Gilmore Girls – Recap – Episode 3

This week’s tale begins with Lorelai preparing breakfast for Paul Anka and the workers. Construction on the house is well under way. And T.J. thinks he’s the contractor. Not surprisingly, the workers are big fans of Lorelai–especially naked.

With the Lorelai/Rory deep freeze still in full affect, Rory continues her strange summer with the grandparents. She and Emily talk all things D.A.R., and Emily seems confused that raspberries are red. Rory has also managed to soften up her co-workers, and appears to be the foreman of the cleanup crew – barking out orders like a champ.

With Rory out of the picture, Lorelai is definitely “taking one for the team” by befriending Paris, who feels free to share sex talk and anything under the sun with her. Sookie, Michel and the rest of the staff at the Dragon Fly, however, do not share Lorelai’s sympathy. Sookie pops the inevitable question, but Lorelai can’t commit on a wedding date. Sookie and Michel are skeptical. Is Luke doomed to be the new Max?

Luke comes home to find Lorelai entertaining the workers, including a pretty stupidly funny bit with Paul Anka. He is clearly irritated, at least in his own harmless way.

Luke(to Lorelai): You don’t have to put on a USO show for them

Zach. Gil. Brian. Lane. Hep Alien rocks the Whitfield Seventh Day Advenice Church (or something like that)! I almost forgot about the church tour from the end of last season. Cool Blondie song. And Coldplay rip…

Sookie presents Lorelai with the dream S’mores Dark Chocolate wedding cake. But Lorelai still won’t budge on a wedding date. She’s also breaking up with Paris, or at least she tries to. You just knew giving Paris her cell phone number was a bad idea. She blows her perfect out as soon as Rory’s name is mentioned.

Speaking of Rory, she’s busy chaperoning a senior citizens’ dance. And we are graced with Logan’s return from Copenhagen, and a lot of lame stories about he and his friends’ crazy antics. Rory also declares the topic of Yale can never be off limits.

Hep Alien tour is coming to an end. After being on the road for two months, the boys (and girl) in the band are tired, hungry, and a little on edge. Gil can’t even finish his sentences. Lane then announces that with the money they saved up (at the expense of food and tooth paste), they can record their own record. Suddenly, the mood brightens. While I’m enjoying these scenes immensely, it almost seems like a different show.

With a wedding party at the Inn running late, and no running water at the house, Luke volunteers to take Paul Anka back to his place. And when Paul Anka eats too much chocolate, he wakes up the town vet. Major Lorelai points, Luke.

Luke also tries to build T.J.’s confidence after he realizes he’s not the contractor.

Luke: You’re not a contractor. You’re a craftsmen!

T.J.: Wow. I’m a craftsmen. Like Jesus. He built stuff for a while

Luke: Yep, you’re exactly like Jesus. That was my point.

T.J. actually made me laugh a couple times in this one, I must confess.

Lorelai also finally reveals the mystery of the missing wedding date to Luke: she doesn’t want to set a wedding date ’til things are right with Rory.

At the end of this quite entertaining chapter, we see Rory watching Yale from afar, as an outsider, and then being welcomed into the Daughters of the American Revolution. A very nice transition, and effective closing scene…

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