TNA At Ringside: SpikeTV Here We Come

Welcome back to ringside everyone. Yes, I know I missed a week but with good reason. I started a new job and I was forced to work every day last week until close. So I got home around 11:30 and then I had to do homework and what not. So I really had no time to do anything last week. Hell, Monday was the first time I got online since the last column. I am back now and ready to talk TNA. So away we go.

Jarrett Wins World Title

So at a house show sometime last week, TNA put the World Title on Jarrett as he defeated Raven. Smart move? Yes. Besides Jeff Hardy, Jeff Jarrett is probably the most known person in TNA to the casual fan. People know Jeff Jarrett. They know he was J E Double F J A Double R E Double T, Jeff Jarrett. They may remember the long blonde locks flowing as he country battled Jesse James. They may remember him jobbing to Chyna in a house-keeping match. They may remember him winning the first and only triple deck cage match. And they may remember him saying “Slapnuts” while hitting people with his guitar. A casual wrestling fan that followed the Big 3 in the 90’s will remember this. What memories do they have of somebody like Abyss or AJ Styles? TNA made this move to appeal to the casual wrestling fan and you can’t fault them for wanting to do so.

Was this the popular move? No. To be popular, you must have fans. TNA has fans. Those fans know that Christopher Daniels is one of the best on the mic and in the ring. Those fans know that AJ Styles is phenomenal (and #1 Wrestler in the World according to Ian and Ross, which is a better honor than any other website or magazine.) TNA fans know about the TNA wrestlers. They know that Jeff Jarrett has many reigns as World Champ. And they were sick of him then and will get sick of him again. This was not the popular move by TNA but if they gain more fans because of it and it all works out in the long run, paint me happy.

SpikeTV Debut

Note: I have not read any spoilers concerning the debut on SpikeTV, I want to be surprised Saturday at 11

With that said, TNA has a pretty nice card lined up for the Spike Debut. First off, they made the smart move in putting Rhino and Jeff Hardy in the main event. Casual wrestling fans can identify with these two men. They know that these two were in WWE and had some success. Putting two former WWE workers in the main event was smooth. They are attempting to gain new viewers while giving former miss used talent a new chance.

Also on the card, Sabin vs. Williams vs.Shelly. This is going to a Ultimate X preview match and as well as a X Division review match. New fans will see what the X Division is all about. They will see 3 of the top X Division workers TNA has to offer. Not only will this be a very good match and expect to see the Canadian Destroyer as TNA hopes that people watching will say “Holy shit, I’ve never seen that”

Finally, Styles vs. Strong. Another smooth move by TNA. Who is the one man that represents TNA? AJ Styles. He’s not the best worker in the world (according to the Best Worker List in the World) and Mr. TNA for nothing. TNA is going to showcase AJ Styles right off the bat. They booked him in a match with a ROH guy who probably won’t stick around in the long run. So having Strong job won’t lose him any heat.

I also expect a Jarrett interview, some old WWE faces but new TNA faces, and the Deadly Boyz.

Looking at this line up, I think the first episode of Impact! on Spike will come off very well if everyone is on point.

Bound For Glory

So TNA is putting all their eggs in the Bound For Glory basket. So far, none have cracked.

Liger vs. Joe: Good booking here. TNA took its new X Division star and booked him against a X Division Legend. Samoa Joe has been running through everyone in TNA. He has yet to lose a singles match and has been dominant in most of his outings. He is the power in the X Division yet he can submission wrestle with the best. Liger was the X Division before the X Division was cool. Liger made a name for himself in Japan and brought that name to WCW. He had something like 10 Titles at once or some crazy ass number. It will be cool to see if he can still go in the ring.

Williams vs. Sabin vs. Bentley: TNA is going showcase the division and match that made them a contender. The Ultimate X Match is one of the most creative pieces of work in wrestling history. These 3 men have all been in a Ultimate X match and know the ropes so to speak. All of them can put on a show as well. If these guys are on spot expect good things.

Hardy vs. Abyss vs. Sabu vs. Rhino: The Monsters Ball match is back and it has some spot takers. We know what Hardy and Sabu will do anything just to get a crowd reaction. They will put their bodies on the line of absolute no reason and that’s why the mark fans love them. Abyss and Rhino bring power to this match. Along with that power, neither man is afraid to take a big bump. Rhino took plenty in ECW and Abyss has taken plenty in TNA. I expect to see a war in this match, they should use anything and everything.

Styles vs. Daniels: Once again, good booking. These two men already put on a show in one Iron Man Match this year, now it’s a game of “Can We Top That?” It will be interesting to see if they can do better than Against All Odds. I’m not sure if this has been announced as a 30 Minute or 60 Minute Iron Man Match but either one is good with me. I would say 60 Minutes is too much but hell, I could watch these 2 for 24 Hours. I don’t need to hype this match, it’s Styles and Daniels

The End

It’s good to be back after a week of work. Hockey starts on Wednesday so HELL MOTHER FUCKIN YEAH! Drop me a line at and join me next time At Ringside.


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