Batgirl #68 Review

Reviewer: Andy Campbell
Story Title: Destruction’s Daughter part 3: Motherlode

Writer: Andersen Gabrych
Pencils: Pop Mhan & Ale Garza
Inks: Jesse Delperdang
Colors: Jason Wright
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Editor: Michael Wright
Publisher: DC Comics

I’m not a regular reader of Batgirl, but the solicit for this storyline intrigued me enough to pick it up. The solicit is that Batgirl is trying to find out who her mother is, and she thinks it may be Lady Shiva.

This issue sees Batgirl finally locate Shiva, who is the new Sensei for the League of Assassins. This is also an all-new League of Assassins, under the control of Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter Nyssa. Shiva’s students all honor Batgirl as “the One Who Is All,” as she was able to defeat Shiva in combat. Instead of answering Batgirl’s questions, Shiva instead attacks, which leads to an excellent fight sequence between the two.

I’m not really familiar with any of the creative team on this book, but I’m impressed so far. This storyline has been just as intriguing as I hoped it would be, and I like the art quite a bit as well. The new League of Assassins looks pretty cool, too. I’m interested to see how those characters develop. Count me in for the long haul!