra de Plata allows Super Comando to get up, tie-up, and they break. Waistlock takedown by Super Comando, Sombra de Plata applies an armbar, reversed by Super Comando, but Sombra de Plata rolls through it and hits a series of knees to the head of Super Comando. Hard slap to the chest by Super Comando, Sombra de Plata comes back with one of his own, Super Comando goes off the ropes, leap frog by Sombra de Plata and he hits a drop toehold. Bridged pin attempt by Sombra de Plata, but Super Comando easily kicks out. Armdrag by Sombra de Plata, but Super Comando kicks Sombra de Plata to the mat when he approaches. Dropkick to the knee by Super Comando, Irish whip to the corner, but Sombra de Plata kicks him when he charges. Sombra de Plata leaps at Super Comando, but Super Comando catches him and throws him down. Irish whip by Super Comando, but Sombra de Plata hits a hurricanrana and Super Comando rolls out of the ring. Sombra de Plata then bounces off the far ropes and hits a running corkscrew plancha suicida. Sombra de Plata is back in first, when Super Comando returns to the ring Sombra de Plata tries to splash him in the corner, but Super Comando moves and rolls him up for two. Irish whip by Super Comando, but Sombra de Plata springboards of the second rope and hits a hurricanrana. Sombra de Plata goes off the ropes again, Super Comando body drops him out to the apron, but Sombra de Plata moves when Super Comando charges and Super Comando sails out of the ring. Sombra de Plata tries to set up for a quebrada, but Super Comando sees him and pulls him off the apron. Super Comando then gets back in the ring and hits a tope suicida down on Sombra de Plata. Super Comando kicks Sombra de Plata hard in the head as he gets back into the ring and Sombra de Plata drops to the mat. Super Comando goes off the ropes, but Sombra de Plata back bodydrops him and rolls him up for two. Sombra de Plata goes off the ropes, goes for a sunset flip, but Super Comando rolls though it and cradles Sombra de Plata for two, which Sombra de Plata reverses into his own pin attempt for two as well. Sombra de Plata goes off the ropes and springboards backwards, but Super Comando sees him, runs under his legs, and hits a springboard elbow strike. Cover by Super Comando but it only gets a two count. Slap by Super Comando to the corner, Irish whip, but when Super Comando charges him Sombra de Plata does a 360 flip over Super Comando’s back. Sombra de Plata goes off the ropes, jumps up on Super Comando’s shoulders, and applies a satellite octopus submission for the submission victory! Your winner: Sombra de Plata

Match Thoughts: Sombra de Plata and Super Comando are lower mid-carders that are getting a rare chance to showcase their talent one on one on a televised program The match was a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, I thought they both looked good and hit their respective high spots well. Sombra de Plata in particular looked strong, and the corkscrew plancha was very impressive. On the other hand, I didn’t like the utter lack of selling in the match. For example, after being hit with a corkscrew plancha, Super Comando is the first person to get a move off back in the ring. There were literally no more then two or three moves that the wrestlers would sell for more then a few seconds at any point during the match. So while I like the submission ending and the Lucha style in general, the match came off more as an exhibition (which is probably all it was) then a serious encounter. It was a nice breath of fresh air though, since it was a singles match amongst trios with two wrestlers that I had not seen before. Score: 5.7

Momentos is up next, which is basically a highlight package of Lucha Libra action from that week. It is a regular feature for CMLL television.

Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Tarzan Boy, and Garza (Tecnicos) vs. Cien Caras, Mascara Ano 2000, and Apolo Dantes (Rudos)

