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Bad News; Bad Week

My week has really sucked, which is odd because I’ve actually had like three days off since we last met. But none of those days went according to plan, although I did manage to get be disappointed.

But to top it all off, I really only got to watch my Sunday Night (partially) and Tuesday night shows. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are still waiting to be watched.

Perhaps the biggest downer is that I didn’t get to watch Reunion or even tape it. Man, I was really looking forward to giving the show a good thrashing.

(I may actually post my thoughts on the shows I missed over here over the weekend. You may want to check in for that.)

What I Watched Last Week

Real Time With Bill Maher – An all Brit panel this week, with interesting results. Brits beefing is quite an sight to behold, they’re clever and witty, but also a bit longwinded. It had its moments, but those were few and far between.

Rome – Dude, that kid is a beast. I didn’t really think they were going to cut off the brother-in-law’s thumbs, much less kill him. Nutty. That whole putting a curse on Atia and Caesar was pretty interesting to view. I’ll admit that Caesar went a bit overboard, but I don’t think he deserved a curse like that. I’m pretty hooked on this show.

Desperate Housewives – This show is only second to Reunion as the shows that I’ll sit through, but hate. It was pretty funny to see John thinking he was going to move in with Gabby(?). Lynette having to get a job was certainly the best part of the episode. I kind of missed the whole “break up” of the episode. It was a subpar season premiere and I hope all those Emmy nods fall off next year.

Extras – I’ve only seen a handful of the original The Office, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen. The two bits that were shown as promos were equally funny within the context of the episode. The characters seem interesting. But I’m worried that the star guest star will overshadow the show itself. Oh yeah, Kate was hilarious, 100% correct and hilarious.

Curb Your Enthusiasm – This is going to be the first season that I’ve actually tried to watch. There’s really nothing that I can say here that hasn’t been said before. But I did enjoy the show.

Nip/Tuck – Matt is a nut. I suppose if you’re in high school and you’ve been carrying on a relationship with an older woman who happens to be, genetically speaking, a man, then I guess you could react by seeking out a new post-op to get it on with. But to me it seemed extra. Operating on a gorilla? Extra, but oddly acceptable. The three viscous beatdowns, seemed excessive but equally acceptable. Matt, both on the giving and receiving ends of gay bashing, pretty clever (though I’ve got to believe that Miami has more than one high school.).

Oh and tattooed tears can also mean that the person has lost someone to violence, but thanks for perpetuating a stereotype Nip/Tuck!

My Name is Earl – Poor “Haywire”, forever to be typecast as a nutty con. I bet he misses his days of being a creepy guy in 24’s first season. Now onto the actual episode, it reeked of a network concession; “Ok, Earl can smoke in the pilot, but he’s got to quit before October.” The episode was funny, I surely hope this show takes off, as I’d like to see what happens when they run out of things to atone for.

The Office – The dude from Human Resources was pure comedy. I dug how he accepted that explaining the female anatomy fell under his charge. Michael is pure ass. The pin up mix up was pretty funny. The blow up doll was a nice prop. This show deserves to be watched by more people.

Boston Legal – Interesting. I’m trying to figure out how the episode was put together. I’m guessing the Black Widow storyline was salvaged from last season, as was the groper. But religion case was clearly for the debut. I didn’t really notice any thing to make me think that this wasn’t all one episode, but I’m just assuming here.

Still what happened to Kerry Washington’s character? And now that Monica Potter is leaving the show, doesn’t that kind of eliminate a bit of the tension between Brad and Alan? (god that sentence sounded so whitebread.) I’m sure the writers will whip something up, but the buildup for the Lori/Alan coupling was such a force on the show I’m really going to miss it.

I hope this show survives, but I’m not optimistic.

Criminal Minds – My roommate wanted to give this show a chance. This show would have been amazing, a decade ago. Now it’s just boring. Of course the cops have already interviewed the killer, everyone knows killers are cocky and like to toy with cops.

It was nice to see Chicago Hope alums, Mandy Patinkin and Thomas Gibson back together. And I’m guessing that this will be the show that finally gets Shemar Moore a prime-time gig (and doesn’t he seem to have a pilot every year?) My main beef is that this show is on CBS, which means it’s going to have a happy ending. Call me spoiled but MI-5, Homicide: Life on the Streets and The Wire didn’t/don’t always have happy endings. Sometimes the good guys lose, except on CBS.

E-Ring – My roommate and I stumbled across this on USA(?) and gave it a shot. It kept our interest for an hour. Bratt’s accent is distracting. Hopper is almost unbelievable as a military man. That young dude makes a pretty interesting antagonist. I don’t know if this show will male regular viewing, but it’ll do if nothing else is on.

