[WWE] WWE Censors ByteThis! Warrior Segment

From WWE.com:

A Parody Too Far?
Sept. 29, 2005

Last night on “Byte This!,” what was intended to be a light-hearted parody on the Ultimate Warrior’s official statement regarding his refusal to appear on the show may have gone a little overboard. Todd Grisham and Matt Striker went into a direction that was not the original intent of the producers of “Byte This!” or WWE.

This morning, Grisham said , “I think we both got caught up in the moment. I guess I was still hot about Warrior referring to Droz as a cripple and me as “queer,” but that’s still no excuse. Matt and I went into business for ourselves.”

“We were having fun with it,” Striker added. “I’m actually a big fan. There was no script, except the verbiage that was his.”

Watch this edited version of “Byte This!” that better reflects the original intention of the skit.