D2 Review: The Office

How is Steve Carell so funny? He’s dry.

Dry as beef jerky? Dry as Sure deodorant? Dry as when Lenny & Squiggy were in the desert with only peanut butter and crackers? Dry.

This is a BBC original that we Yanks stole… I love England. They’re like Walmart during a looting. Just walk in and fill up the cart!! Take whatever you want America!… And we do. Except Kevin Costner in Robin Hood. Just fake the accent, huh, Kev?

So this episode of The Office is based on sexual harassment. Which is a touchy subject. Because there is a fine line between sexual harassment and flirting.

The Line: Sexual Harassment is when a gross dirty nasty guy makes a pass at you… Flirting is when the guy is the gardner from Desperate Housewives. WA WA WA!!! Which brings up a point… How did Fonzie not get slapped with a suit. Clearly Chachi was the cute one. Being ugly & gross offends people. If you file sexual harassment against someone, you’re basically telling them they’re hideous.

Steve Carell plays the boss, Michael, who crowns himself the “King of all Forwards” which I think he probably has on his business cards. Granted these emails can be raunchy and are generally stupid, the worst part is that the person forwarding them thinks they’re funny. But who doesn’t want to work in an office where the boss is such a tool? This is like a dream come true! The prankster, jokester, court jester of the office is the BOSS? Where do I stand in line to get that gig? “And this is my boss ‘Don Rickles’…”

When it’s announced Michael’s not permitted any more sexual comments such as the incessant use of “That’s what she said’ … Jim immediately sets him up with “You think you can go all day?”….he simmers after that lob that he explosively bursts out “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” and giggles as if he won. And he does. That slam dunk was better than Mike Lambert to Karch Kiraly. Volley, set, SPIKE! Just picturing these hot tall drinks of water on the sand made my day… Is that sexually offending anyone? Certainly not. These boys are hot. (Refer to explanation above) Oh, and yes, I have met Mike Lambert…we’re in love.

The Office is at the level that Spinal Tap brought to us. The kind that Waiting for Guffman had hoped to aspire to. It brings a common denominator of the workplace environment to the viewers along the lines of cult fave, Office Space, only no Jennifer Aniston and no TPS reports.

So, I’m wondering how middle America relates to this show, if they even do at all. I mean, what about the people who don’t work in an office? The construction worker, the policeman, the indian? Wait… haven’t I used that one before? This is sounding redundant… repetitive…saying the same things over & over… you know repetitive… redundant… But does the average person relate to this office humor? I just can’t seem to believe that a stripper would understand the sexual harassment sensitivity training so much.

I remember back in the days of working in an environment with cubicles and where the women have to wear pantyhose (do they still manufacture those things?) and probably wear them with open toed shoes!!! That’s the worst…oooooh….wait… are these the same women who wear sneakers with their hose and skirts while they power walk on their lunch break? I think those women look so powerful when they have a black bar across their eyes in Glamour “Don’ts”.

Overall, I think I’d like to work at this particular office. They don’t seem to do much work and there’s a lot of joke telling. Oh, wait… that’s what I do at work all day anyway. Only I’m not much of a joke teller… the best joke I know is: “What do you call a fat chinese person?… A chunk”

See… not sexual harassment.

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