(wow, could you imagine if I did manage to watch all of my shows? This column would have been crazy long.)

The (Preliminary) Greatest Show Ever…this week – Rome

Dude this show rocks. Lucius is a pretty sympathetic character. I almost felt bad that he lost his slaves, except that, y’know I’m Black. But having him have to go and ask for his job back was such a humbling scene.

Gaius is a beast. I didn’t really think they were going to cut off the brother-in-law’s thumbs, much less kill him. Nutty. That whole putting a curse on Atia and Caesar was pretty interesting to view. I’ll admit that Caesar went a bit overboard, but I don’t think he deserved a curse like that. I’m pretty hooked on this show. The only way this show could be better is if it was Ray Stevens instead of Ray Stevenson as Titus Pullo

The Exception Not the Rule

I was on the bus this week and I got to thinking; George Clooney makes some pretty crappy TV shows.

I’m serious. Now I’ve not seen every show he’s ever done, but I’m really believing that ER was the one show that he didn’t really stink up. He was on The Facts of Life when the show had lost off of it’s creativity. He produced K Street and Unscripted, both of which I wasted too much time watching.

Yup, I’ve come to the conclusion that George Clooney equals ratings disaster. He’s like a death knell for a show. I’ve got plenty of ideas for TV shows, and I honestly believe that George wanted to produce one I’d pass. I might not even be polite about it. I may just say “Yeah, George I’m actually fine struggling to make rent and living paycheck to paychek, I’ll wait until someone who doesn’t have the TV touch of death wants to hear what I have to say.”

(But seriously George, give me a call, I’ve some ideas I think you’d be interested in.)

Dancing With Sureality Thank god for Colin

Last week I posed the following scenario;

Good News; you’re a celebrity. Bad News; I forgot to add “washed up” before “celebrity.” Good News; you’re getting a second shot at fame. Bad News; you’re not the only one. Maybe it’ll be a contest. Maybe it’ll be a “reality” type situation. Maybe you’ll be making a fool of yourself on national television. Well, actually that last one is a given. Anyway this your chance and being in the spotlight again.

So would you rather be on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars or VH1’s The Surreal Life?

Colin saves the day with;

Has to be Surreal Life. With everyone and their dog saying that there’s too many reality shows, if anyone gets rid of Surreal Life I’ll flip. This show is the reason reality shows exist. Washed up stars who don’t know they’re washed up (what’s up, Brat?), or just take the ball and run with it (Chyna, Flav). Wow.

If I was on Dancing with the Stars, it’d be bad news. This hDonkey would be tripping all over himself. I’d be embarrassing myself on Surreal Life as well, but at least I’d have booze. That’d at least give me an excuse to look like a chump on tv.

I’m actually with Colin on this one. I can’t dance. I’m not too short and kind of lanky, which just makes me awkward on the dance floor. Furthermore I don’t like getting dressed up, and by “dressed up” I mean ironing. So such a formal setting as they have on Dancing With the Stars wouldn’t suit me. On The Surreal Life I could loaf on the couch, much like I do now. I could also have my friends come over and slowly take over the program making it the Mathan/Jason/Marcas Wacky Fun Show

Of course this leads us to…

Good News/Bad News/Question of the Week

Good News; you’re moving. Bad News; it’s because you can’t afford to live in your place. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe your wife threw you out. Maybe your lease was up and the management is moving to condos. Who know? The point is you’ve got to find a place to live. Good News; you’ve got prospects. Bad News; there’s only two of them. Good News; they’re both in the “good” neighborhoods. Bad News; both your potential roommates are less than tidy. Ambivalent News; they’re both named “Oscar.”

So, would you rather live with Oscar the Grouch (Sesame Street) or Oscar Madison (The Odd Couple)?


Tim Stevens recaps Nip/Tuck

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Matt questions ER continuity and isn’t as hard on Reunion as I am.

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The “J” is for Joe Reid. Last Friday, Joe admitted that he’s going to squirt some when he goes to see Rent. What a class act, who admits he’s going to get all gushy and sensitive, and not fear that he’s going to get mocked for getting all weepy and chick like. Hey Joe, remember what Cam said about your constant usage of the word “Clueless” a few weeks back? I think he may be onto something.

And over in his blog Joe shares my passion for chicken dances.

A” is for Aaron. This week’s The Bootleg isn’t up yet. However Aaron did manage to turn in a review this week. See if you can guess his thoughts on Tony Yayo’s debut.

M” is for ME, in every sense of the word.

The End.


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