The O.C. – Recap – Episode 3-4

So this week I am hoping we get some public school action. Maybe some new characters at the school. Actually..I think we will get a lot of new storylines starting this week. Last week tied up a few loose ends. So it’s time to start new. Here are some questions for you:

How will Marissa adapt to public school? (Welcome to the club. Hate to see them take your coffee bar away from you.)

What will Ryan do? (Is he going back to Chino or will he go back to school..and which school?)

Will Charlotte come and live with the Cohens like I predicted? (Probably so, but what is her story..REALLY?)

How will Julie deal with having no money? (Kiss those yogilates classes goodbye!)

What is up with Dean Hess and Taylor? (She’s a little young..dude!)

Will Summer and Seth remain a happy couple? (I hope so, because it gives me hope for MY future and MY “Summer”. You can’t fight fate!)

Now onto the show…

The O.C. – Season Three (Episode 4) – “The Last Waltz”

Seth, Summer, and Ryan drop Marissa off at her new school. They try to make her feel better about the new school. They have great lights in the parking lot and a cool breeze. Marissa thinks this will be good. A chance to start over. Ryan wants her to go to school with him. But she decides this is best for her. Welcome to public school hell..Marissa. Some girls call her “Newport Barbie”. Oh..burn!

Seth: **Looking out the car window** “That was the last they ever saw her.”

“California…here we come…right back where we started from…California…here we come! Oh!!”

Seth has some coffee, but he has no place to put it as Summer’s crap is all over the table. She is a busy girl as “social chair” now. Dean Hess interrupts them and Seth feels like he is in prison as Dean orders him to do odd jobs. Unless he gives up the name of whoever helped him. Seth says “no way”.

Ryan talks to Sandy. Sandy says his tutor is on the way. Ryan wants to go to school with Marissa. Sandy says “Heck no!”. He needs to worry about himself first. He needs to start getting ready for college. Ryan says “alright” and walks away. Sandy then looks at Kirsten, who is killing flowers in the garden. She is ready for a shower and she wants Sandy to join her. Great. Already..they are at it again. Well it has been sure.

A man appears at Julie’s home and it’s not her home anymore. She is being kicked out. And Julie shuts the door and doesn’t look happy.

Meanwhile, Marissa is at school and she bumps into a new girl. Her name is Hearther..I think. She’s a mean girl. She wants Marissa to tell her than “she is better than her”. Marissa doesn’t think that and Heather calls her a liar. Another girl, Casey, comes and bails her out. Marissa calls her nice and she says she isn’t.

Summer is “social chairing” away. Taylor comes and wants to help her. She calls herself a pain, and Summer agrees. Taylor wanted to be “social chair” to make friends, but that didn’t work. All she wants is for people to say “I’m glad I got to know you” in her yearbook and not just “have a great summer.” She wants to be more like Summer. So Summer takes pity and gives her a job to do. I smell something fishy.

A guy now helps out Marissa. His name is Johnny and it’s Casey’s boyfriend. They have a friend named Dennis. Everyone calls him “Chili”. He loves Marissa. He falls fast and hard or something like that. On his skateboard..that is. Marissa goes and calls Ryan. She tells him to not to come and get her as she is going to eat with her new “friends”. One problem..Ryan is already there, but says he isn’t. He watches as she leaves with Johnny, Casey, and Chili.

Marissa switches purses as Julie comes into her room. She tells her to stay with Summer for a few days. She lies and Marissa knows it. She knows they are getting kicked out. So Summer’s house it is..for Marissa. Marissa asks Julie if she saved a lot of money over the years and Julie says “sure.” I think not, though.

Kirsten gets a ring at the doorbell and some guy gives her flowers. Odd.

Summer and Marissa drive up to Summer’s house. Marissa forgot about having lunch with Ryan. She calls him and tells him that she is sorry. Ryan says he knows she has been busy lately, so not to worry. That is what he says, but that is not what he means.

