The NeelDown: WWE RAW Top 10


For those unaware, this is USA network’s RAW Classified: top ten RAW moments countdown. Technically it is also the first WWE program on the return to USA. I admit, I actually flipped the channel to Spike before turning it to USA. Gotta get used to the transition. Here we go…

– Opening sequence: A video package rolls of various RAW moments from the begginning to present, with vvarious superstars doing short commentary.

Trish Startus, Edge, Booker T, Chris Jericho, Lita, John Cena, William Regal, and Shawn Michaels talk about what they were doing during the first RAW. Lita was graduating high school, and Cena was a freshmen in high school.

Vince McMahon does commentary on the contruction of the first RAW.

Next we go into the live audience’s participation which made the show what it was.


Bobby Heenan and a series of his highlights from RAW.


Vince McMahon introduces Eric Bischoff as the new General Manager of RAW.

Ric Flair returns. Val Venis debuts with his porn star gimmick. We go to the the WCW stars coming to WWE, Chris Jericho debuting in the WWE introducing everyone to RAW IS JERICHO.

January 7, 2002- Triple H returns. Hunter says it is probably the biggest moment in his career.

And on that note we head into break #1.

We go over a rundown of tommorow night’s Homecoming RAW lineup card.


Shane McMahon is shown on RAW from WCW Nitro. Lita and Rhino comment that it was one of the most shocking moments in history. Shane now owns WCW and Mr. McMahon is in absolute shock. More background on the Monday Night War was shown.

Next is the introduction of the New World Order, and why WCW won the Monday Night Wars.

Mankind wins the title.


Mankind brings out The Rock’s highschool teacher and football coach and then his old girlfriend. Rock commentates about how much fun doing the segment was. Mankind brings out Mr. Rocko and gets Rock’s birthday cake.

A series of some of the celebrities in RAW attendance over the years are shown, like Mr. T, Lebron James, ZZ Top, Papa Roach and others. Kid Rock, Motley Crue being on RAW, and the sports teams being in attendance.

Superstars next comment on how the acting part of the business and them always having to know that they can’t screw up.

Break #2.

Wrestling wedding sequence: Kane and Lita, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.


The McMahons sequence: Linda McMahon wants a divorce. Shelton’s favorite McMahon moment was when Vince pissed his pants. William Regal joins the Vince McMahon kiss my-ass club. Trish comments that Linda is the real top dog in the McMahon family, and Big Show agrees. As does Jim Ross. Clip from Linda slapping Stephanie after blocking one of Steph’s own. The Shane McMahon sequence follows with clips of some of the big moves that gave him the “daredevil” persona, as well as Kane shocking Shane’s manly parts. Followed is the Stephanie McMahon sequence, where she slaps Benoit, Triple H, and Chris Jericho.

– NUMBER 5 –

September 22, 1997- “Stone Cold” Steve Austin finally stone cold stunnered the boss Vince McMahon and is then escorted by security.

A series of Austin clips follow including a lot of clips from the Vince feud, the beer zamobini, fight with Mike Tyson, concrete on Vince’s Corvette, monster truck over The Rock’s vehicle.


The Attitude Era. Clips from Undertaker hanging Austin on the modified cross, DX doing various “suck it” chants, The Godfather and his pimps, Foley, “choppy choppy pee pee”, Mark Henry and the drag queen, Chyna hitting Al Snow with Head, Austin “shooting” Vince, and ending it with Rock raising the eyebrow. Those were just some of the major events, couldn’t keep up with all of them.

October 5, 1998- The debut of Mr. Socko while Vince is in the hospital. Also Mick bringing in the box of chocolates and bringing in the clown until Vince told Mick to get out.

Break #3.

February 28, 2000- May Young gives birth to a hand. JBL, Foley, Shelton Benjamin mention how horrible it was.

Birth of the divas on RAW. Matt mentioned that the first “diva” that really stood out was Sunny. Agreed. Next was Sable. Third was Chyna which Shelton mentions that she wasn’t your average diva. Next is the Lita segment in which Shelton comments is the WWE’s version of Gwen Stefani. Okay. Next is Trish Stratus is next who looks good in a bikini and the ring. Next is the RAW diva search with introductions of Ashley, Candice, and Christy.


June 11 2001- Kurt Angle injures his neck on the moonsault off the top of the cage. Many superstars comment how they watched in unbelief. Clips next of Big Show chokeslamming Undertaker through the ring, tables ladders and chairs featured in RAW matches, and Jeff Hardy with the Swanton Bombs from various positions. A lot of high risk moves are showcased.

Break #4.

The superstars comment on the death of Owen Hart.


May 24, 1999- The Owen Hart Tribue Show.

Bret Hart comments that he would have told Owen not to do the cable jump because it was a stupid idea. We see highlights of the tribute show where The Rock and Val Venis comment on him. Jeff Jarrett does commentary about Owen being his friend and breaks out in tears. Sable does the same, as does Road Dogg. Mick Foley remembers cutting his hair short and being proud to look like Owen. Bob Holly comments on how Owen will always be remembered, as does JR. Edge says that his legend will always live on.

In memory of Owen Hart

Break #5.


Steve Austin drives the beer truck to the ring and sprays the Corporation. Austin comments that he almost took down the RAW titantron driving the truck out to the ring.

Kurt Angle drives a milk truck to the ring and sprays Austin and company with the milk. Angle says it is his all-time favorite RAW moment.

Beer truck vs. Milk truck battle. Which event did the superstars like more?

Shelton- Beer
Edge- Beer
Vince McMmahon- Beer

Beer wins.

We end it with the superstars commenting on how grateful they are that the fans respect what they do on RAW night after night.

The end.