First Fall: They start out brawling, with the Tecnicos having the clear advantage. Eventually, Dantes is left alone in the ring and is worked over by all three Tecnicos. Mascara Ano 2000 gets in the ring, double Irish whip on him, and they hit a double drop toehold. Tarzan Boy and Garza then pull Mascara Ano 2000s’s upper body out of the ring and Aguayo hits a double stomp on Mascara Ano 2000’s back. Back in the ring, now it is Caras’s turn, as he is hit with a double elbow strike and then a double elbow drop. He rolls out of the ring, and Aguayo dropkicks Dantes in the knee. Dantes is placed out on the apron, and while he is held by Tarzan Boy and Garza, Aguayo dropkicks him in the back. Caras and Mascara Ano 2000 both get back in the ring, but they continue to get beaten up until they finally out-smart Tarzan Boy and Garza, who both fall out of the ring after missing corner splashes. Aguayo is up on the top turnbuckle interacting with the crowd and is unaware that all three of his opponents are waiting for him inside the ring. Finally he hops down and Dantes clotheslines him to the mat. Caras and Mascara Ano 2000 then hit clotheslines, and the triple teaming continues, ending with a fireman’s carry takedown by Dantes. Caras quickly applies a reverse figure four, while Mascara Ano 2000 applies pressure to Aguayo’s back and pulls on his arms. This is simply too much for Aguayo, and he quickly submits. First Fall: Rudos

Second Fall: Garza runs up the rampway, but Caras goes down and gets him. Caras tosses Hijo del Perro Aguayo around at ringside and throws him into the ring post. Back in the ring, Tarzan Boy is triple teamed, and he is thrown down across Dantes’ knee by Aguayo and Caras. Garza comes in the ring and tries to fight off all three men, but is naturally not successful. Double Irish whip on Garza and the Rudos hit a double faceplant. Double suplex on Garza, and Dantes hits a missile dropkick off the top turnbuckle. They toss Garza from the ring and Hijo del Perro Aguayo enters. He is worked over against the ropes and tossed to the mat by all three wrestlers in succession. Double Irish whip, but Hijo del Perro Aguayo manages to dropkick Caras out of the ring. Dantes holds Hijo del Perro Aguayo for Caras, but Aguayo moves and Caras kicks Dantes by accident. Chop by Hijo del Perro Aguayo on Mascara Ano 2000 and he hits a scoop slam. Aguayo bounces off the ropes, but Dantes runs in and elbows him down. Hijo del Perro Aguayo rolls out, Tarzan Boy Irish whips Dantes to the corner, but Dantes avoids his charge and clotheslines Tarzan Boy out of the ring. Garza comes in, but Dantes clotheslines him to the mat. Dantes goes off the ropes, but Tarzan Boy grabs his feet and pulls him out of the ring. Tarzan Boy holds Dantes out of the ring for Garza, Garza goes up top, but Dantes moves and Garza hits his corkscrew plancha on Tarzan Boy. Dantes then goes up on the apron and hits a senton splash on both of them. Back in the ring, Hijo del Perro Aguayo is being attacked by Caras and Mascara Ano 2000 until Perro Aguayo comes down to ringside to help his son. They manage to fight off Mascara Ano 2000 and Caras without too much trouble, but are disqualified in the process. Second Fall and the winners of the match: Cien Caras, Mascara Ano 2000, and Apolo Dantes

Post match: Lots and lots of brawling by the father/son pair and Mascara Ano 2000/Caras.

Match Thoughts: Even though they were listed as Tecnicos and Rudos as I put it, since the ‘Tecnicos’ team were Rudos last week I don’t think that either one of the teams are considered “good guys.” Anyway, this match was more about setting up a future match then anything else, which became evident after the five minute brawl after the match was over with Perro Aguayo coming down to ringside to get involved. What was there was fine, and even though it was mostly brawling the teams did have a nice set of triple team moves that they used on each other. Garza’s corkscrew plancha from the top is always awe-inspiring, and the double senton was fun as well. Obviously I would have preferred a longer match and a more definite outcome, but I understand what CMLL was doing. So in the end it wasn’t a bad match, although it really wasn’t much of a match anyway. Score: 6.0

Dr. Wagner Jr. and Mistico (Tecnicos) vs. Rey Bucanero and Ultimo Guerrero (Rudos)

