[OVW] TV Taping Results for 9/28/05 (Spoilers)


OVW taped another show for television Wednesday night, and two huge angles highlighted the taping. The show opened with the surprise appearance of Doug Basham, experimenting with a new character for WWE TV. Basham looked very good, and worked against former ROH Champ CM Punk. This was a very good match. Basham won the match, but then broke character and spent two minutes praising Punk on the mic. This got a huge standing ovation. Basham extended his hand, but Punk refused the handshake and left the ring to some great heat. This was a dark match, or maybe a DVD extra, now that OVW is selling DVD’s. Basham was managed by The Heartbreakers’ former manager Mo Green. Punk is going to be a star.

In another match that was either a dark match or a DVD extra, Paul Burchall won against Elijah Burke in their rematch from OVW TV from 2 weeks ago. I think this feud will continue.

Then the TV show opened, and Dean Hill and Al Snow pitched to the screen, where “Live from The WB Studios” a press conference took place. WWE Monday Night Raw Diva Maria welcomed the press and the audience as cameras were photographing her obsessively. She introduced Matt Cappotelli, who came out to a huge pop. Cappotelli said he’s coming back to OVW, coming back to the New Davis Arena, coming back to get revenge on Johnny Jeter and take the title. Just as Cappotelli was announcing the date of his return, out of nowhere a foot came in and smacked Cappotelli in the face. It was Johnny Jeter, delivering the superkick, and he then took off his title belt and unmercifully whipped Cappotelli.. The title belt and Jeter’s hands were covered in blood. All of a sudden, Jeter was pulled back by Mr. Kennedy, who then announced, “the winner of the first ever Press Conference Podium match, and still OVW Champion, Johnny Jeter! Jeeeeeeeter!” Great angle. Everyone was going crazy watching it.

In one of the only two matches for this weekend’s tv show, Aaron “The Idol” Stevens pinned Seth Skyfire with the help of Beth Phoenix and Shelly. After the match, Beth and Shelly grabbed Skyfire, and Idol was going to hit another Idolizer DDT. Chris Cage jumped in the ring, continuing his feud with Idol, but Beth and Shelly both stopped Cage’s attack on Idol by delivering a double low blow. Alexis Laree then ran in, with a neck brace on, but was stopped by Beth and Shelly, who ripped her neck brace off and attempted a double suplex. But Alexis reversed it into a double swinging tornado DDT which was cool. Cage and Laree were in the ring as Idol, Beth, and Shelly ran back to the dressing room.

We go back top the press conference where Maria advises us that Matt Cappotelli has refused medical attention. She’s intrerrupted by Jeter and Kennedy. who mock the attack on Cappotelli. Kennedy announces this latest round of chaos has been brought to you by Misterrrrrr Kennedy. Kennnnnedyyyyy. Classic.

Back in the dressing room, Kenny “Starmaker” Bolin has an important announcement. Bolin Services makes so much money on Bobby Lashley, everyone needs to get along with him. Dean Visk starts screaming about how tonight is the night Ken Doane takes on Brent Albright for the third time. They bill it as Doane-Albright 3. Visk screams hysterically, “after you beat Brent Albright, I’m gonna give you a great big hug.” Doane waved off the hug, and then Bobby Lashley walked in the dressing room. Visk walked up to Lashley and screamed, “now we’re friends!” I think he then hollared buddies, amigos, and keemosabees. Classic. Doane said, “it’s time for the TV Title match!” Bolin, Soazay, and Visk all went to the ring, but Doane stopped Lashley and said, “you need to watch my match from here in my dressing room, sitting with my bags. Because I’m a Wrestlemania Moment waiting to happen, and you’ll go down in history as Ken Doane’s bitch!” Doane then walked to the ring for the match. Lashley was burning with rage. This was simple and great.

OVW TV Champion Ken Doane went to a 20 minute time limit draw with Brent Albright in the Doane-Albright 3 match. Albright challenged Doane to go to Sudden Death, since the bell ringing saved Doane from the crowbar, which Albright had locked in. So we get 5 more minutes, and this time Albright starts hitting the German Suplexes, but in the spot of the night, Doane reverses a German Suplex into an RKO. Doane covers Albright, but the bell saved Albright this time. Albright challenged Doane to finish the job, so we go to double overtime. They fight it out. I should have pointed out that Albright’s eys is still taped up, selling the eye injury from Mike Mondo raking his eye almost a month ago. They are fighting in the middle of the ring, and the bell rings. They keep fighting, so other referees come out and pull them apart.

Albright says, “let’s keep going.” But Doane says, “I’m just getting started, but how many chances can you have in one night?” Doane then says, “I’ll defend my title, but not against you. I’ll defend my title against anyone but you!” The crowd goes nuts. They want it. They know it’s coming. It’s what they want.

Bobby Lashley comes out to the pop of the night. Lashley comes in the ring and the place is going absolutely nuts. Lashley tells Doane, “you don’t have to fight me. You can fight Albright. I mean, the man challenged you. Are you a man or a pussy?” Everyone is standing going crazy. Lashley says, “you fight Albright, I’ll leave you alone. You don’t fight him, then you fight me!” Bolin grabs the mic and says, “I forbid you to do this! I am your manager!” Lashley takes the mic back and fires Kenny Bolin. Another huge pop. Dean Visk attacks Lashley, and breaks the TV Title trophy over Lashley’s back. Lashley gets back up and spears Doane. Both Doane and Visk have pieces of the broken TV Title trophy and just do a vicious beatdown on Lashley. Albright tries to get involved but is assaulted too. Lashley and Albright are both face down unconscious in the ring and Doane and Visk stand over them and raise their hands.

Afterwards, everyone is chanting Lashley’s name, but both Lashley and Albright are helped back to the dressing room as the night ends.

This should make really interested tv, as it’s obvious Heyman is building OVW to the next set of feuds. Cappotelli’s return vs Jeter. Lashley going for revenge on Doane and Visk. Albright also challenging Doane. Chris Cage and Alexis Laree vs Aaron “The Idol” Stevens, Beth, and Shelly.

OVW tapes TV next Wednesday Night at the New Davis Arena in Louisville, Kentucky in what should be a really newsworthy taping. For information on that show, and also on the new DVD’s OVW has released of the July TV shows (Cornette’s last shows and the start of the Heyman shows), the August shows, and even the September shows, check out www.ovwrestling.com.