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Welcome to InsidePulse’s Live TNA Impact! Coverage. I am your host Jeremy Lambert and thanks for staying up late with me on this Saturday Night. I hope everyone enjoyed their UFC fix and you are ready for some wrestling. AJ Styles is in action and that’s the only thing I should need to say to get you to watch TNA on Spike.

“This is TNA, The New Face Of Professional Wrestling”

A very good opening video by the TNA Production guys. They made sure to showcase AJ Styles first followed by the Naturals and Jarrett.

The actual Impact! Opening video isn’t bad itself.




Who better to kick off TNA on Spike than….

AJ FUCKIN STYLES!!!!!!! Vs. Rodderick Strong: Quick arm drag by AJ followed by elbow shots and kicks. AJ missed a roundhouse kick and Strong goes for a german suplex but AJ fights out. The trade leap frogs before AJ hits a dropkick. Strong goes to the outside and AJ hits the senton flip over the top onto Strong. Back inside AJ covers Strong for 2. AJ puts Strong in a reverse surfboard submission. Daniels makes his way to ringside. AJ turns his attention and Strong hits a dropkick to Ajs back. Backbreaker by Strong and he covers for 2. Camel clutch by Strong. If he was Arabian, it would be over. Strong goes to pick up AJ but AJ hits a jump kick. AJ ducks a clotheslines and hits the pay lay. Springboard reverse ddt by AJ followed by the Styles Clash and that’s all she wrote.
Winner- AJ Styles
Bottom Line- Good opener for TNA. They showed the world AJ Styles and what he’s capable of and you can’t go wrong with that.

LATER TONIGHT: Monty Brown in Action, X Division stars in X Division stars in action, and Rhino vs. Jeff Hardy


We are back and we get a video package of Monty Brown.

The Franchise Shane Douglas is with Monty Brown. SpikeTV is now Serengeti television. Whoever Monty Brown gets to destroy will feel the”¦.wait for it”¦wait for it”¦THE POOOOOOUUUUUUUNNNNNNNCCCCCCCE PERIOD!

Elsewhere backstage, Raven is beating up random people with trash cans. He’s pissed.

Monty Brown vs. Some Guy Who’s Already In The Ring: Brown dominates Lex Lovvett (the guy in the ring) from the start. Fallaway slam by Brown, eat your heart out JBL. Lex bounces off the ropes and feels THE POOOOOOOOUUUUUUUNNNNNNCCCCCCE!
Winner- Monty Brown
Bottom Line- TNA is just showing how dominant Monty Brown is and can be, nothing wrong with that.


We come back with a Bound For Glory PPV Promo. FIRST 30 MINUTES FREE!

Another video as TNA promotes the X Division, no beef with that.

Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley: Petey tries to get Shelley to gang up with him to take out Sabin. Shelley aint havin that. Dropkick by Petey and he sings the Canadian Anthem. Each man pins another in a various style. SO QUICK STOP MOVING! Springboard stomp by Sabin on Petey, how many times have you seen that? Petey goes to the outside and Shelley hits a suicide dive on him. Sabin followed with a springboard moonsault to the outside on both men. We go to…


We are back and Petey hits a DDT on Sabin. Shelley hits a back suplex on Sabin followed by a head scissors. Petey trash talks Sabin while he’s in the submission. Shelley uses his knees to drive Sabins head into the mat. Double suplex by Petey and Shelley. They each try to cover Sabin but since it’s first pinfall things dont work out. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock but Shelley slips out and hits a kick to the head. Brainbuster by Shelley on Sabin. Petey will a tilt o whirl Russian leg sweep. Petey reels in Shelley and goes for the Destroyer but Shelley backdrops Petey to Sabin who powerbombs Petey. Nice. Cradle Shock on Shelley by Sabin and it’s over. Petey attacks Sabin after the match and you knew this was coming”¦CANADIAN DESTROYER!
Winner- Chris Sabin
Bottom Line- They showcased the X Division and that’s always a good thing. You knew TNA would let Williams hit the Destroyer because everyone watching just said “What in the f*ck was that?”

Zbysko is backstage with Douglas and into picture comes Tito Ortiz.


TNA promotes their DVDs followed by a video on 3LK


Rhino vs. Jeff Hardy: I love how Hardy sings along with his theme song during his entrance. You don’t see Triple H doing that, no, he’s too busy spitting and not swallowing”¦.water. Rhino punishes Hardy to start. They trade standing arm bars. Clothesline by Hardy and he follows with punches. Twisting enzuguri kick by Hardy and Rhino takes a seat in the corner. Springboard dropkick by Hardy. Hardy bounces off the ropes and is met with a spinebuster by Hardy. Rhino scoop slams Hardy and goes to the middle rope. He goes for a splash but Hardy rolls out of the way. Rhino whips Hardy into the ropes but Hardy hits a flying elbow. Hardy hits a midsection leg drop. Rhino fights back with a belly to belly suplex. Rhino goes for the Gore but misses. Twist of Fate by Hardy and he goes to the top. Here comes Abyss. Abyss and Hardy battle and Hardy hits the whisper in the wind. The heels gang up on Hardy. Abyss and Rhino battle over a chair. THE LIGHTS GO OUT!!! Who is it? SABU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hardy dives to the outside on Abyss. Sabu dives to the outside on Rhino.
Winner- No Contest
Bottom Line- They used this match to set up Monsters Ball 2, I can’t complain with that. The fans know Hardy and Rhino so introducing Abyss through them was a good move.


We are back with the footage of Jarrett winning the World Title. Wow, Tenay said Jarrett won the belt on September 15th, that was my birthday. Anyway, AMW helped Jarrett and turned heel. AMW, Jarrett, and D’Amore all seem to be in cahoots.

Here comes Jarrett along with AMW. Jarrett says tonight is the best night of his life. The fans chant “Jarrett Sucks.” Jarrett thanks AMW for helping him out. Jarrett brings out the final piece in his group”¦Scott D’Amore. D’Amore and AMW together, never thought I would see that. When D’Amore needs Jarrett, he owes him one. Jarrett gets interrupted by the “Upity Negro” (like you haven’t read the story) and the 3LK. Konnan says that it’s the first show on Spike and Jarrett is already boring the people to death. 3LK hit the ring and the brawl is on. Here comes Team Canada. The heels are beating up 3LK. Music plays and it’s”¦.TEAM 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TESTIFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-D on James Storm!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-D on Harris!!!!!!!!!!!!! They go for the 3-D on Jarrett but he bails. As Jarrett tries to leave who stops him? KEVIN NASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jarrett bails into the ring where Team 3D is. Wuzzup on Jarrett. Jacknife Powerbomb by Nash. At Bound For Glory it’s Nash vs. Jarrett for the World Title. AMW vs. Team 3-D NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bottom Line: Tonight felt special to me. It felt like a big night and it was for TNA. They did everything they needed for a Pilot Episode. They introduced the X Division with Sabin/Petey/Shelley. They let Petey use the Destroyer. They showed the title change and how AMW turned. They introduced a new heel stable. They built the Monsters Ball Match. They introduced Team 3-D to TNA and re-introduced Kevin Nash. AJ Styles kicked off the show with a good match. Everything worked for TNA tonight, lets just hope it all continues.