First Fall: Mistico charges the ring before his partner has a change to come out, but he is clotheslined by Guerrero as soon as he enters. Guerrero picks up Mistico and tosses him to the mat before trying to rip off his mask. Wagner finally comes down and is greeted by Bucanero. Bucanero and Wagner brawl on the ramp and Wagner hits a snap belly to belly suplex. Wagner and Guerrero slug it out in the ring, with Wagner getting the advantage and dropkicking Guerrero in the head. Wagner tags in Mistico, who comes in the ring with a springboard hurricanrana on Guerrero, sending Guerrero out of the ring. When Guerrero stands up, Wagner gets a running start off the apron and hits a somersault senton. Back in the ring, Bucanero tosses down Mistico, but he misses an elbow drop and Mistico quickly applies La Mistica for the submission victory! First Fall: Tecnicos

Second Fall: After Mistico gets done hugging kids in the crowd he gets back in the ring and faces off with Guerrero. Mistico charges Guerrero, but Guerrero tosses him high in the air and watches him crash to the mat. Press slam by Guerrero and he throws Mistico into Wagner, who had come into the ring to help. Wagner hits a drop toehold on Guerrero which sends him into the second rope, and Mistico quickly hits a 619 as he is leaving the ring. Running bulldog by Wagner on Guerrero, Irish whip, reversed, Bucanero hits Wagner from the apron and hits a Diamond Dust over the top rope, but he holds onto Wagner’s head upon completing the move so that Guerrero can dropkick Wagner in the face. Mistico enters and goes for a bodyscissors, but Bucanero spikes him on his head and picks up the three count fall. At the same time Guerrero wraps up Wagner in a submission hold and he quickly gives up. Second Fall: Rudos

Third Fall: While Mistico is checked on by doctors, Guerrero rips on Wagner’s mask inside the ring before tossing him to the outside. Back in the ring, Guerrero is tossed into the corner and Bucanero hits a rolling elbow strike. Guerrero follows up with an Avalanche, Mistico is thrown back into the ring, double Irish whip, and both wrestlers slam Mistico to the mat. They take Mistico out to the ramp next and hit a double running bulldog. Chop by Guerrero, Wagner has made his way out to the apron, Guerrero charges him, but Wagner back bodydrops him back into the ring. Bucanero charges next, but Wagner arm drags him into the ring as well. Wagner then invites Mistico to run towards him and he launches Mistico into the ring, allowing Mistico to hit a missile dropkick on both their opponents. Wagner gets back in and hits a double dropkick as well, which sends both Guerrero and Bucanero out of the ring. Mistico then quickly ascends to the top turnbuckle and dives down onto Bucanero with a plancha. Guerrero and Wagner face off in the ring, Guerrero gets Wagner in the corner and hits a number of strikes, but Wagner reverses positions with him and hits his a series of chops. Tornado DDT from the corner by Wagner, but Bucanero is back in the ring. Wagner ducks Bucanero’s clothesline, hits his Wagner Driver, cover, and he gets a three count. At the same time, Mistico has come back in the ring and hits the Code Red on Guerrero, and Mistico also gets a three count pinfall. Your winners: Dr. Wagner Jr. and Mistico

Match Thoughts: Why so short? All four of these wrestlers can really go, the crowd was really into it, and yet it was one of the shortest matches on the card. There was really no time to get any flow or rhythm to the match, for there was a successful pinfall or submission every other minute. The action itself was great, Wagner and Mistico worked well together and the GDI (Iniciativa de Defensa Global) are one of the most talented heel stables you will find anywhere. So I had no problem with the in-ring action, just with the direction the match took in making it so short and without building up any of the falls into something more meaningful. Score: 6.3

Final Thoughts:

This event was really saved by the Trios match, for everything else here ranges from bad to decent. The main event is the ultimate mixed bag, with excellent in-ring action but no real direction or meaning that you’d expect from four of the better workers in Mexico. The Lightening Match wasn’t bad either, but again it came across more as an exhibition then anything else. But if anyone can make an event worth buying, its L.A. Park, and the last match does have redeeming qualities that makes it worth seeing.

Mildly Recommended

Moves in italics can be seen at, under the “lucha libre wrestling clips” section. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions, comments, or snide remarks.


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