Charlotte calls Kirsten. She wants to have lunch with Kirsten. Sounds good to her. They hang up and there is some guy with Charlotte. It’s the same guy who delivered Kirsten the flowers! His name is Glen. He says something like “she better come through with that money”. So the plan is starting to become clear.

Taylor comes up to Summer and she has a secret to tell her. Taylor tells her than Dean Hess knows that Seth didn’t do it alone. And she tells him that if Seth didn’t tell the Dean by the end of the day..he would suspend Seth. That’s a lie! Summer thanks her as Seth comes up.

Kirsten is baking a quiche in the kitchen. Shocking for Sandy. Sandy tells her that they need to make a decision about the “Newport Group”. They can still rescue it or drop it and sell everything. It’s up to Kirsten. She says to “let it go.”

Summer comes to Dean Hess’s office and she admits that she helped Seth.

Summer: “I did all the work..oh noodle arms..couldn’t even lift up a palm tree…”

Dean Hess says she can’t be social chair anymore and Summer knows what is up now, but it’s too late. Taylor gets to take over as social chair and I knew it! Summer calls herself an idiot and I agree.

Julie comes to Sandy’s office and she wants a loan from the “Newport Group”. That is a crime. But Sandy says there will be no “Newport Group” anymore, so try something else Julie. Sandy asks Julie where she stands with her money? Sandy says that he can loan her some money. But Julie says no. She has plenty of stock. But that’s another lie! She has nothing!

Summer comes back to confront Taylor. The war is not over. Taylor tells her to “not even get out of the boat.” Taylor is a human quagmire. Summer doesn’t know what that is and neither do I. So I look it up with Mr. Webster.

Quagmire – noun: a soft wet area of low-lying land that sinks underfoot.

So if Summer steps up to Taylor..Taylor will take her down! I get it! Josh is a genius! And I am not talking about myself. Although..I believe I am. Hehehe. But that would be the creator, Josh Schwartz. Anyways…

Johnny comes up and asks Marissa if she is going to the dance. Marissa wants to know the theme, but there are no themes at public school dances. The mean girl, Heather, comes over and says she is sorry about being mean. But then she brings up the “gun thing”. She says Marissa was kicked out because of shooting someone. Marissa runs off to cry. She didn’t want anyone to know, but Johnny says they all know. But Johnny says that she saved someone’s life. And he tries to console her. Ryan drives up and he has bad timing as he sees this and runs up to them. Johnny offers a handshake and Ryan does, but you can tell he wonders what is going on. Marissa says he was just trying to help.

Seth and Ryan talk back at home. Ryan says he overreacted and embarrassed Marissa. He wonders if he damaged their relationship. Ryan wants advice, but Seth says “how about just calling her and saying you’re sorry.”

Seth: “ homeschool kids are pathetic.”

Summer and Marissa sit by the pool. Summer tells her to go to the dance. Ryan calls and Marissa says that it was her fault. She then tells him that she has to do homework tonight instead of going to the movies.

Charlotte and Kirsten meet for lunch. Charlotte has an idea. “What if there is a place for rehab women to go to before they go home?” She wants Kirsten to invest in the idea. I smell a scam! Kirsten says she has no money. Charlotte is stunned and probably screaming inside herself. Kirsten tells Charlotte that she is selling the “Newport Group”. Then..Charlotte turns things around on Kirsten. She says that selling the group is like getting rid of any memory of her dad and now Kirsten rethinks the selling idea.

Movers and repo men come in and take over Julie’s home. Julie says “oh my god.”

Johnny, Chili, and Casey arrive at Summer’s house and they want her to go to the dance. She is supposed to be doing homework, but they are not leaving without her.

Seth and Ryan are leaving for a dance. Actually..Seth is going. Ryan is dropping him off and then stopping by to see if Marissa needs a break. And I bet he sees that she is not there and gets all pissed! Great!

Sandy and Kirsten talk in the kitchen and Sandy knows that something is up. He can see it in her eyes.

Ryan and Seth arrive at the house and it’s some more bad timing. They see Marissa getting ready to leave with Johnny, Casey, and Chili.

Seth: “That’s the problem with the surprise pop-in.”

Seth thought she was studying. Ryan asks what is going on? She says she needs to make friends and Ryan tells her to go to the dance. It’s okay. Summer and Seth now leave for a different dance and that leaves Ryan all alone. So sad.

It’s time to dance! Chili spikes the punch. The mean girls look on and point at Marissa. Heather gives her the “finger as a gun” hand motion and Marissa runs away. Chili tells her to go back in there and throw some cardboard down and bust a move. They all go back to the dance now to face the mean girls together.

Lets dance on the beach now! Summer and Seth’s dance is poppin’! Taylor then stands up there and lies about this dance being her idea. Taylor thanks Dean Hess. And then she proclaims to everyone at the beach that…

Taylor: “This really is the ‘End of Summer’.”

That is what you get for having a name of a season as your name.

Charlotte and Glen argue about what the plan is now.

Charlotte: “The woman is the princess of Orange County. I will find a way to use her. I am not going to let Kirsten Cohen get away.”

They then make out and go at it. So there you go. You know where it’s going, but what will happen?

Meanwhile, Kirsten is at home and she looks at some old pictures. One of her and her dad. Sandy says they can keep the company, but Kirsten says no. She just needed to say goodbye.

Seth calls Ryan and asks if he is okay. Seth tells him to not take this seriously. And then Seth puts his foot in his mouth.

Seth: “I just don’t want you to think that she is pulling away or think that this is the night where she drifts away and you did nothing to stop her.”

Seth wants to make sure that Ryan knows that, but what it really did was make Ryan go off. Ryan says he has to go and this can’t be good.

Ryan is at the dance now. He sees her laughing with the NEW “foursome”. Seth is there now and he is here to stop Ryan. Seth knew what he did and he used his skateboard to get over to the dance before Ryan could get there. Now his left leg hurts. Ryan knows that if he went into the dance..he would ruin things. So he doesn’t and Seth and Ryan leave. There will be no disaster tonight!

Summer whines to Seth on the phone. But then she sees Taylor being sneaky and wonders what is going on. She follows Taylor. And she sees Taylor making out with someone and of’s Dean Hess! Because I am that damn good! I told you! Summer can’t believe it, but I can.

Julie is at a hotel room. She watches some TV and opens her bag. She starts to cry as her world comes crumbling down around her. And you almost feel sorry for her..almost.

Summer runs and tells Seth what she just saw. Or tries to, but Taylor interrupts her. So Summer and Seth dance instead.

Marissa comes back to Ryan and tells her than she wished he was there the whole night. Then..she makes Ryan a deal.

Marissa: “Whatever song comes on the radio next..will be our song?”

Don’t do it..Ryan! He says okay, though. And it’s a rap song. “Bounce With Me Baby”..come on! She changes the station and it’s some cheesy song. I will have to look that up in a minute as we get various images over it…

“Marissa and Ryan dance….Julie crying in the hotel room….Summer and Seth dancing….Taylor and Dean Hess exchanging a look….Charlotte smoking a cigarette….Sandy and Kirsten having dinner….Back to Ryan and Marissa as they dance.

Oh..the song is “Forever Young” by I don’t know. But it’s on the “O.C. Music Mix #5”. That comes out in November! And look at I am selling for ‘The O.C.’! Sign me up Josh!

And we are out!

And oh by the way…this is the last new episode until November! I hate baseball! Go Cardinals, though! Just put it on ESPN and we will all be happy!

Don’t forget..“You Can’t Fight Fate!”..and look for my “Weekly Pulse” column tomorrow or maybe today. Just look for it Friday! And now I’m out! I promise!

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